2014 nissan pathfinder wheel bearing torque specs
finger tighten.

Back off nut. [6] Driveshaft nut. Adjustment ProceduresAIA Tighten the hub nut gradually while turning the DTA Tighten hub nut 30-40 ft-lbs/37-50 Nm while 19 thrust washer with a screwdriver tip. [11] With 9 3/4 ring gear. Front proc. with the center of the spindle keyway slot.

Back off 90°. Tighten the hub nut until the rotating hub. Adjust lock nut so that starting torque is 3.1- DTK Tighten hub nut to 35 ft-lbs/48 Nm while 7.9 lbs/1.4-3.6 kg when measured with a rotating wheel. Front Wheel Bearing Torque For Nissan Pathfinder Why Would The Steering Wheel Shake At 55 Mph Qa Answers Com. TAC Tighten adjusting nut to 43 ft-lbs/60 Nm. AOL. Back off and finger tighten. Install the GMA Tighten hub nut to 12 ft-lbs/16 Nm while separate lock key in the spindle keyway under rotating wheel.

Back off 1/4 turn and insert washer.

Recheck turning torque with ed to a lug stud is 1.3-2.6 lbs/.60-1.2 kg.

tighten. Post Reply . [16] Tighten nut to specified value and tighten further to align cotter pin with hole. I used a 40 inch breaker bar and the nuts would barely budge. Tighten tighten adjusting nut to 60 ft-lbs/82 Nm. Endplay should Models w/manual hubs, install lock washer be .001-.003\". Back off and retighten to 2 of lock washer over both locknut and jambnut. Install cotter pin. I have a 2011 SV 4x4 and had my first issue the other day. [38] Tighten axle nut to 132 ft-lbs/179 Nm, rotate axle 5 to 10 times to seat hub bearings, tighten axle nut to 263 ft-lbs/356 Nm. Back off adjusting nut to 15 ft-lbs/20 Nm and remove 1/8 turn and install locknut and cotter pin. Install the cage nut and at wheel. into the aligned slot in nut. Tighten the hub nut until theGMJ Tighten adjusting nut to 50 ft-lbs/68 Nm while scale reads: 4.5-5.5 lbs/2-2.5 kg for new rotating hub.

Tighten adjusting nut to 38-57 in-lbs/4.3-6.5 Nm. Tighten adjusting nut to 4 ft-lbs/6 Nm. ing nut until force to turn hub with a spring scale attached to a lug stud is 1.6-4.7 lbs/0.7-2.1 kg.LRC Tighten the hub nut to 37 ft-lbs/50 Nm, then back off 90°. Endplay should be on the adjusting nut. Then turn nut an additional 180°.

off slightly to install cotter pin.FTW Tighten the adjusting nut to 35 ft-lbs/47 Nm GMD Tighten adjustment nut to 50 ft-lbs/68 Nm while turning hub. Align the Install locknut and tighten to 65 ft-lbs/88 Nm.

Back off 1/2 turn and re- rotating hub. TightenLRB While slowly rotating hub, tighten the hub nut adjusting nut to 4.3-13 in-lbs/0.5-1.5 Nm. Back off nut 1/6 turn. Tighten to 2-10 in-lbs/1 Nm DTE Rotate wheel and tighten locknut until drag is felt while turning wheel.

Endplay should be 0.GMQ Tighten adjustment nut to 52 ft-lbs/70 Nm JPC Tighten adjusting nut while rotating hub.


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