ayato and hinami
Ayato Kirishima (霧嶋 絢都, Kirishima Ayato) is Touka Kirishima's younger brother and goes by the alias Black Rabbit (黒ラビット, Kuro Rabitto). [25], He eventually regrouped with Naki and Miza on the roof of the auction house with Naki frantically telling Ayato that a large number of Doves were coming their way.

According to Renji Yomo, Ayato alongside his sister took after her personality. Ayato was a lean young man, with blue eyes and long, blue messy hair which swept down in front of his eyes. Just like father. [45], Kaneki, feeling the urge to help Amon, engaged in combat with him. "[12] Kaneki openly told him the person Ayato portrayed himself to be was the total opposite of what was in his heart. Ayato knew Banjou long before he joined Aogiri Tree. [60] Ayato is very apprehensive about his true feelings towards Touka. He quickly dispatched some Cochlea staff, then he left the floor to Banjou and his men to hold off the guards while he was descending further to find Hinami.

The moment they decided to head towards the control room instead, Arima once again attacked them. [47], Ayato ventured into the depths of 24th ward with a squad of ghouls from Goat. Ayato sees Hinami as his partner and subordinate. Ayato secretly covers for Hinami when she is forced to do tasks she is unsuited for, such as killing. However, Yamori greatly disliked him, but did not challenge him since he respected Ayato’s power.

Rendered immobile, Ayato looked in horror as Arima prepared the final blow. [36] After they disabled the compactor, Ayato's group reunited with Banjou and they continued their escape from Cochlea. Before Kaneki could respond, Takizawa and Kurona offered taking on Amon themselves, while Ayato and Kaneki headed back with the suppressants. And you're ready to throw it all away for your emotions?! Ayato decided to abandon his fight with Suzuya and left the main hall to back up Naki - showing concern over his comrade. [7], Later on, during the CCG’s raid on the Aogiri base, he was beside the Bin brothers, battling the ghoul investigators. Ayato liked brawls, tropical fish, and rabbits. Ayato was enraged for her putting herself in danger, but Touka calmed him down, saying that he did not need to worry about her. While Sasaki held off Arima, they reunited with Hinami. When Kaneki returned to rescue Ayato after his battle with Furuta and Dragon Rize, he was swallowed whole by a mass of kagune flood, unable to reach him. To his surprise, the attack was blocked by a ghoul. Their relationship was antagonistic, as seen when Takizawa made a mockery off of Ayato for proposing to save Hinami. He briefly talks about a little of his history there to an unnamed Aogiri member. In √A, before his battle with Yukinori Shinohara, upon seeing the latter activate an armor in the form of a kakuja that once belonged to Arata, Ayato becomes immensely infuriated. [2], Ayato was surprised to see Tooru Mutsuki was a one-eyed ghoul, but was later agitated when Torso threw a fit of excitement just to participate and get closer to Mutsuki. When Kaneki rescued Touka, Ayato confronted him on the roof of the hideout. He bore a striking resemblance to his sister and had a rough-looking, rebellious image.

I’m not a human, I’m a ghoul.”, To Touka: "Your ‘wing’ isn’t able to fly anywhere, but I’m different… I’m going to make all the trash see that ghouls are ‘above’ humans.

According to his instructions, she executes both the auditory and scent detection of ghouls and humans. [17] Ayato’s name is then mentioned in a discussion between Akira Mado and Haise Sasaki, whereby Akira noted that three years ago, Ayato murdered multiple ghoul investigators while invading the 20th ward, and also hunted down Associate Special Class investigators from the 7th ward.

Touka went to take a look, only to stumble upon Amon, Akira and Hideyoshi. [48], The squad began to explore the underground city, finding skeletons of abandoned skyscrapers. He ordered Kaneki to follow him, but when Kaneki showed concern for Touka’s well-being, Ayato kicked him, telling him he was not allowed to talk, and should be obedient of the slightest order he was given. After Kaneki joined Aogiri, he and Ayato were partnered to do missions together. On the aftermath of Dragon's birth, Ayato and his squad, alongside the children from the underground city joined with the rest of Goat. Noticing Torso was intimidated by him, Ayato instead warned Torso about the higher-ups of Aogiri Tree: he would be killed if he were to ever leave the organization, and should therefore carefully reconsider before joining. An alliance was then formed, and ghouls and investigators began working together to free Kaneki from the body of Dragon. Whilst infiltrating Cochlea to find Shachi, Kaneki prevented a barrier from closing in, allowing Ayato to descend through the crevice and target the tactical guard members of the CCG. After running away from home, they found Anteiku, where they were taken care of by Yoshimura. He later ran into Yukinori Shinohara and the two clashed. [3], Ayato’s perspective of humans changed immediately; as he came to the conclusion that none of what they went through would have happened if they had not gotten involved with humans. Everything is decided by the superiority or inferiority of one's power. [41], Ayato is next seen trying on a white suit, and is teased by his sister. Eto approached him, informing him that she had gotten a message from Tatara. Ayato went on the offensive, darting around Arima while simultaneously firing at him with his kagune, but was left frustrated as the investigator easily blocked his attacks. Touka quickly ran to her brother, asking Banjou to heal his wounds immediately. He also tried to stop Naki from attacking Kaneki. Get that through your thick head, dumbass. Ayato then relayed his plan to rescue Hinami from Cochlea and asked Banjou for his support, which Banjou agreed to do for Hinami's sake. However, despite fighting, Ayato takes a liking to Rio and invites him to join Aogiri Tree so they can change the "rotten world" together. Having settled the argument, they went on the move again.[34]. They reconcile after she tells him he does not have to look out for her anymore.


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