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Via AllHeart nursing-uniforms website/for PhillyVoice, Image via AllHearts nursing-uniform website/for PhillyVoice, Pro Wear Plus: Designer Medical Uniforms Facebook photo/for PhillyVoice, Via Angielyns Collections website/for PhillyVoice, Image via WonderWink nursing-uniform website/for PhillyVoice, Courtesy of Cherokee Workwear/for PhillyVoice, Courtesy of Strategic Partners Inc./for PhillyVoice, Courtesy of Cooper University Hospital/for PhillyVoice, Courtesy of Strategic Partners, Inc./for PhillyVoice. Just like our tip about blue scrubs, if you are already using green scrubs, consider switching to a new shade of green. ahealthierphilly is sponsored by Independence Blue Cross, the leading health insurance organization I have a hospital that has a lovely, deep, forest-green scrub that I think are nice.

Yeah, yeah, that's all about white pants, but pastels do work better when the temperature goes higher. Lighter shades like pink can uplift patients’ spirits, especially with younger female children. Khaki (8). Ultimately, the best scrub colors are the ones that everyone can agree on and feel good about.

You might be surprised at what’s the most popular. A nurse anesthetist at a hospital in the University City area immediately selected burgundy as her least favorite color of scrubs. Red (9th most popular by sales … Choosing the right medical scrubs colors for your hospital provides you with many different options. Single-colored scrubs are also usually less expensive than patterned scrubs, and darker colors are always easier to keep clean. Einstein care associates/nursing assistants. Shocking (or Regular) Pink. “There are just so many other good colors.” Sometimes, fashion sense doesn’t translate well in the spoken word.

advice, diagnosis, and treatment that patients receive from their physicians or health care providers Some Asian cultures, however, associate the color white with illness and death. Patients find the color appealing, as well, because it is something different than the green and blue scrubs they normally see.

Hahnemann monitor techs.

Although white has been a traditional favorite for nurses’ scrubs, many health care professionals choose to skip this color coded scrubs in hospitals entirely.

Neutral colors are good. EKG - Maroon scrubs (solid) 5. If we could get 800 pounds from just one facility, with 21 facilities minimum doing this, we can get thousands of pounds of scrubs,” she said. That got Bode to thinking. Worn by: Cooper doctors.

I’m just glad that the administrative team is helping push it forward.”. We’re always interested in your opinion!

Black works with every skin tone, doesn’t show dirt, and imparts a look of professionalism. ahealthierphilly and its health-related information resources are not a substitute for the medical

Caveat: If they’re worn in an awareness campaign, red scrubs are just fine. You can find scrubs shirts that are tailored to your figure and scrubs pants that are fitted in the leg. There can be hard feelings when nurses feel they can no longer express their personality by wearing cartoon prints or changing colors every other day. Burgundy scrubs for nurses. Red is a popular color for scrubs in some hospitals, but experts say that color-coded scrubs in hospitals should steer clear. Specifically, it’s about ranking scrubs hues by how pleasing they are to the eye. Also, more authoritative than the previous blue-hue entry. They want to stand out and be able to rotate the colors of their scrubs.

Locally worn by: Cooper anesthesia.

It’s just a work uniform, but we spend so much time wearing scrubs that they have to be attractive and easy to wear.

. Always consult your We’re talking about scrubs, those comfortable garments made of various fabrics including polyester and cotton.

health condition.

Looks like vomit. Worn by nurses at Hahnemann, Cooper, Chestnut Hill,  nurses (royal) and respiratory staff (royal). health care advice or service in the state where you live.

Great scrubs are a lot like great workout clothes.

Ballad Health . Overall, red might not be the best color choice because it’s so closely associated with emergencies. For the pop culture-minded folks, they’ll be on display on the Fox series “Scream Queens” this season, as well. Turquoise (16)/Teal (10)/Caribbean and Light Blue.

These are don't-worry-be-happy garments worn in places of anxiety and fear. Yet, white shows every little splatter of blood and other bodily fluids quite easily. Purple scrubs near the intersection of 8th and Walnut Streets. It is very important that visitors and patients be able to easily identify nurses, aides, housekeeping, and doctors. In the end, there are no right or wrong colors. Chestnut Hill radiology staff (pewter).

