2002 subaru wrx transmission fluid
mt 90 rocks best money i ever spent much smoother:wiggles: this topic has already been highly debated and a lot of people have already put their imput on all the oil products, I use redline since it's proven to me that their stuff works. I changed my oil at about 10K and don't have any problems as I did prior to the Manual Tranny fluid change. I noticed an immediate difference. Grinding eliminated and cold starts are back to normal. Would one weight be better for one and another weight for the other? Also I'm located in NY if that makes a difference, why not 80W90 HD dino In the rear diff if the service manual lists 80w-Xx. Spirited driving at most and that's just a quick pull on 3rd or so. The only tough trans I had (in over 70 cars) in a high torque high HP engine was a muncie m21 4 speed.

I owned an 07' WRX once. Which would be better for the trans and diff? My 30k service is 200 miiles away. I think this has been discussed hella times already but I'm going to suggest RedLine Racing's MT-90, it'll be about 6 bucks a quart from any real parts shop. My questions is they offer 75w90 and 75w110. At this point a new transmission isn't in order. This topic has been discussed at length, and opinions vary, sometimes quite strongly.

I hear Naphthenic does fine in non-combustion places. Here is a link to thier dealers: Are there any warranty issues with using GL4 when they say to use GL5? I want to change out the differential fluid and transmission fluid because I don't know when they were last changed. Thanks! I'm only speaking from experience and with the way I drive, sometimes, I'm glad I made the switch. 2004-2016 Subaru STi. I think this has been discussed hella times already but I'm going to suggest RedLine Racing's MT-90, it'll be about 6 bucks a quart from any real parts shop.-alex . I guess no one around has amsoil like I thought. JavaScript is disabled. Je veux être Calife à la place du Calife! I Drive Too Fast - Blog Where I Post All My Vids Check It Out!!!! Yes, it's not the appropriate fluid and does not meet the manufacturer's warranty requirements. There is no explanation in that article why not to use it? It is GL-4 and GL-5 compatible, and I have always heard good things about royal purple. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You must log in or register to reply here. Chuck Norris' tears cure cancer. http://clubwrx.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=94627#post94627. I think I may just go with the fluid that came from the factory and leave it at that. I have read too much about synthectics such as Mobil 1 and Neo. I'm aware of how weak it is. I have a 2002 subaru wrx. Just want to change the fluid as I'm not sure it's ever been done and I like to keep my cars maintained. The car is currently about 300whp, it is a daily driver and doesn't see track use but does get spirited driving. No problems at all from RedLines's MT-90. Also I think they're mentioning no to use RedLine's 75W90 formula, I tried that along with 75W90NS and a combo of both. Most 200+ hp engines will eat transmissions if you drive them like a banshee; BTDT.

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I was simply asking what fluid would be good for it. Most of hypoid magic is in the the additives not the oil. I want to change out the differential fluid and transmission fluid because I don't know when they were last changed.


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