bartlett lake camping closed
The bathrooms get dirty quick because everyone is wet from the water. Sneeze or cough into a tissue, or the inside of your elbow. The surroundings are nature at its finest with a backwoods kinda feel, it was beautiful but it was a little to outta my comfort zone for me. The restaurant didn't look that good to be honest. Took my dog for the day and enjoyed a few hours of sun hiking and swimming. Since living on stage pass coach the mountains are my friends but I did the water... Pros: Bartlett lake trail is incredibly scenic with many spectacular views. Beautiful scenery. Future updates and changes will be posted on this page. . Yellow Cliffs Campground Bartlett Lake – Tonto National Forest. Having a choice of 2 so close by is a luxury! She got out of her harness and so many kind people helped me find her. Take Cave Creek Road 7 miles turn right on Bartlett Dam Road and turn left on FR 459. I want to thank all the people that helped find my dog. Keep it as you walk, bike or hike. The drive out to the lake is absolutely beautiful and never gets old. Bees bees bees ..  ahhhhh bees. Hey this is a nice Place. Nature Center hours: 8 am to 4 pm daily. Wash your hands, especially after touching any frequently used item or surface. Read more... Justin is an IT Professional, focused on cloud, mobile, and infrastructure management and security with his consulting business, as well as chief bottle washer for this website. Observe at all times CDC’s minimum recommended physical-distancing of six feet from other people.

Last week my son and his girlfriend broke down and a fellow boater towed them in. Pros: Bartlett lake trail is incredibly scenic with many spectacular views. (It took about 4 hours to hike the whole thing and I would say is moderately challenging.). We usually start at Rattlesnake Cove, appropriately named as there are rattlesnakes spotted on the trail there, then drive thru the park to take in the scenery down by the camping areas.

Please include the exact change as our team will no longer have cash in the entry stations. Gorgeous views. We started off at Rattlesnake Cove, where they have restrooms and ramadas near parking lot. Be prepared to have 15+ of them swarming any open food and crawling on you. After we left Rattlesnake Cove we went to Bartlett Flats. Tonto Passes are required for each vehicle and watercraft. , where they have restrooms and ramadas near parking lot.


It is right off the freeway. Literally it's in the back of my yard. Overall a cool place to chill out during the summer with the fam. Water levels are low and require about a two (2) mile hike down from the parking lot along the riverbed to reach the lake. It was the first time my husband and I went to Bartlett Lake. Bring water or drinks — public drinking fountains may be disabled and should not be used, even if operable. Yellow Cliffs Campground does not have a designated number of campsites and the amount of space available for camping will vary with the level of the lake. There are a number of non-motorized areas like Rattlesnake cove. Cash payments are strongly discouraged but may be made via envelope. This place is amazing. This could result in a citation. The water was cool enough to beat the 100 degree AZ temp. Information is very fluid right now and, at times, only being released on social media accounts so please don't discount these resources. When you pass over the final hill, the view of the long body of water is just spectacular. Not packed by people like other lakes, I like it alone. So we decided to take a little trip...WOW!!!!!

Beautiful to see but plan on packing a lunch. The lake is a great spot to swim in the summer & hike during cooler months. Don't forget the wine!!! Be aware of the water buoys and follow all posted directions. The drive out to the lake is absolutely beautiful and never gets old.

The best campsites at Yellow Cliffs Campground tend to be right against the lake shore, but they can be hard to get unless you arrive early on peak weekends to claim your campsite. 26 reviews of Bartlett Lake "We went to Rattlesnake Cove at Bartlett Lake. Located on the Verde River, Bartlett Lake, like most lakes in Arizona is a man-made reservoir. SYSTEMWIDE Upper parking lot access only for remainder of season. 5/22/2018Jacque, thanks for the review.

This was our first visit to Rattlesnake cove and the views there are beautiful. We didn't eat while we were there because of it and tried to avoid being near people with open food but it didn't matter they still crawl all over you on the beach or in the water. We had so much fun swimming. I always forget about it and then when I go ,I say, wow I always forget about this place. At last our final venture was to Horseshoe Lake. Leave no trash, take everything out to protect park workers. [NEW] Get there early because they do fill up. I got stung and so did a cousin.

Camping spots are close together gets very busy during the summer lots of boat traffic. Other than that the water smelly but what lake isn't. Literally it's in the back of my yard. I started NextCampsite after moving to California and being frustrated at the lack of information on the Internet about campsites in the area. We paid $12 for a day pass at one of the meters located in a side parking lot before you arrive. Great places for picnicking and BBQ. Bartlett Lake – SB Cove Recreation Area – Tonto National Forest, None – Ground fires are allowed with a rock or. Reservations may be made during business hours by calling (602) 506-2930 ext.

If paying by cash, please place exact change in iron ranger envelope. Maricopa County's regional park system contains. Options for night fishing after 8:00 p.m.: If using Boat-in/Angler camping or Pleasant Marina, the following applies: Anglers may night fish on the lake as long as watercraft remains in open water. Please include the exact change as our team will no longer have cash in the entry stations. Signal your presence with your voice, bell or horn. I really enjoyed it.

