baker cavalry shotgun
1850 BAKER CAVALRY PERCUSSION SHOTGUN By Davide Pedersoli & Co., Italy Of typical English school this side-by-side 20 gauge shotgun with a 11 1/4" barrel and a single trigger, reproduces a gun made in the 1850 by Ezekiel Baker, a gunsmith in London, maker of the famous ordnance rifle in the 1800. Charles Manson was the chemical formula for crazy.

Just keep the right hammer down and cock one barrel at a time. This little scatter gun is totally awesome!!! Both are somewhat pitted. PS3445 PEDERSOLI BAKER CAVALRY SHOTGUN. Smith Maker of Baker Guns is how it's marked on both barrels.

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Though largely ineffective in infantry battles due to limited range, shotguns were devastating and effective weapons when used by … Baker, a gunsmith in London, maker of the famous ordnance rifle in the 1800. 100% of reviewers recommended this product.

The stock is made of walnut. ), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (flint), Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Pistols (perc), United States Patent Firearms Revolvers/Pistols, Century Arms International (CAI) - Shotguns, Groom’s Cake Gets Extra Attention for Hunting Theme, Two Criminals and The American 180 Submachine Gun: 1,200 RPM Rimfire Ripper, Americans of All Races Take Up Arms to Defend Against Violent Rioters, Looters, The Manson Family Murders: Helter Skelter, Part 2, BAKER GUN CO. SYRACUSE NY, PARAGON MODEL SIDELOCK 16GA, 1015 LC SMITH MAKER BAKER GUN SYRACUSE 12GA.

NICELY REFINISHED WOOD. That’s exactly what the company’s owners set out to do—provide a safe, reliable handgun that practically anyone can afford.

Antique (Pre-1899) Rifles - Flintlock Misc, Antique (Pre-1899) Rifles - Matchlock/Wheellock Misc, Century Arms International (CAI) - Rifles, Muzzleloading Modern & Replica Rifles (perc), Winchester Rifles - Modern Bolt/Auto/Single, Winchester Rifles - Pre-1899 Bolt/Single Shot, Century Arms International (CAI) - Pistols, Colt Automatic Pistols (.25, .32, & .380 cal), Colt Single Action Revolvers - Modern (22 Cal. Quickview. 1738, ANTIQUE (read more) Gun #: 936467703 The shotgun is quite unique and really captivating.

The barrel is a 20 gauge.

Our Molding Technology Produces Mirror Perfect R... LC SMITH MAKER BAKER GUN SYRACUSE 12GA 30” IC/MOD, GOOD DAMASCUS PATTERN ON THE BARRELS, GRAY RECEIVER. So what can you expect for about $150 bucks? EMF Company Copyright 2009-2020 All rights reserved. Roars like a lion!!!

Solid matte raised rib with single metal bead. Features color casehardened locks, tennon plates and triggerguard. LOCKS UP TIGHT, OPENS BY PUSHING THE F... LC SMITH MAKER OF THE BAKER GUN 12GA 30" DAMASCUS HAMMER GUN, GOOD DAMASCUS PATTERN, GRAY RECEIVER, FAIR BORES, TIGHT ACTION, EXC.

For those instances, Hi Point offers a value-priced—no, a low-priced–line of American-made handguns that prove time and again that—almost no matter what–they can be counted on to work when you need them. Searching for your Local Dealer Results. & Y. and Amoskeag), Remington 1858 New Model, .36 Navy and .44 Army, Colt Walker, 1st Model Dragoon & Whitneyville Hartford, Colt Baby Dragoon, Wells Fargo and Pocket Revolvers, M1859,1863 & 1874 Sharps Rifles and Carbines, Bags, Boxes, Lock Covers & Powder Storage.

The cake depicts a bride in a gown dragging a man in camo dress off to his fate above a crest that reads “The hunt is over.”. document.write(theDate.getFullYear()) Auction Site by One Dog Media, Copyright & Disclaimer © 1996-

Dixie Gun Works PITTED BORES. Engraved hammers. Ever wanted one of those groovy scatterguns with the abbreviated barrels, just big enough to fit in a shoebox? The locks are case hardened and the stock is made of walnut. The line between civilization and chaos is blurring, and legally armed citizens of all races are taking up arms to defend themselves. His messianic influence over his mostly female followers drove them to commit some of the most egregious crimes.

B grade, restocked poorly.

24” in length with a 2 ¼” drop and 14 ½” trigger pull. I did some research and that's how the troops did it so the other cap didn't fall off. Nipple is ¼ X 28 (our stock number NP1365 – steel).

