2020 rut predictions
Use this state-by-state guide to help plan your deer season Topic: How the Moon will Effect the 2020 Rut Dates: Bill , 31 Oct 2020 full moon. So the above info is based on more mature deer. Greg, I think that would be a great time frame to hunt this year. The nocturnal bucks are on camera chasing doe the second week of November by this time it’s Rut! Starting around the 8th or so I’ll start seeing them in person at last light. Make Sure You’re Ready for the Rut. Multiple scientific studies have found that 90 percent of adult whitetail does will be in estrus and breed between November 5 to 20, and that covers North American hunting areas from North Carolina to western Washington. I hunt in southeastern Ohio. Whatever dates have proven best in the past, those are the ones I would stick with. Patrick, I think the timeframe you have selected should be good, but not because of the moon. Think of this information as a guideline and adapt it to your own region and hunting areas. For me, I love a late October cold front and I love the week from roughly November 3 – 10. In 2020, the second full moon occurs on October 31. I am hunting NE Iowa second gun season this season.

For a more scientific approach to the rut, QDMA founder Joe Hamilton led a research project from 1979 to 1983 that developed fetal-aging criteria (post-dating fetuses via “crown-to-rump” measurements) to understand peak breeding times. What’s the best suggestion for this time and area… FOOD or is there some rut activity still happening? Wilmer, the dates should the be the same in all of Ohio.

Here are my 2020 predictions. Posted on September 13, 2020 September 22, 2020 by Michel Breton. Like many we time our vacation around our knowledge of the past years. If a person had to pick just 9 days, the 9 you selected would be the best most years. Usually fly down there with a group of guys at our camp in Clearfield Pennsylvania, I was thinking of maybe going through the 5th through the 13th or leaveing 31st throu the 8th…The most best days that we’ve had down there we’re 6,7,8, Just wanted an opinion what do you think would be best thanks and good luck out there. The years when he plant corn I’ve killed bigger mature bucks and seen more deer. (1/17/20). Good luck to you both.

This year with the moon phase, I’d say November 1-5 might actually be better if the weather cooperates!” – Drury Outdoors’ Matt Drury, “The best chances to see a buck seeking a receptive doe is probably around November 4, 5, and 6, pending on the weather.” -Growing Deer TV’s Grant Woods. We have some big boys in our area let me tell ya but by the time they show themselves they are on a hot doe and you better be ready! Hunting specifically in mountainous terrain near Grayson Kentucky. I agree with Bill. The “rut” is an undefined period of time because it also takes in the days leading up to breeding and the days after. I would personally prefer something like November 3-12, but the weekends don’t fall that way this year. If the deer goes out of sight, then get more aggressive with the rattling.” -Seek One Productions’ Drew Carrol. What do you think about those times for Ohio. I think you have to go when you can for as long as you can regardless of weather. Given that bucks are territorial, they will defend their home range (and its resident does) by seeking out and challenging smaller bucks who move into their area. While does and bucks still breed in early to mid-November as they always have, they often move less in daylight and more during cooler nights. Forecasts look good.

Good hunters know how to use this to their advantage. Hamilton Co, Ohio, 2 does crossed a small field, few minutes later small buck nose to the ground searched that field for 5 minutes. I was planning on hunting oct 31st – nov 7th to try to catch a few of the bucks that have already been locked down in past years. Your odds are better there than many places, but it does come down to those three factors. If grunting isn’t stopping him then use a snort-wheeze. So focus on roughly Halloween through November 12. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. The wheeze and rattle are more rut tactics. It’s not till last light do I catch a glimpse of antlers in the distance during the first week of November! Posted on September 14, 2020 September 22, 2020 by Michel Breton. The 2020 Deer Hunting Season Forecast. Bill how do I get a chance to go hunting with you and kill a monster buck? 15??? Allllll of my biggest deer I’ve taken is during this time, especially around the 12th. I am from central part of Indian up around Lafayette. The days leading up to Nov 11th tend to be best. the early post-rut is one the best times to hunt mature bucks, Whitetail 2020: Best Hunt Tips For The Rut, The 2020 Ammo Shortage: If You Can Find It, Buy It Before Deer Season, “Bingo”: Joe Biden Wants To Take Your AR-15. With that in mind, you should be able to string together two or three days before you will notice that the deer are avoiding your spots. Updated for 2020. I hunt North East Kentucky and try to make a trip every year in November.


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