attendify virtual conference

We’re moving quickly, but building a great product takes time. You can buy credits today by visiting our website and checking out right on this page: When we set out to build a virtual event platform we decided to share the process with our clients via regular email updates. The support you’ve shown along the way has helped us in a big way! Learn more. If we decide to have a beta testing phase, you’ll also be first in line to get invites. Use Attendify’s integrated streaming solution for easy speaker onboarding at scale. Build Manage Optimize. Attendify for Virtual Events: Pricing & Roadmap Revealed. That’s what we want to answer today, so let’s get right to it…. We’ll have many more product updates and previews to share, but this post is dedicated to our product roadmap and pricing. Our new virtual experience is offered together with our mobile app for an engagement solution that’s ready for virtual, in-person or hybrid experiences. One of our goals for this new product is to help make the industry more resilient. Attendify is building a modern virtual event platform to help attendees learn, network and engage, remotely. A virtual event should feel like an event, not like a website. Among the most frequently asked questions are when the product will launch and how much it will cost. ... That was cool to see, and the activity level during the conference and even after was also shocking. It’s much easier to move quickly with that kind of support and you provided it. You can create dedicated profiles for speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, as well as include general information about your event. Effortlessly add speakers to your sessions and allow them to stream content (audio, video and screen sharing) right in the browser. At every step of the virtual experience attendees will have networking tools.

We know you’re taking a chance by buying a product that isn’t live yet, but doing so supports our work and helps us build what we think will be the best virtual event platform in the world. With virtual and mobile working together you can connect attendees to a single community and create a meaningful experience for those attending in-person or remotely. If you’re uncertain about whether the platform will launch in time for your events or have questions about specific features please reach out. Here's what's coming and when: A complete virtual experience with all of Attendify's social We’ll be in touch again soon with more product previews and engineering updates. We’re really excited to build towards a more resilient, data-driven, and engaging future that helps you grow your events and amplifies your content like never before. We’ll have many more product updates and previews to share, but this post is dedicated to our product roadmap and pricing. Virtual events should be so much more than a video stream on a web page. Easy to build, easy to manage. Allow attendees to connect with sponsors and exhibitors If you have questions about pricing, chat in on our website and we’ll be happy to help. Today marks an important step and it’s the first of many. Whether mingling in channels, posting on the activity stream, browsing attendee profiles or viewing a session, networking is always a click away. The simplest way to think about our pricing is two consider the key components: We’re offering a 30% discount for everyone who purchases credits prior to launch.


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