alex lerner husband

A daughter would scrap with the hoe but a son would have broke Dan's neck and f#cked his hoe while Dan watched.

And just the thought of him doing something of this manner got me wanting to call and cuss him smooth OUT lmao. This stuff is just unnerving!

He could post pics of his side piece but dont identify her as the love of your life with B still alive. She used Dard Coaxum who owned a trendy spot in NYC as her way back in, untill he ended up in jail. Smith is best known for her trendy restaurants, lifestyle books and TV cooking shows.

She is going about it all the wrong way. You suppose let that woman feel nothing but love and support from YOU until her last days. better go ask somebody. that's a tough job so i question her authenticity but it is what it is. Her family? My stepmom is dying, plain and simple.”, Also Read: Joel Schiffman, Facts about Hoda Kotb’s Fiance, FACT CHECK: Kwik Trip Launches “Kwik Strip” Gentlemen’s Clubs, FACT CHECK: Burisma Admitted to Paying Bribe to Joe Biden.

B. has NO CLUE what's really going on and he's justifying this nastiness by saying ish like he wouldn't want anyone else to have to deal with this, and she's (gf) a big help!

I would love to be a fly on the wall when it happens. She was there on weekends, twice a month. I just dont see too many black older women moving into another sick woman house laying beside her husband at night.

via theYBF -- Our source tells us Alex left Dard after he was found guilty of a deadly assault and sentenced to 15 months in prison in 2016.

Yall painting B as a victim but we are all on the outside looking in.

Him moving her in instead of getting a proper caretaker IS. Karma is a bich and she makes house calls

No honey, truth be told a white man will respect a bm responsible towards the women in his community instead of hi-tailing it out of our community with a ww. I see him on Instagram..defending his phuckery. This stuff is just unnerving! This is a money grab for her. I can’t give him the support that a girlfriend, a friend, a companion can give. Bossip Comment Policy

She was diagnosed in 2009.

He told the world he has a girlfriend. Gasby and Lerner made their relationship social media official in December 2018, though he was still married to Smith.

Get out, loser! HE told the world he can't let the remainder of his life shrivel up and die because his wife is ill. What else is there to know?

What Happened to Wil Willis? It's just something you don't do.

And stop posting pictures of B on social media! But I be d*%ned if she would be living in my house. Smith, 69, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's soon after she began to experience profound memory loss in 2009. Its easier to judge then to live it! IN NO WAY' SHAPE, or FORM! Who forced him to ask for her hand in marriage and vow to honor and respect her in sickness and in health? Instead he chose to hire his hoe and use it as an excuse to move her in and start his new life. He's a married man! Lerner, 53, justified her awkward situation by asserting "this is not a man cheating on his wife.".

Yes! He has his daughter and his side whore to take care of B.. I love everybody but I am not a fool there are white women that are very opportunistic when it comes to bm they will strut in and take the best of them because they know the weak brothu will leave everything and everybody he ever knew and give everything he ever worked hard for and will work harder for that ww. Why are our men ( some of them) so freaking weak when it comes to any type of trifiling ww. Not many sistas will give him the back door action he wants to receive, I'm side eyeing every last one of you who is defending Dusty Dan. Even if B & her husband did agree on this type of arrangement it's tacky of him to flaunt it the way he has, as if everyone else needs to know.

He made his business public so the public is now in his business. Would you allow your wife to do the same? His page is FULL of supporters. People need to mind they own business and stop with this fake outrage over everything. I think that is what keeps him from putting her in a home.

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Because if Ham is the father of the dark or black people, that makes him the Father of all African and other black peoples. We were under the impression that Alex is just a waitress.. I’m more pissed at the people complaining about them. He is taking care of her and keeping his oath. Would you give your wife the same pass? They would later move in together.

I say to ALL of this.....Put those "shoes" on....lace them up and run a lap In them.....Then lets talk.

: #jaiyeorie It is learned that a very explicit video is circulating on social media, and some are saying that the video shows Tyga and 19-yea... Wofai Fada has launched her restaurant ”Just Afang and Yogiegee” in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria.

She never lived there," he told 'Successful Philanthorphy' host Jean Shafiroff in an interview. Either way get one or get informed. he is her legal husband and looked at as ONE and that includes their money, investments, real estates, debt., and everything in between. Not to victim blame here, but when folks find out they are terminally ill, they need to be putting parameters in place to prevent shit like this. And yes, we do not know the agreement within their marriage. I agree that spouses should stick together in sickness and in good health. Why shouldn’t he have someone to talk to? In a crazy ass TWIST he only got sentenced to 15 months and only served 8 of that.

I am not afraid of dying but I have to say that the one thing that scares me the most is this disease!! He's probably waiting, living in that apartment she's not currently using.

