average cost to move a refrigerator
Pro furniture movers do this for a living and know how to do the heavy lifting without injury. You might think you should only hire a moving company if you're moving into or out of a home, but professional furniture movers can also move heavy furniture across short distances — even if the move is occurring within the same building or home. They were careful with my new couch and made sure it was kept perfect. However, prices can range from $70 to $125 per hour. Use a floor protector to prevent damage to your floors when moving a refrigerator out from the wall. The average cost of a local move is $1,250.

Try our free moving cost calculator to find out.

The average cost to move a piano ranges from $175 to $500. Use packing tape from your moving supplies kit to secure the cord to the side of the refrigerator. Many movers charge a minimum fee to account for their employees' effort and time traveling to the job site.

But if you lift heavy items by yourself, no one else will pay for the repairs. Or, you could hire furniture movers if you're strapped for time, worried about damaging your furniture (or your wall paint) or if you just need an extra set of arms. Simply go online to find a list of furniture movers near you, and ask them to send you free estimates. This is an estimated price and is subject to change when adding more items, details, and options.

If you only have one (or very few items to move), furniture movers can help. The average moving price for local moves is $25 per hour per mover. The average cost to move furniture and heavy items is $180. No one plans to drop their solid wood bed frame and crack their ceramic floor tiles when moving a bed from one room to another. Here are some other situations where you might want to contact a pro for help: Heavy-lifting professionals can be used for more than just traditional moving services. Many moving companies have insurance that covers any accidental damage to your furniture during the move. Have your helper guide and assist from the opposite side of the dolly.

You can message them in-app, and track your items as your Dolly happens. My Dolly Helpers were prompt, professional, and quick with their delivery. Awesome concept and exceptional execution! Some companies don't charge travel fees as long as they are local. Some DIY movers ask, can you lay a refrigerator on its back?

". Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), Step 1: This is an estimated price and is subject to … We track the estimates they get from local professionals, then we share those prices with you. Moving a refrigerator or learning how to move a refrigerator upstairs and downstairs may be necessary if you’re upgrading to a new model or when moving to a new home. Move the Refrigerator Estimate Your Moving Costs.

Any prep work the customer does means less time the lifters and movers need to be paid. Search local furniture movers and check prices. A refrigerator should never be transported on its back; the weight of the fridge can damage internal parts, and the internal fluids such as the oil inside the motor; or the refrigerant may shift and settle in undesirable places in the machine’s system. Providing incorrect or inadequate information online or over the phone can lead to higher costs once the workers arrive and realize the job will take longer than anticipated. A company's locations and how extensive its operations are can affect the hourly rate. Your piano's balance, action and other moving parts need to be carefully handled to prevent performance problems after the move is complete. The answer is no. How much will your furniture moving and heavy lifting cost? I had my new couch home in less than an hour! They may charge a higher flat fee, or they may require more hours at an hourly rate to travel a longer distance. After your Dolly is complete you can tip and review your Helpers in-app. For example, if the unit was on its side for four hours, allow it to remain upright for eight hours in the new place before plugging it in and turning it on. If you are deciding how to transport a refrigerator in a pickup truck, trailer or moving truck, remember that it’s best to keep the refrigerator upright, and rent or borrow a vehicle that will allow for that positioning.

If you live far outside of town, are in the middle of a city with heavy traffic or are outside of the professional's standard service area, you may have to pay travel fees to account for the time it takes your movers to get to you.

Plan ahead if you're staging your home or doing a remodel or a major redecoration. Knowing how to move a fridge without scratching the floor will help make your move go more smoothly. Dollies, straps, blankets, protective wrapping — professional furniture movers come to your house with everything they will need to safely move your furniture around your home or into a truck. For example, they may offer long-distance moving services or help with cross-country moves. Find out the cost of your Dolly upfront before you book—no surprises!

Open the unit’s doors and allow it to dry completely before moving, especially if moving long distances. All Rights Reserved. For local moves, most companies charge a fee every time you move the container.

The cost to move a piano will depend on where you live, what type of piano you have, how far you need the piano moved and whether any stairs are involved. Even if you, your family members and friends are strong enough to move your furniture, professional movers are a good investment. With the helper’s assistance, tilt the refrigerator back and ensure that the unit is evenly balanced on the dolly. Easy to set up, polite movers/helpers, on time, great communication! Using the right equipment for the job is the most important part of learning how to move a refrigerator. So, you might need to cut down on clutter, decor and furniture to create visual space in your house. The unit should rest on the side that is opposite from where the compressor lines are installed. For example, moving a bedroom set (mattress, bed frame, dresser, nightstands) from a downstairs bedroom up one flight of straight stairs would likely take under 60 minutes, resulting in a $65 fee. You may also have to pay for any tolls or bridge fees. If the shelves are glass, remove them and pack them securely in a separate container. Depending on the moving company and the type of item you have, its size and its weight, you might face different prices. ", Step 6: Furniture movers can also help with home staging.

The average cost to move a piano ranges from $175 to $500.


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