90s indie bands british

In the festival’s second year, organisers received more than 100 applications to play – proof, they say, that the talent is out there, despite few POC being prominent in UK guitar music (they also run regular POC nights under the name DIY Diaspora Punx).

And this time, I just really don't care they are extremely well-known and popular. They are British Indie, Pete and Carl are the best rockers and the music they make is so British and amazing, they should be number 1 easily! Every time I put an ' they say it's better quality. Embarrassed to say, but I actually just recently learned about The Script. They were the only band at the time keeping punk rock alive. Lyrics are poetic, fun, witty. I don't understand how can the be so low on the list. You must be joking top ten at the very least, mike luke. Nirvana didn't make grunge, they just made it popular and better. To be ranked on a totally different scale.what is Arctic Monkeys doing in the number 1 spot?And,Where is Elbow and the Guilemots? Thank god these guys are above Green Day and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. I was so happy when I saw that Arctic Monkeys were number one. “The whole idea that you see black women and they should be there warbling out some Beyoncé to you – it’s [about] not being able to critique what’s in front of you because of your own ingrained prejudice.” It was Phillips who thought up Decolonise, having felt a “vacuum” existed since her teenage years in Wolverhampton, “and remembering there was literally nothing, no kind of acceptance for people like me”. WE DESERVE BETTER THAN THE #10 SPOTNow excuse me as I play D&D in my mom's basement(Ok... on a serious note, sure their new stuff isn't as good, but this is the best alternative bands of the 90's.

defiantly underrated, if they are not on this list.

The most beautiful voice. They are the hearts and should of British music and there contribution to music has been outstanding. This band are truly amazing. Can't believe the bands people are placing above them, ridiculous. That’s mainly because the 150-strong crowd is not uniformly white – more than half are people of colour.

I dunno why people don't like Muse as much with there new stuff! They really are the best indie band from the UK. Muse through and through! Click, listen & save! The Script is an inspirational band.

The greatness of this band as a whole is ridiculously far from being acknowledged enough. You can go to their music for support, inspiration, motivation or when you just need to relax.

Not even in the top 20? The Fratellis have always been one of my favorite bands, and I've been listening to them for years! Seen them four times, pure class. My friends don't really approve of them though :(. Kele Okereke, a rare exception among predominantly white guitar bands, has described the British scene. In Britpop, regarded by many as the last golden era of British guitar music, bands led by POC such as Cornershop and Echobelly again tend to be left on the story’s fringes. But I have to agree with the guy before, they're mostly Alt Rock. Period.

That is truly one of a kind. I don't know what's happening there. But I just put them on the 9th because although they are my favorite, they still are young. So much. He's God, the best songwriter of a generation.

Morrissey's lyrics defined a generation, Johnny Marr's guitar playing is some of the best ever. I am not sure.

Why are they so low? I am from South Africa, heard the WOMBATS!

Are you kidding me? X, Usually I lost my interest in bands if they become 'mainstream' and everyone is talking about their music. The most energizing concerts I've ever seen. I love indie rock and I think a few new bands such as the Vaccines and the Horrors should be included on here.P.S. Should be in top 6 In this order Nirvana,Tool,Jane's Addiction,Alice In Chains,Radiohead,Red Hot Chili Peppers. All five of their albums (Sixth on the way) have awesome songs! Not to mention every single album they have put out has been a perfect 10/10. don't make me go to page 2! The smiths are without the doubt the meaning of the word indie/alternative, unlike many of the above they actually sing about real things in life and not continuous rubbish, they are the true sense of British and influence people of all generations. ), and see that it doesn't fall under any genre. Silent Alarm was, indisputably, their jump to the top, but A Weekend in the City, and Four had amazing songs indeed.Let's see which treasures "Hymns" will bring to BP's audience. They started back in mid 90s but they're still around and still producing hits. If you could see me now, the man who can't be moved, hall of fame and six degrees of separation is my top 4. Wish they never split. There was not one bad song on the first two albums and even when they had so called "bad" albums, there were still 4 or 5 fantastic songs on those albums, Oasis is the band that made Indie music popular.

Kapranos is a stage animal!

The Cure is number what now?! “Bands with people of colour have always existed and lots of them have been successful.” Their legacy, Bellebono argues, is just not celebrated in the same way. Their influence on the others in the list have already been mentioned by others. Decolonise was set up in part to confront this “whitewashing”, says organiser Jon Bellebono. I like a lot here on the list! Don't get me wrong I love Oasis, Arctic Monkeys etc but The Smiths were the band that started it all (If not The Jam or Joy Division were).

Beautiful music everything they do addicting lyrics and the cord production is wonderful on every song. Both were popular at the time, although their members’ heritage frequently influenced how they were perceived. Radiohead keeps evolving their sound, with every record different from the next and its inspiring. I am a huge fan of the Artic Monkeys but how are oasis not first. “There have been times where I’ve legitimately doubted myself: have I got this really good gig because of my music, or am I ticking a diversity quota?” says experimental industrial-rock artist Kapil Seshasayee, another Decolonise headliner. “It feels like a burgeoning scene, and it’s about time really,” she says. They never aligned with any specific sound of the era, they created their own. And Noel is the best songwriter of a generation and combined with me amazing voice of Liam they made one of the greatest band. They're absolutely incredible. One of the Best concerts I've ever seen. like there about 5% indie while blur are 45% indie and are still together and all in all way better than oasis. Take, for example, how long Radiohead has stayed in the music industry and how long the band has prospered.

The Offspring produced, Smash, Ixnay, Americana and Conspiracy of One and singles as well. She has a message for the industry: “We are the future, so stop fucking ignoring us.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. Johnny Marr's guitar playing is iconic and Morrissey's voice can't be described by words. Ok Computer is one of the best albums of all time. Way more breadth then most of their peers could muster. They moved with the times and were always amazing. “They’re going to go with the safe option, which is white-man bands,” she says.


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