alice 3 lessons
Alice 3 Learn Alice 3 in FREE step-by-step lessons. Before introducing my students to Alice 3, I watched a number of tutorials offered by the Duke University Computer Science Department: Duke University Alice 3 Tutorials. Object Mover and Key press events: Add object mover for the shark so that the user can move it with the arrow keys. The goal of this lesson is to understand how objects view the worldand how to move them in the Alice virtual world.You will be able to move, turn and roll the objects that make up your scene. Posing using One Shots: Learn to pose subparts in scene editor using One Shots, Opening and shutting a car door: Open the car door in scene view using one shots. When students complete this animation, I teach them how to make a biped or quadruped character walk, how to make a plane fly, and how to make a merry go round loop so it continues to go around. This became the second lesson I used from Alice to teach middle school programming. Description: This tutorial will teach you how to program a world in

Adding properties to a class: Video shows how to add properties to a class. on YouTube(4 min) on YouTube(4 1/2 min) Description: This tutorial was adapted from an Alice 2 beginner tutorial, "Headshots in Alice". Handout (1 Using a count loop to count to 3.: Use count control structure to count to 3.

Because it does not have as many advanced options as Alice 3, it’s a great springboard into programming. Video Tutorial Part 1

All rights reserved. Links: World Finished (2 Links: World Finished If you are not finding what you are looking for please reach out to us to let us know so that we can try to create what you need. Video Tutorial Part 3 World Finished Tutorial Slides (.pptx), and Handout (1 per page)(.pdf) and (2 per page)(.pdf) and (4 per page)(.pdf). if turning fast: Panda says "Whee" if amountToTurn > 2.0, Who is taller? Date: July 2015 Scene Parameters: Adding parameters makes the procedure more versatile.


Description: This assessment corresponds with tutorial, "Alice 3 Creating a Fancier Fox and Inheritance". Remainder Drill: Practice finding remainders. Date: June 2017 Level: Beginner Variables are read and Using Functions: In addition to procedures, there are also functions. As I watched the video and replicated the coding on my computer, I created a document with the procedural steps, screen captures, and the actual code. Author: Lori Fuller (adapted Duke Alice 2 tutorial) Tutorial Slides (.pptx), and Handout (1 per page)(.pdf) and (2 per page)(.pdf) and (4 per page)(.pdf), Name: Alice 3 Multilayered Object Clicking Tutorial (2 World Finished, Name: Alice 3 Panda Pattern Game (Some of the fish are invisible.). Pseudocode: Step by step instructions written in human language. Teach the astronaut how per page)(.pdf). A UFO as the vehicle for the camera: Video show how to assign a vehicle to the camera. Description: This tutorial was adapted from an Alice 2 tutorial, "Sharing Alice". Using doTogether: Animals all say hello at the same time. to play sound together with myFirstMethod.

Note: These are tutorials for Alice Version 3.

Handout (1 (2 Tutorial a story about a princess being captured by a dragon and then saved by a knight. Links: Learning outcome goal #3.In order to create interesting programs, you will add things like sound, text, background pictures, and other special effects.You will practice working with larger projects and designing, coding, and testing procedures.You will be using many of these techniques in your final project. 312 East Walnut St. Suite 200 Links: Using AND: &&: You are a teenager if age >=13 AND age <= 19, Panda says "Whee!" Slides (.ppt) , and Lancaster, PA 17602 Each time the game is played, a random pattern is generated and gets longer with every turn. Your program will declare variables and assign them values. Clicking 'Purchase resource' will open a new tab with the resource in our marketplace. Handout (1 Procedures for top down design: Video shows how to use procedure for top down design.

Tutorial Slides (.pptx), and Handout (1 per page)(.pdf) and (2 per page)(.pdf) and (4 per page)(.pdf), Name: Alice 3 Inheritance Assessment and As such this lesson can be integrated into the introduction to programming in Alice lesson to extend the section on do together and do in orders, or you can use it later as a stand alone overview to better introduce the concepts and the use of do together and nested blocks, or it can be paired with or immediately followed by one or more of the more in depth lesson for each of the different control structures.


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