australian plays monologues

I’m lonely. Everyone of them a blessing. You selfish little bastard! You should hear the rumours. A blessing” though it is … hard. And ya thinkin’, how do I make sense of this dog-ass life? What do all Australians do? ‘Spiss!’ On Saturday afternoon thousands of people go and watch the football. Every night on the news. Not here. You whiners and whingers! for Men. This site uses cookies to improve your experience: Top Monologues for Film, TV, Theatre and Internet Auditions, Contemporary and Original Monologues on MB, Monologues for all Nationalities on Planet Earth and Beyond, Most Powerful Comprehensive Monologue List Online, Original Internet Resource for Contemporary Monologue Material, Top Worldwide Monologues from Published Plays, Worldwide Monologues for Internet Content Creators, Contemporary Monologues from Published Plays. Quick Monologue Tips: Find a monologue that fits you and your experiences. But all I can think of is the other words. Somehow, I think Mum knew. We came back here and made a party of it, smoking those long coloured cocktail cigarettes as well. Privacy Policy. Every little item, every bus ticket, gallery ticket, the train tickets. I push her to the shops because I can’t think of anywhere else to push her. Where I live there are dozens of factories: shoe factories, some that make gaskets, hydraulic machines, clothing. Just incredible. So I say, “No. So I’ve had a few. [Beat] I will never have children.

I love, I love, I love, love they think. Snacks, cards, cigarettes, money, lipstick, watches, jewellery, high stools, dancing, wild dancing, bare bodies under not much. seals our bodies together like a bandaid … We’d be glowing. And when I see a baby in a pram…[beat.] That despite my big smile and congratulations I’m green and I’m bubbling and I’m thinking, you bitch, I hope it fucking dies inside you, you bitch. I meet with other mothers and I pray to fucking God that I don’t look like them, or sound like them, or am like them. One of the requests we receive most frequently, from actors, students and teachers alike, is the ability to. If you are auditioning for drama school, or a theatre production, make sure you check out our Australian monologues below: NOTE: we have permission to use these monologues from Currency Press. If you have chosen a monologue and need a hand rehearsing the speech we discuss some audition tips in how to rehearse a monologue.

We are sharing these for educational reasons and to help promote the work of Australian playwrights.

So that your destiny as repressed, stupefied, second-class citizens could have gone on uninterrupted? Wish I knew how. It would have no meaning…. They tell me how smart their kid is, how early she talked, or walked. As part of our touring program we regularly hold monologue workshops using text sourced from Australian playwrights. Sometimes I think if I leave her there someone nicer might come and get her and it’d be much much better. Even if he was dying, I’d sit by him, and even after.

But I’m not going to give her the satisfaction. From high school study to professional auditions and performances, the monologue exposes the heart of a play and the capacities of the performer.The monologue should be relevant to the performer, and a revelation to the audience. Complete strangers came up and patted my belly as if it was going to bring them luck. I don’t know. Carol says, “Problem with you, Rhonda, problem with you is that you’re just too fertile. I can hear you. Away / Michael Gow     -     catalogue link, Breaker Morant / Kenneth Ross     -     catalogue link, Cosi / Louis Nowra    -     catalogue link, Don's Party / David Williamson    -     catalogue link, A Hard God / Peter Kenna    -     catalogue link, The Sum of Us / David Stevens    -     catalogue link, Sweet Road / Debra Oswald    -     catalogue link, Third World Blues / David Williamson     -     catalogue link, Head of Library & Information Services: 03 6341 9920 Audio Visual: 03 6341 9921 Library Bookings & Circulation Desk: 03 6341 9822, Websites: St Patrick's College - Library Catalogue - College Archives - Staff Development, On this page you will find links to eReserve digital copies of Australian p. This selection also includes works from New Zealand.


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