ark mission loot table
Copyright 2020 Studio Wildcard. It's easy! Cookies help us deliver our Services. Does anyone know where to get Crossbow BP/Rex saddle BP or even straight up items? Anyone know where to get long necks*? But, after you start doing the missions so you can fight the Controller, you end up with millions of Hexagons. The missions seem to either have specific loot tables or weighted loot. Press J to jump to the feed. Lava Medley Melee, got tek legs and boots, desert gear, and mushroom brew and steaks stuff like that. The taming process also requires certain preparation before going all in. I did Home is where the pouch is 3 times and I got TEK railgun every time. ARK: Genesis is an expansion that offers five new weapons, most of which are Tek-tier weapons.This means that in order to craft them and be able to use them, players need to obtain their Tekgrams first. Locked and loaded has the potential for pongnecks.

Very nice, thank you! Has anyone been making a list of loot rewards per area? Unlike many other creatures in ARK, this one can be tamed only by non-violent measures, which may seem unusual for many players considering the usual methods.. Especially since mission loot is … Cookies help us deliver our Services. Bog beatdown gives lots of tek helms, flak chest, assault rifles and occasional riot/ghillie/saddles paracer/sarco/ptera etc. Ark: Survival Evolved Kibble Guide (Updated) No Sessions Found Fix for ARK: Survival Evolved. Also, harpoon launcher drops from ice fishing in arctic biome.

Deer-ly departed: Megatherium Saddle, Kapro Saddle, Megalosaurus Saddle, Metal Shield, Chitin/Hide/Hazard stuff, Hide and Seek: Pump-Action Shotgun, Magmasaur Saddle, Megalodon Saddle, Plesi Platform Saddle, Fur/Ghillie/Hide/Flak stuff, Miners Helmet, Mammoths on Parade: Para Saddle, Megalodon Saddle, Dunkle Saddle, Megachelon Saddle, Flamethrower, Desert/Fur stuff. ARK: Genesis Bloodstalker Location and Taming Guide. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.

Anyone have any other confirmed loot from specific missions? I luckily scored a mining drill (premade with 107% damage and 900 dura) from Bog Beatdown. All better than prim, You can also get mining drill blueprints from this one as well, I just got a Tek Railgun, 3 Flak Leggings, 3 Titanosaur Platform Saddles from "Home Is Where the Pouch Is" Gamma difficulty. All rights reserved. As someone who has not started making a list, is there any work that's been done already so I don't waste my time finding out information that's already available?


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