A great little gun. Our Price: $1,050.00 Compare. Information Line:   1-731-885-0700, Product prices and availability subject to change without notice.

", SCROLL WITH GAME SCENS, 28" BBLS, 2 1/2, CHOKED MOD/MOD, STANDARD GA... BAKER BATAVIA LEADER 12GA 28” F/M, 80% BARRELS WITH A COUPLE OF DINGS IN THE RIGHT BARREL, 70% CASE COLORS, RECEIVER HAS SOME FROSTING ON THE RIGHT SIDE, SOLID WOOD SHOWING ITS USE... BAKER SHOTGUN BUTTPLATE With Logo Knight In Oval Approximately 5 1/8" X 1 1/2" The Finest Quality Reproduction Urethane ButtPlates. Of typical English school this side by side shotgun with 285 mm (111/4”) barrels and a single trigger, reproduces a gun made in the 1850 by Ezekiel Baker, a gunsmith in London, maker of the famous ordnance rifle in the 1800. The shotgun is quite unique and really captivating. The shotgun is quite peculiar and really captivating.

Please try a new zip code and search again. Accessories include a .360 wood ramrod w/brass tip – threaded 10 X 32 and brass button. There are circumstances, often financial sometimes environmental, when having an expensive gun isn’t possible, or may not be the best choice. Quickview. Overall length is 27 ½” and weighs 5 ¾ pounds. Quickview. Original set of barrels has a rib issue. Smoothbore - .625 bore diameter. The barrel is a 20 gauge. Tapered round – 1.020 at breech to .830 at muzzle.

Of typical Recommended load is 60 grains of FFg with 1 oz shot. PR3455 PEDERSOLI 3 BAND ENFIELD RIFLE PEDERSOLI. barrel and a single trigger, reproduces a gun made in the 1850 by Ezekiel L.C. Well, instead of going the $5 AOW tax stamp route, there is always the old-school avenue that is the Baker Cavalry Shotgun. Blued 11 ¼” in length. , Dixie Gun Works. Smith Maker of Baker Guns, B grade 10 ga with extra set of barrels. Always draws a crowd at the club.". Pedersoli recreated the Baker Cavalry Side-by-Side 20-ga. Black-Powder Shotgun to replicate those early shotguns carried by enlistees.

Single trigger. Our Price: $1,225.00 Compare.

Ste., 1-D, Santa Ana, CA 92705 | 800-430-1310 | 949-261-6611 | Fax 949-756-0133. Ignition is percussion - #11 size cap. 1412 West Reelfoot Avenue Single trigger fires the left barrel first but it has a tendency to fire both barrels at once so be ready!

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For privacy reasons, do not use your full name or email address for nickname. Sorry, there are no results in your area. REPLACEMENT WOOD, SN. Patch a .58 round ball And you have a \"Slug\"". var theDate=new Date() This Baker Batavia Leader side by side 12 gauge shotgun sports 2 9/16 inch, 30 inch barrels, with extractors. Our Price: $1,150.00 Compare. Stock is a three-quarter, walnut with satin finish. Manufactured by Pedersoli/Italy. The locks are case hardened. Please wait a few moments... BAKER GUN CO, SYRACUSE NY, SIDELOCK PARAGON MODEL 16GA S/S SHOTGUN, 1925 MFG DATE, "ONLY A SPECIAL ORDER MFG.

1738, ANTIQUE. 24” in length with a 2 ¼” drop and 14 ½” trigger pull. lc smith maker of the baker gun 12ga 30" damascus hammer gun, good damascus pattern, gray receiver, fair bores, tight action, exc. Union City, TN 38261, Outside of the U.S.:   1-731-885-0700 Front sight is a brass bead. PS3445 PEDERSOLI BAKER CAVALRY SHOTGUN Stock is a three-quarter, walnut with satin finish. REPLACEMENT WOOD, SN.


Show Only Non-Guns. Enter Your Email to Receive Exclusive Discounts and Promotions, No products have been assigned to this category.Back, EMF Company, Inc. 1900 East Warner Ave. Novel, unique, and oddly effective within its admittedly narrow applications, the American 180 is an artifact of the golden age of gun design. Show Only Guns English school this side-by-side 20 gauge shotgun with a 11 1/4" PR3460 PEDERSOLI 2 BAND ENFIELD RIFLE PEDERSOLI. Show Only with Pictures

Both right and left barrels … Shoots buckshot (I use #4) as well as smaller shot.


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