avorion fighter production
Sector Content Avorion's successful Early Access launch made it possible for Konstantin to start the company Boxelware and extend the team by a few helping hands. At this point, we know the contents of the sector and the owning (and thus present) faction. You're free to do everything you want to: We'll be sending out newsletters monthly at max, and when a big release or something truly newsworthy happens, such as a new version, patch or similar. However, there should be a upper and lower size limit for a fighter in case that player use a huge or micro ship as template. Implementing the above specifications in Lua also means that the generator is open for modding. Such change would hardly cause balance problem as rapid production of fighter would still consume resources quickly while production could not continue once the assembly/hangar or the carrier itself are completely destroyed. There’s the galaxy, and inside this galaxy, there are ­factions and sectors. This is how we gave each kind of station a specific feature or shape that makes it stick out, which we can add independently from the already existing faction style ­features. One problem that we encountered with this approach was that now the factions map looks like a Voronoi Diagram, and doesn’t look very organic. Avorion 1.0 was released! Modders can create their own parts, and define their own styles for military cruisers, freighters, mining ships and any kind of station. The plan generator is a separate generator that works based on so-called styles.

The sections which we implemented in C++ are the ones that are critical to performance, such as actually stitching the parts together or finding a free position for the next part to attach (to avoid overlap). and then they are placed in random locations in the sector.

When I first started the development of this massive sandbox, I had already given up on several other games I made, because, in the end, the big issue was always the scope of the project. You can also directly follow the developers @koonschi and @qui_sum. Each faction has its own style for its stations and ships because we wanted factions to have their own recognizable visual features. #mc_embed_signup{float:left; font:14px Xolonium,Arial,sans-serif; color:#f0f0f0; width:100%; display: inline-block}, Starting Area Including Multiple Explorable Sectors.

It's easy! We added those to add some barriers that players have to navigate around to make travelling to the centre of the galaxy a little more interesting. shield/integrity generators are optional. In Avorion’s story, subspace rifts have torn apart the galaxy.

Two years into the development, Konstantin met ambient music enthusiast Hannes Kretzer, who turned out to be a perfect fit for the music composer of Avorion, and who was happy to provide his skills for the game. Qui_Sum. Do not expect a definitive answer to the question of which was the best fighter.


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