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Temples of the African Gods | 5 Visionaries Sanusi Credo Mutwa – an unsung hero who has been a guiding light of wisdom for millions of people on this confused planet Above: A Sumerian cross – just one of thousands of ancient petroglyphs at Driekopseiland, not far from Kimberley, South Africa. I’d like to invoke all 7 spirits to assist in my plight and once and for all rid myself of these spiritual attacks or at least be better prepared when adversity comes. They appear in many of their tales and represent balance and dualism. Okay! The question I have is would me burning the 7 African Powers incense have an adverse effect with a ritual I’m planning given all that I’ve said. Gods of different elements have been appointed as in the tradition in Africa. All of which will be detailed below. Their beliefs are more deep rooted and the myths are an active part of their life, even today.

lol I guess I was half asleep when i read how to use the candle because everyday for 7 days i would wake up , light the candle, say the prayer, then before bed i would turn it off. northern and western Africans began to use camels to transport goods across the Sahara around a.d. 750. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. 0000001050 00000 n LOj�=�gs�s�m����U䝢z#d!��u��q"�nz� In the Yoruba religion, there is one main creator god known as Olodumare.

In respect, the people of Zulu also hold ceremonies to transfer the soul of the dead into a newborn baby. I presented it along with incense for her.

Mumbo Jumbo was a monotheistic African God who I could reference 60 years ago but has seemed to disappear since then…..?? She is a sister of Oshun, Orisha of rivers. This powerful orisha is the messenger between worlds and is guardian of the crossroads. All of the major North African kingdoms—Ghana, Mali, Songhay, and Kanem-Bornu—arose at way stations and at the southern terminal points of trade. African Mythologies are credited for most happenings in their part of the world and revered as deities to be worshiped. Now, depending on who you ask, the 7th (Oya) is sometimes substituted with Orunmila or Ochossi. Obatala prefers people who control their emotions and are level-headed. I drive Uber sometimes & usually play West African AfroBeats music while driving.

The Africans mythologies do have faith in life after death. The 2nd of the Seven African Powers is Ogun, iron-working healing Orisha. They say Ogun isn’t just a spirit of iron, that he is iron.

122 0 obj <>stream thank you so much for the time you put into this. The Orishas make appearances at religious celebrations through the believers' possession trance.

Can you guide me as to how to proceed. After that, it appears that Oya became my patron because I could only focus on her. Without preserving culture, it is impossible to preserve the nation. You need to cover all of your magical bases or you have a great need.

The Creator is thought to have once lived on Earth, but left it for His Kingdom in the Sky because of human infractions. 0000004588 00000 n

A cosmic one at that, from which the twin Nummo gods hatched and created the universe.

Aganjú - volcanoes, the wilderness, and rivers; Babalú Ayé - the Earth; strongly associated with infectious disease and healing; Erinlẹ̀ - medicine, healing, and comfort, physician to the Gods; Èṣù - trickster, psychopomp, Orisha of crossroads, duality, beginnings, travelers, fertility, and death; Ibeji - twin Orisha of vitality and youth; Ọbàtálá - creator of human bodies; represents light, spiritual purity, and moral uprightness; Ògún - presides over iron, fire, hunting, politics, and war; Oṣùmàrè - rainbow serpent associated with creation and procreation; Ọ̀ṣọ́ọ̀sì - Orisha of the hunt and forest; Ṣàngó, also Shango - Orisha of thunder and lightning. what i do is follow certain people on youtube who talk about the storys of the orishas which i find to be very important , you can learn a lot about the orishas and lessons through the stories. Many of the tales. Ty for your helpful guidance. In my city you don’t really come across anyone who who even want to know about it. Burn the incense during prayer as offering to them. Its Yemoja not Yemaya please she’s called Yemoja in Africa. I’m so proud of you. 0000000536 00000 n Is the letter y even in our native language? As Above So Below Meaning – Full Quote Origin and Phrase Significance, Books of the Bible in order – Old and new testament order Book list, Samael the lightbringer, Demon, Fallen Angel and Archangel, Walmart Online Shopping home page – walmartonlineshopping all departments –, Paracelsus von hohenheim – father of forensic toxicology – quotes, Open PDF File – Reader, Opener, Converter – Free Download, CDR File extension – What is and how to open it. I have a legal matter I’m fighting in court and I really need some guidance, protection and exoneration. Some also believe the dead to become stars that illuminate the night sky. Judika Iles warns in her Encyclopedia of Spirits, that if you’re bleeding in any form to NEVER approach Ogun. I’ve always been drawn to wanting to understand African spirituality since I was a teenager but at that time if you tried to go to the library to look up info there was only a couple of books out. Yoruba is one of the most religiously diverse ethnic groups in Africa. and maturity to resist the Middle Passage. Some believe Oshun and Yemaya are sisters and venerate them together. Each with their own beliefs and customs, their own languages and way of life. A hyena is blamed by the Nuer people to have severed the rope that linked heaven and Earth. . I am just starting to delve into our indigenous spirituality but my love and embrace for my West African roots was a result of my meditation practice after the death of my biological father in 2014. Understand the culture and people from whence the Seven African Powers came.

Yes and most time u need no alter calling on a deceased sibling all u need is stillness and a great way of mediation. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The Gods and Goddesses of Africa. The Shilluks believe that the colors of the races are from the types of sand and clay he used to mold man.

I started on this path a couple of months ago when Oshun appeared to me, I made her altar and in the last couple of weeks 3 more Orishas have appeared to me in their beautiful human form, my question is … is it possible for someone to have all 7 orishas come to them without being invoked? Domain: iron and metalworking, alchemy, healing, weapons, oath-taking, orphans and the homeless, cutting through obstacles, technology, vehicles/transportation, railroad tracks, Saints: Saint James the Great, Saint Peter, John the Baptist, Saint Martin and Andrew, Archangel Michael, Manifestations: virile, strong man with fiery eyes, manifests as metal itself; there are MANY manifestations and personas of Ogun including Ogun Blandjo and Ogun La Flambo, Colors: green, red and white, black, blue. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. The company was so impressed at my score results that they called immediately and offered employment! to signal where the priest should establish a Mbari, a place of worship for them. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. I called out to them as I could name them. He loves music, women, and fun. They’ve survived because of the culture. Did they appear to you during meditation? But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. as i have not invoked any of them they just showed up.

111 0 obj <> endobj This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Keep he and Ogun far away from each other! Another of the female Seven African Powers, Oshun is the Orisha of the rivers.

Very in depth. The Gods and Goddesses of Africa Most African cultures, if not all, believe in a Supreme Creator in one form or another.


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