I just read. They have a toddler son, Lucca who is doted on by his older sister, Jacqui. Next time he says what time is your doctors appt l wanna go with u. they gonna say l can go myself dog l am good. Alex Lerner is a worker at the upscale NYC restaurant, Le Bilboquet which is only her income source. She just may BECAUSE she sees an intruder in HER house! Alex reached over a smacked the heck outta his arm and she said, ‘I’m sitting here and you’re saying that B. is the kindest, sweetest woman you’ve ever met?’ And I said Alex, that’s his wife.”. And to add insult to injury, now black wealth is gonna revert right back to white.

That is an adult and realistic question.

I wish B had selected another advocate. This ish is disgusting. She doesn’t have the mental capacity to complain and most likely has no clue what is really going on. My mom suffers from Alzheimer’s and when she’s going through sundowning, clear the house!!!

And in case he THOUGHT...that is where my mama and the rest of the surviving sibs come in at. thats how some trifiling ww do it! I see you are a smart athiest? Tributes poured in for Barbara Elaine Smith, aka B. Smith, after news of her death. Please read our Comment Policy before commenting. I wish her well. A post shared by TheYBF (@theybf_daily) on Jan 29, 2019 at 7:34pm PST.

I hope him and his mistress have an eternity of bad luck. does not matter. HE BECAME THE PROGENITOR OF THE DARK RACES; NOT THE NEGROES, BUT THE EGYPTIANS, ETHIOPIANS, LIBYANS AND CANAANITES” Not the Negroes = Hamites selling Shemites into slavery during the slave trade. According to Gasby, he and Lerner initially bonded over their shared experience with Alzheimer’s. he witnessed Alex Lerner “hit B. Smith’s hand” to chastise her. TV personality, style expert and entrepreneur Paul Wharton is one of B. Smith’s oldest friends, which is why his recent claims that he saw Alex Lerner physically scold Smith while in his presence, has many fans of the former model/restaurateur in an uproar.During a recent appearance on Good Morning Washington, the topic shifted to all the drama surrounding Smith, Gasby and Lerner.

I saw this a few weeks ago on Instagram and I lost my mind. Oh I get that at its finest because I see it daily at work. Like alot of caucasion women who persue wealthy black men, she feels superior and entitled, like a master to the slave.She knows he will worship the ground she walks on, and she will walk right out the door with everything B.Smith has built. Since the announcement that Smith had passed away, a lot of attention has been on Alex Lerner. BTW I sm not bitter I am happy a day free! I know one thing for damn sure is that I would never want to go a nursing home.

A daughter wouldn't allow another woman in her mother's home. I don’t trust none of those three.

Hey NewNew.........How are you on this cold day? GET A DAMNNN NURSE! some couples do have an understanding.

Good day. Let them be. On the other hand, her partner, Dan has a net worth around $1.4 Million as of 2019. Posted by Jacqui Lerner on Thursday, June 14, 2018.

He's an a$$hole. #jaiyeorie Duncan Mighty comes through with his latest new record entitled, “Boma.” This would be Duncan Mighty’s first single this year.... Dan Gasby, the husband of famed model/restaurant owner B. Smith – is speaking out about his controversial relationship with Alex Lerner, while he was still married. They might try to do something to her. Professionals... Other relatives besides husband and step daughter.... She's not an alien; she has other family. HE put it out there.

That is the part I can't get past. So his wife is not dead but he is able to have another woman? But karma is the wh0re that he really needs to worry about, because she fcuks everybody! That is a fact not my opinion.

is he living with two women and B has Alzheimer? ? B. might be getting it in with the them of them too sometimes lol.

The whats so wrong with it ass folks are on my NERVES. It appears everything about this situation is about him and his discomfort. I have ways been like why, I ways ask , like what happened? It is insane for you to say people need to mind their own business when HE put his business out there and major news outlets and talk shows are now discussing it. he's too old to be carrying on like this. Why are you here period?

I can deal with him seeking an outlet and companionship while he cares for his wife.

Hot mugga fugging tears right now!! I guess "Til death do us part" is just some old-fashioned stuff to some folks nowadays. Then where will hoe be? What s upsetting is the abuse of the sick and helpless. Such as sad disease!

He should judge his own well as the mistress.

How the hell is any of this legal?

I bet they have her thinkingt this chick is a nurse. I can’t imagine... omg..... the day a nigga....try me like this will be his last. he ready 2 move the bottom woman in.

Karma doesn’t sleep Dan.

I still wouldn't call a sister a saint but I am hot over this Becky. So many questions with this one right here. Dan Gasby's girlfriend Alex Lerner was born in 1966 in New York, the USA. Our Agency often had closed door private events at Smiths in DC.

Til death do we part. We all know white women know how to be a silent gold digger because they’re never put in a light to be as such from the beginning. How do you know in moment of clarity his wife didn't ask him do that so he could be happy?

Its maddening and its sad.

If he starts getting sick she will take what she can, bounce and use the rest to complete her gender reassignment surgery. There is no way peace is in that way.

He posts on IG pics of B on the floor of her shower after a seizure and no medical professionals around.


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