ball python breathing noises
His tank temps are 94 and 75 on the cold end.

It’s common for a ball python to change the way it breathes in response to external stimuli. Calm ball pythons move about slowly but purposefully.

I wish more keepers were like you. I did some reading and it sounds like it may be an URI. cool temperatures; incorrect humidity ; poor hygiene; Treatment. I was able to handle him during the day and night without any issues. I have worked directly with a variety of species since 2014, and ReptiFiles is where I share my research with you. Otherwise, if she’s no longer making the sounds and has resumed eating and behaving normally, she’s probably fine. What sets us apart from the rest? But, as always, if you’re concerned, reach out to your vet. (Picture a fat person’s extra skin) sorry best way I can describe it. One of the most common causes of respiratory infections in ball pythons is cold temperatures. Most nocturnal snakes are the same way. My question: is there a time frame for this? ReptiFiles is not a veterinary website, nor is the author Mariah Healey a veterinarian. I am a first time snake owner and I’ve had my snake for almost a year as well. Almost every single one was suffering from more than one health problem. If your husbandry is good and cage is cluttered with hides, it could be just normally active. -lives in a glass terrarium I have done a lot of research before, and still am doing a lot.

If your ball python is striking glass, then it is being defensive. She may just be trying to get a better grip on your hand, or it may be just a byproduct of the way she’s crawling around. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ensure your basking and ambient temps are correct (between 88° and 94° degrees Fahrenheit (31° – 34° C) for basking and 78° to 80° degrees Fahrenheit (25° – 27° C) for ambient temps). I’d recommend heading over to the vet just to be on the safe side. They are about 3 1/2 feet long and have plenty of room to sprawl out if they want.

Some behaviors though lately have me questioning if everything we are doing is OK.

Is she just comfortable in the hide? To answer your questions: 1) I would recommend separating them. It could be a neurological problem (does your snake have the spider gene? Unless your ball python has secretions from mouth or nose, difficulty breathing, is listless, making popping/wheezing noises, then it should be fine. If your male is a normal-looking animal, you’d have to breed him to a snake that has a co-dominant or incomplete dominant trait to produce morphs in the first generation. That’s because there are many different bacteria and viruses that cause respiratory infections. After soaking him, you can likely pull the retained skin off with gentle pressure. You might hear the following sounds: Snakes dislike being disturbed after they’ve eaten because they’re digesting food. Thank you so much! You would need to take it out the cage and hold it with confidence. dewormer, antiprotozoals, or antibiotics. I can only remember caring for one snake out of thousands that had a legitimate eye infection – and that was a water snake, not a ball python. Stress affects the breathing of a snake, just as it does humans.

Your ball python must be alert and relaxed, and lack of tongue flicking can also indicate stress. it’s too hot or the, You’re handling your ball python too frequently, The enclosure is too big, which makes the snake feel insecure, Its nose will get blocked up with mucus and might get runny, You might see some mucus running from the corner of the mouth, The snake will be breathing heavily because its nose is blocked, Anorexia, i.e. work to address those issues, so your ball python doesn’t develop another I’ve noticed he holds his head up slightly for about a minute or so at least once or twice a day. rattling/clicking/whistling noise when breathing; Cause. Snakes certainly need habitats that allow them to stretch out, explore, thermoregulate and obtain exercise, but this is a long-term concern. They’ll often do this by tensing their muscles, becoming more rigid, hissing or acting “jumpy.” If you note these signs, return your pet to his enclosure and leave him alone. You can go to any vet who’s willing to treat your snake, but you’ll likely have much better luck by going to one that specializes in reptiles.

However, it is important to note that ball python bites are rarely very painful, nor are they likely to cause much damage. Your ball pythons probably won’t soak in their water dish very much, and they won’t drink as often as a dog or cat – they’ll likely just drink all of the water they need in the middle of the night a couple of times a week. Just head over to the vet and start trying to narrow down potential problems. On behalf of your snakes, I want to thank you for trying so hard to give them a high quality of life. which can lead to serious illness or even death if left untreated. Death from mites is rare, but it is possible. Hey, had a question regarding retained eye caps. to the vet and treated it with vet-prescribed antibiotics to eliminate the RI, Should we put anything else in the tank with them?

Some snakes will start making slight wheezing noises before and during the shedding process, while others may develop wheezing if they shed incompletely around the nose and mouth area.

Neither of these issues is terribly difficult for your vet to treat – he or she can likely remove a retained scale or help you rehydrate your pet. I did check to make sure he ate the mouse, and it was not just rotting in the cage.

You should be able to feel your snake’s ribs, but they should not be visible in most cases. I’ve never heard of a snake’s eye caps (spectacles) becoming “fused.” You are correct that you shouldn’t try to remove retained eye caps, but I’d recommend re-examining your husbandry practices if your snake is experiencing chronic shedding problems. Other signs of parasitic infestations include loss of appetite, diarrhea, and weight loss. It’s really bumming me out that he’s not calm at all times anymore like he was for so long… did being constipated mess up his mood? Some Please remember, that your ball python naturally gets active at night, so it might be normal. RI affects a snake’s throat, lungs, and nose (respiratory system), often causing symptoms like runny nose, mucus blocking the nose, mucus around the mouth, heavy breathing, wheezing, refusal to eat, and lack of energy. It’d probably be a good idea to have your vet check your snake out. want to figure out what may have caused the RI in the first place, and then Hello Ben! There’s times hes even fallen asleep in that position. Alright, I’ll see if he gets over it on his own and if not, get the injection on the weekend. It’s hard to tell from afar, but it sounds like he’s just exhibiting the typical issues that are common in spider ball pythons. She still acts scared when I take her out so I try to leave her alone most of the time. However, if your ball python is looking up and having difficulty controlling its muscle movement (disorientation, seizures, twisting around, laying on side or back) then it could be ‘stargazing’. If your ball python is looking up with muscle control and without tipping over or losing balance, it is normal.


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