CASTLE CREEK/4-LANE BOAT RAMP: Ramp is all that will be open. It is a truly versatile area that I look forward to enjoying frequently. We didn't know where to start our hiking (looking for a trail) so we asked the bait shop and they had no idea. Boat-in campers may leave the park between the hours of 8 pm and 5 am, but will not be able to return/arrive during that time.

You can rent a boat or jet ski at the marina, go swimming, hiking, or even, Took my dog for the day and enjoyed a few hours of sun hiking and. The road from Care Free is full of loose gravel and tar snakes so if you are on a motorcycle be cautious. It was not too crowded on a Sunday mid morning. Open for day-use access only (when water levels are adequate). While the reservoir stores water for the Greater Phoenix area it also provides some great camping and recreation opportunities. See all photos from Jacque C. for Bartlett Lake. Bartlett Lake is the less regulated, more beautiful Lake Pleasant. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Passes can be purchased in advance online or at retail outlets. LAKE PLEASANT REGIONAL PARK . Bury human waste 6-8 inches and at least 200 feet away from camp, trails, water sources, and dry drainages. PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Bartlett Lake is an oasis in the desert that can easily be accessed via a short drive from the Phoenix area. You may have to register before you … Parks will accept payments via credit/debit cards and annual passes at entry stations only. The following trailheads are accessible at this time: Agua Fria, Beardsley, Brown, Cottonwood Day-Use Area, Frog Tanks, Pipeline Canyon Day-Use Area, Roadrunner, Wild Burro Day-Use Area, and Wild Burro Trailheads. Warn other trail users of your presence and as you pass to allow proper distance and step off trails to allow others to pass, keeping minimum recommended distances at all times. Just to clean it up a little.That was just one area as well.It cost a little to get in. Additional information can be found on the Boat-In Camping page. A beautiful area and lake that have many activities to offer! There was plenty of space and never over crowded, it had a steady pace of people coming and going. Glass containers prohibited. [NEW], Park hours: 6 am to 8 pm - Sunday through Saturday. CONCRETE SPILLWAY. Note that trail and park users may find public restrooms closed — be prepared before you leave and time outings so that you are not dependent on public restrooms. In the future, if I were to come back I would  only do half of the trail. At the same time, the lower lake levels provide a larger area for campsites and more space between you and other campers. So stay with in the area that is meant for swimming. We will def be back! So if you go to Yellow Cliffs Campground, do your part and keep it clean, in fact, you should leave it cleaner than when you got there. Effective October 19, the northern entrance hours will change to 6 am to 4 pm on Fri/Sat/Sun. We chose to take the main road all the way to the end (it's called the flats) and drove along a rough, 4x4 road til we found a vacant spot next to the lakeside.Once we settled in, we unpacked our tent and opened a few beers while relaxing in the cloudy water of Bartlett Lake. This is it! This site is 24 miles east of Carefree. To learn more. There are a number of specific recommendations for advising the public to keep safe physical-distancing when in parks or on trails, Information provided by the National Parks and Recreation Association. I am sad I did not find this place sooner!

A nice hidden gem in Scottsdale.

We had a great time and will definitely come back.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Future programs will be based on guidance and directives issued by the State of Arizona Governor and Maricopa County Leadership.

All park visitors, excluding those with camping reservations, must exit the park by this time.

Avoid social gatherings in groups of more than ten (10) people. Visitor Center hours: 8 am to 5 pm daily. I have been to other lakes in AZ but the feel is just different. It’s even more important than usual to pack out your own trash to protect any park employees and the natural resources. I feel so safe out there with my kids. [NEW] MAIN ENTRANCE . (Honestly not sure if getting this pass is necessary, we did not see any patrol or workers but do so at your own risk) If you are not planning on being in the water the whole time- BRING A CANOPY TENT. Disinfect frequently used items and surfaces as much as possible. No services. We drove to Bartlett Lake and just hiked around the water for a bit. Very fun lake for the family. The 14-mile drive from the turnoff to the lake is magical - saguaros line the curvy road while plump roadrunners and quail scurry across the sand. Parked right by the dock to the left and there were so many bees.

However, this easy access leads to heavy use during the early summer and fall and as such the campgrounds, including Yellow Cliffs Campground, can get littered with trash and debris, despite the Forest Service’s best efforts to keep it clean. Access will only be permitted for hikers or watercraft launchers. Practice it and know what it looks like. If we were to go again, we definitely would have brought a boat or rented one at the marina. BOAT-IN CAMPING ONLY: Additional information can be found on the Boat-In Camping page. While the reservoir stores water for the Greater Phoenix area it also provides some great camping and recreation opportunities. A fair portion of the west side of the reservoir is devoted to camping and picnicking. Spring, Early Summer, Fall – Summer temperatures at Yellow Cliffs Campground will exceed 100 degrees daily.


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