380 vs 22 vs 9mm
I bought a box for my xdm9c for home desfnee, because I was looking for a good +p jhp in addition to the box of hydra shoks i already have. She normally carries the .380 due to its concealability and keeps the 9mm at bedside. That said, the recoil springs in the Kimber .380 and 9mm can be a bit difficult to get out and back in. As she gets older I want her to be able to defend herself. When I got my CC permit, I wanted to split the difference and stepped down to an M&P 9c. At the end of the day I just want to go home to my family and carrying an easily concealable gun that I can deploy quickly without anybody knowing its there until I have to use it means more to me than carrying around something heavy, bulky, and harder to control in a high stress situation. That weapon (semi-auto 12 gauge) is the most common advice for your home defense buyer, btw (for those who buy guns for that reason). Creative spelling and grammar is ok on internet message boards so chill out.

I think all of you guys are crazy, I carry my AR556 and have 6, 30 round clips I don’t even have to look where I’m shooting. But it’s only better if you can hit with it. JavaScript is disabled.

P.S. Why leave extra ammo for the gang to use against you? Anyone can learn better control and instinctual aim better with a 380. I carry pistol, a knife, and if all else fails, I can use my body to fight. It was ejected with the firing of the eighth round. When you drop to the .32ACP and smaller, there is a BIG increase in the failure rate regardless of the number of rounds fired. That’s not worlds apart from 6 or 7 380 FMJ bullets traveling at 1000 fps. I got my wife a Glock 44, .380 It’s loaded with Hornady Self Defense rounds – hollow point with the plastic filling. A JHP will penetrate more than a defense round, and with the right manufacturer will meet the minimum penetration based on FBI testing in ballistic gel. States can decide about concealed carry but cannot make it illegal to have guns in your house provided you followed 1-5 above.4. I own a P238, a P938 and carry a compact CZ75 in 9mm. Reproduction without permission prohibited. 3.

At it’s heart, the 22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire is a varmint cartridge. Grant is correct on this .380 ACP vs 9mm vs .40S&W vs .45 ACP. Would also like to note that military use of 9MM h I own a XDS in .45 ACP, Anyway, just my two cents. Hello there, I discovered your web site by the use of Google even as looking for a related subject, your website came up, it looks great. I chose guns based on availability, and these guns are not intended to be an exhaustive list. Despite this, the 380 remains very popular and is chambered in even smaller guns than those of yesteryear.

So pretty much every scientist? It’s that simple. The budget-friendly line of American-made Leupold VX-Freedom riflescopes found a welcome audience last year, but 2020 sees even more interesting additions to the family, with our hands-down favorite being the illuminated-reticle FireDot line. For most, the answer is yes. Personal Defense Network Video Membership, U just convinced me to get the 380. This round clocked in at 887 fps. My wife is also small framed and had nerve relocation in her right arm and has a really difficult time breaking a weapon down. Excellent article! Now retired. You might scare them with the noise a 9 makes but how would you control it.

Ammo choice for your .380 is far more important. Those comments u made are useless when the manufacturer goes unnamed. Still, I was the only one who came away with a negative opinion of the test gun. The older hollow points and ball ammo have very poor stopping power. Hornady XTP .380 ammo meets all FBI standards for a person defense round out of an LCP. When I worked in a gun store, folks wanted to buy a gun and 6 bullets. I read some of this, try different things, & do what I like.

This was a very good discussion. My .380 is just one option to reach out and touch someone if SHTF. Also, it’s pretty darn accurate. Thanks for the info Grant! I love to shoot that gun. I use rounds similar to the old Black Talon round or the Golden Saber and have never had a feeding or ejecting problem. Just remember that you get what pay for. Run your own tests at the range.

You are miles ahead of your attacker when you carry a gun, any gun! Hi there cool web site! Seven in the mag one in the chamber with hollow points of course. They use high-end materials in the P and PM series, so once you get the kinks worked out they just keep working. It will get the job done if you hit your desired target. It has a 1 7/8 inch barrel, typical snubby revolver length. The .380 is a very capable round. I have an extensive essay I prepared as a response to the penetration question of the .380 Auto. I took them all out and lined them up next to each other, only to find that it didn’t match the other 18. I’m a instructor for conceal carry and I stand behind telling people to go with what you can handle and shoot accurately. With out a doubt I own both An 100% the 380 acp is my carry of choice ! Howdy Folks, I am using DRT rounds in both guns. The attack will probably have a planned attack. Has about same punch power as 380 an compare to a 9mm.,almost same pop an recoil, it depend on the ball-ammo, Yet the light hollow point has less recoil too, I love my 9 as a tactical weapon. I have most of the larger calibers, 9mm, 38 Spec. I use the .380 for second carry pistol on my ankle. Or magazines? The real limitation of .380 compared to 9 mm is less power due to the smaller case capacity. That doesn’t technically exist in .380, but keep reading. 1) Can you give us more of a hint on the identity of the unmanageable micro 9mm pistol?

For some people, anything with a caliber that doesn’t start with “.4” is a mousegun, For others, low-powered cartridges like the .22 Long Rifle and.25 ACP get the nod. Upset in the gel was a touch longer with the 380 and the initial bullet hole is somewhat larger. I say MOST hollowpoints. If you can’t give me 4 to 5 shots accurately in a 5 inch circle rapidly and be able to control it, you may need to look for a different caliber. Why would you put hollow points in a .380.

I have carried several .380’s for the Ruger LCP to the Colt Mustang, Walther PP and even a LLama Especial IIIa. More guns, less crime.

Organized crime has used the technique quite effectively over the past 100 years.

The 9mm made a clean through and through wound and barely rocked the hock yet the .380 shot from the exact same length barrel went nearly all of the way through 8″ of hearty pork and knocked the hock from the table with almost the same intensity as the .45acp. It is simply an idea that sounds great but is too easily modified on the weapon with an emory board or nail file.

I can easily pocket carry it in a variety of cloths and I don’t feel naked with 8 rounds of .380 hollow points. Rusted up pretty badly. Very good article but there is one thing missing on the recoil issue. Available 6am-11pm CST. As others have said, the best gun to carry is the one you will.

Going by strict numbers, the 380 ACP in the sure-penetrating FMJ configuration outperformed all the 22 Magnum loads, barely. It’s not a TV program, and it’s not a movie — the attack, more often than not, does not stop if the attacker isn’t put down NOW!). At the very least I carry a Glock 26 with a Pierce magazine extender to ensure all my fingers can grip the gun. as well as the assailant he/she is firing at while that assailant is continuing to advance (this is Life. The 45 1911 probably has the least recoil out of all my guns but it is heavy.

I have a 45 and a 380 – if you don’t believe the 380 isn’t any good – let me shoot you 3 times – 2 to the chest – one to the head at 10 yards, then tell me if it works.


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