White (5).

Green is great at covering up bodily fluids, looks good on a variety of skin tones, and is seen as a professional color for healthcare workers. Black can be slimming and is a popular and trendy color in the fashion industry.

For more information on color-coded uniform programs, visit If you are going to stick with blue, consider a new shade. Green is associated with peacefulness and tranquility.

Green encourages growth and is a calming, relaxing hue. It is also appropriate in hospital settings in labs, pharmacies, or administrative areas. White: Traditional Favorite for Nurses, 5. In fact, notes Conners, navy blue scrubs remain the most popular shade amongst Cooper nurses.

Standardized uniform colors for different disciplines has been proven to improve patient safety. Locally worn by: Cooper OR staff.

Cardiac Cath Lab - Light Blue scrubs (solid) 2. Dark blue scrubs on Walnut Street near Jefferson Hospital. The idea is to bring the same approach into the health care setting,” says Amanda Hutton, program manager for SuiteStyles, a popular color-by-discipline medical uniform program developed by health care manufacturer Medline Industries, Inc. “Patients want to know who’s in charge of their care. But good on the eyes and likely empowering to wear. You can choose any colors as part of your dress code, such as: Light blue or light green scrubs for doctors.

Secondary menu. PHOTO BY DAVE ONGIE. “Too much brown clothing makes a person look boring and stuffy.” Oh snap.

They need to be durable, comfortable, and fashionable. While colors do help distinguish different roles, you need to also consider the implied meaning behind various colors from your employees’ and patients’ perspectives.

The logistics involved in combining two hospital systems are certainly complicated, but Kristi Bode saw a golden opportunity in the minutia of the merger. Colors Do's Don'ts Yellow Pair your yellow scrubs with bright yellow scrub tops for a fresher look.

Teal scrubs on Walnut Street near Jefferson Hospital. You might be surprised to learn that patients place a high value on how healthcare … Military and inmate hues are too stressful for a healing environment. It’s soothing. Says one local nurse: “Ciel blue and peridot green color: Those are like modern classic in the hospital scrub world. Red scrubs are perfect for hospital administration, laboratory, and pharmacy employees. These are a little darker than those under the TTCLB umbrella that ranked No. and related information that leads to a more informed, healthier life. Contact Us About National Account Management.

They’re my favorite.” She is not alone.


Can’t get much better than that. Orange is a popular scrub color with younger millennials. 12. Drop us a line and let us know your tips and tricks for looking great at work from our medical section.

They are often seasonally inappropriate and definitely impractical for someone dealing with human beings.

Too much of a central-casting vibe for my tastes, but hey, some people like it, and I get that. Always seek the advice of your physician or other licensed health care provider. We provide our customers with the best possible products and service at a fair price, today and into the future.

As such, it can be beneficial to get feedback from your employees about what colors they like. Green is another color that is popular with surgeons. “It’s so simple to do. Ballad employee kicks off ‘Save Your Scrubs’ drive, Living History: Dr. Dan Schumaier restores, preserves the past, Science Hill’s Doyle finds her stride after spinal surgery, One Giant Leap: Gruhler recalls 30-year career at Kennedy Space Center. I hate the color khaki, army green or any shade that resembles what gets secreted or excreted from the body!”, My roommates are picking cute outfits out for tomorrow and I'm over here with my khaki and red scrubs so over the nursing school uniform. 2.

On August 1, everybody across the Ballad system will be required to wear scrubs that are color-coded according to their occupation.

Many hospitals are switching to purple scrubs because they are very trendy right now.

Donate Now; Pay My Bill; Careers; Doctors & Team Members; Contact Us; Search form. You’re in the hospital, hopefully not a war zone or prison. Locally worn by: Cooper unit secretaries. Drop us a line and let us know your tips and tricks for looking great at work from our, Different Types of Scrub Colors for Hospitals, 1. Check here for the latest information, visitor restrictions & FAQs. These are good qualities for workplace attire, but especially when your profession requires an air of authority. At the time, she was on a committee that donated used medical equipment to Global Links, an organization based in Pittsburgh that provides international medical aid to those in need.


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