arcade gannon quest console command

You must defeat them. Once you have obtained enough trust points your companion will open up to you and ask you to do a quest for them. Though Arcade was crushed by the Legion's victory at Hoover Dam, he was not among NCR's casualties. I... – this is a Game Portal where you can find a variety of games to Crack, Cheat, Hack, Keygen or just Download the Game.

after which Arcade will thank the Courier for their work for the Followers and a "join me" option will appear. The Remnants are the remaining survivors, thus the name Remnants. Well, most likely you are vilified by the Legion.

Though he may concede that the NCR's motives are in some ways similar, it's likely that he sees their 'clean up' efforts as distressingly corollary to what he offhandedly describes as the 'fascist' tactics of the Enclave. While he admits to having had many men in his life, he says "lovers make poor confidantes. Interesting. The quest isn't available until you've advanced in the main quest enough. Arcade's endings are intended to reflect that no one is damaged more by reality than the idealist. Please see the. Arcade Gannon appears only in Fallout: New Vegas, but was set to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios (see Arcade Gannon). [12], Arcade is strongly averse to groups he views as fascist and imperialist, such as the New California Republic and especially Caesar's Legion. There are certain tasks you have to complete and certain places you have to visit inorder to trigger the quest. followed by "Yes, that's exactly what I'm suggesting." First, visit the Crashed Vertibird. when Arcade comments on, 1 point for saying "They profit from crime, now I profit, too." Once again, you don’t get the trust points until Arcade comments about REPCONN. There are certain tasks you have to complete and certain places you have to visit inorder to trigger the quest. I've read about REPCONN. when Arcade asks why they are there. Talk to Hildern about anything. The Followers don't endorse his actions, and all that." However, unlike some of the other companions who are associated with their respective faction, having a negative reputation with the Followers of the Apocalypse does not affect the ability to recruit Arcade. I suggest you unlock the Explorer perk. He has an internal counter of "dislike" points that are increased by doing or saying stupid or mean things or doing things that hurt the Followers. Dun dun dunnnn! So how do we get in? Do not kill civilians or NCR soldiers. After this the quest will be completed. He will meet you outside and give you his armor. Don't do anything that benefits the legion will he's with you either.

when Arcade challenges the Courier if they finished the quest by killing Anderson. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. I hope this guide has helped! He shows up a second time after you have first confronted Benny and when you leave the Tops Casino. This is old, but for people coming here currently, you don't need to be hated by the Legion for this to trigger. White was killed by Scorpion gang members. what if youve done the vault 22 quest already. At 6 points, he will leave permanently. You will need to convince him to help you. Saying this to him is what gets you the points. I'm really very boring.

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You can do two things here to gain points. Arcade will ask you if he should help fight in the battle. This is a paraphrase of the line "The devil can cite scripture for his purpose," from. Let's say we wanted to complete Rjorn's Drum, which has a quest ID of BardsCollegeDrum, this command would do that: ResetQuest BardsCollegeDrum. Now to actually get into The Fort you need to go to Cottonwood Cove. Got that sweet Tesla armor finally.

** Because Arcade's Plasma Defender uses magical companion ammo instead of energy cells, it does not have the -2 DT effect that comes from using standard energy ammunition. Neither answer is particularly comforting. [7] He prefers research to healing because he is "not good with people.

Now this is where the fun begins. [10], Arcade is highly intelligent, personable, and quick-witted. Now exit the bunker. I believe every companion does this. [2] However, if someone were to come to him with a more pressing issue, he would step away from his research to help with more pressing matters.

Is there any way to acquire this quest via console command? [4] His father died while Arcade was still an infant, killed in combat on an away mission; to this day, the specifics of his father's death are unknown to him.


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