alocasia amazonica leaves curling
However, if you live in an extremely hot climate, place it in a location that receives bright indirect light.

I’ve written about the best natural fertilizer options in this article.

Even when placed in a location that receives a medium amount of light, the plant won’t be happy and won’t produce the best growth and leaf coloration as when placed in a brighter location. Using plant shine products are not advised because many have a tendency to leave a waxy residue on the leaves and can interfere with the exchange of air. You can snip the dying leaves off the plant with clean pruning tools. Heavy soil has a tendency to retain too much moisture, which can lead to rot problems and even plant death.

Spread a newspaper out on a table and gently lift the Alocasia Amazonica out of its container and place on the paper, which will collect any mess. You can also mist the plant with water several times weekly and don’t place the Alocasia Amazonica by a heating or cooling vent. There are various possible reasons behind your Alocasia’s leaves curling. If your bathroom has adequate light for proper growth, the constant use of water in the room creates humidity.

Don’t use soil that is heavy like a straight potting soil as it has a tendency to remain too wet, creating problems with rot. Omg ok I found a smaller pot and removed it from the 6 inch, I hope that’s fine, More posts from the plantclinic community. When given proper care and grown in preferred conditions, Alocasia Amazonica is not plagued by any major disease problems. I figured, less soil is fine right? Many natural fertilizers are much more gentle and are a great option to help avoid nutrient burn. For the best growth, keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy.

Frequently check the top of the soil and if it feels like it’s just starting to turn dry, water until it runs from the bottom of the pot. Also, they like humidity.

Best of luck to you and your plants!

Although you may come across information referring to Alocasia Amazonica as a species or cultivar, the information is incorrect. Below we have listed a brief outline of their care for the best performance and healthiest growth. You are trying to replicate decomposing soil found on the floor of a forest. Water when the top of the soil just starts feeling like it’s drying and make sure the pot has bottom drainage and it’s growing in a lightweight soil that drains well.

Keep the soil moist but not soggy. As the water evaporates around the plant, it creates the much-needed humidity. If your plant isn’t getting enough humidity, the leaves can start yellowing. ", we will help you diagnose and treat it! (Chamaedorea Elegans), 19 Flowering Houseplants That Are Absolutely Stunning, For more tips on how to water your indoor plants correctly, read this article. If needed, use clean pruning snips to snip any portion still clinging to the mother, being sure not to cut into the offset’s center.

Although it rarely flowers, especially indoors, it would be hard not to notice Alocasia Amazonica’s leathery, arrow-shaped leaves in deep green with wavy edges and with thick white or silvery leaf veins. I recently fertilized it …

Frequently check the soil’s moisture content and water when it begins feeling dry to the touch. During winter, the plant goes through a dormant stage and active growing stops, so you won’t have to water as frequently as you would while it is actively growing.

Depending on how robustly it is growing, you might not have to repot for several years, if for no other reason than to refresh the soil. Use a well-balanced liquid fertilizer or a liquid blend for houseplants and apply every two to four weeks at half-strength. However, you never want the soil to completely dry out. Depending on outdoor temperatures and light conditions coming through the window where the Alocasia Amazonica is situated, during the growing season you may have to water one to two times weekly. I would put it in a smaller pot with fresh soil, check the roots for rot if you repot it.

Although Alocasia Amazonica requires soil that is consistently moist for healthy growth that doesn’t mean it will tolerate prolonged periods of wet feet due to soggy soil. Alocasia leaves drooping due to low humidity will be accompanied by other symptoms of low humidity, including leaf curling, brown leaf tips, and leaf edges. In addition, during the dormant season of winter, you may only need to water once every week to two weeks. If you are fortunate to have a blooming Alocasia Amazonica don’t spend time trying to save the ripe seeds from the spathe because they are usually sterile, due to the plant’s hybrid status.

Don’t worry if you are not sure which one your plant is dealing with.

I'd recommend moving locations to a shadier and more humid spot. If placed in a location lacking sufficient light the plant loses its color, including the leaf veins and can eventually die. If your Alocasia Amazonica went into complete dormancy in winter and the vegetation died, usually when spring arrives the bulb will spring back to life with new foliage. It’s best to do this while the plant is actively growing in spring through summer.

Alternatively, you can create your own soil mixture using the following materials; Whatever soil mixture you decide to use just make sure it is lightweight and does not have a tendency to retain too much water. What should I do?

Again, you do not want to place the plant near heating or cooling vents that create air that is too dry.

Your plant's leaves look pretty crispy. Hi, I’m Andrew, and Smart Garden Guide is my website all about indoor gardening and houseplants. However, when it comes to keeping your Alocasia looking its best you have several easy options: Since you are taking the time to clean those leaves, don’t forget to spruce up the pot by wiping any collected dirt or grime off it too. Checking the moisture content of the soil is easy. There is much confusion about …

23. If you appreciate foliage plants, the Alocasia Amazonica is certainly a plant you might want to add to your houseplant collection. How To Care For Alocasia Amazonica (With Pictures), 23 Beautiful Aglaonema Varieties (Chinese Evergreen), 9 Signs Of Overfeeding Plants And How To Fix Them, How To Care For Kentia Palm (Howea Forsteriana), Why Is My Parlor Palm Drooping?

You can easily treat a spider mite problem by spraying the top and undersides of leaves with an insecticidal soap or neem. Please don't mist your plants with a mister, it will only up the humidity for 1 minute and it will wet the leaves. Along with Alocasia Polly or Poly, Alocasia Alligator and African Mask, Alocasia Amazonica is only the plant’s common name and the origin of the plant and its name is quite interesting. Place clean new soil into a clean container with bottom drain holes.

However, if you want to give your houseplant a bit of a break from indoor conditions, you can place the container outdoors in a partially shady location. The foliage will only re-sprout when temperatures warm again in spring and this can take several months.

One of two things is likely causing the leaf edges to brown on an Alocasia Amazonica. Fill a spray bottle up with room temperature water and mist the plant’s foliage once or twice weekly. The only way to grow additional plants is by dividing and removing new offsets from the mother plant.

If it’s getting an adequate amount of light, it might be lacking enough water to keep the soil consistently moist.

Regardless of the confusion, Alocasia Amazonica’s exotic foliage displays will add a stunning appeal wherever it is located in the home or outdoors, weather permitting. Due to the calcium oxalate crystals contained in the entire plant, Alocasia Amazonica is highly toxic to people, cats, dogs and horses. The plant grows best and retains its color situated in bright indoor light. Always follow directions on mixing amounts and frequency of use. The only major pest that affects indoor grown Alocasia Amazonica’s is spider mites. Keeping the foliage clean not only keeps the leaves looking their best but also assists in photosynthesis, which keeps your plant heathy and happy. Take the entire plant to the sink and rinse off the foliage with a gentle spray of lukewarm water. If you notice the foliage on your Alocasia Amazonica losing its distinctive deep green color and the rib sections turning lighter, the plant isn’t getting enough light. The plant's hybridizer named it after his business, the Amazon Nursery in Miami, Florida.

Root rot is mostly caused by poor cultural practices and is relatively easy to prevent. If you notice the base of the plant and foliage developing black sections, that’s a good sign rot is developing. Many garden supply stores carry soil mixtures labeled “Jungle Mix,” which is a good mixture to plant and grow your Alocasia Amazonica.


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