berkshire pigs for sale in pa
They are a joy to be around, they will even help you clear your patch of garden for next year. We sell by the half or whole hog. Are kept on organic pasture and in an uncaged barn. Click here to check it out!

The deadline to reserve a half hog for this round is.

It is typically a pink-hued, heavily marbled meat that dresses white. We are very excited about the young boar we bought from them to produce our spring 2016 pig crop from. While we selected our "Gusto" boar primarily as a "terminal" sire to add additional growth and meat yield while continuing the strong meat quality base in our animals, the first retained daughter out of our favorite Brummer sow line proved to be such a good sow that we decided to try some line breeding back to the Parlett line to fix some of that boar's traits in our herd to use as an "in-house"outcross on our Brummer line pigs.

we have added additional bloodlines to our herd since then, we continue to keep our core group of foundation sows line-bred back to the genetic foundation we started with from Ed's herd. Butchering costs paid by purchaser, I have a custom butcher that I use in auburn. Contact Us. Since at this point, all of our cash flow from our swine breeding efforts came in the form of meat sold in packages, we were interested in trying to pack as much high quality pork onto our 225 lb carcasses as possible; and -- even more importantly -- try to get them to market weight in as little time as possible. We  appreciate the Gusto line pigs for their ability to do just about everything that we've asked of them, if not a little bit more.

Much like you, we are passionate about the American small farm and want to help anyone who is interested in learning about, or starting their own Hobby Farm. If you are seeking premium Berkshire Kurobuta pork, contact us and we will custom feed a pig for you. The meat from this breed is very high quality and is valued all around the world by restaurants and consumers alike. Click Here to read some helpful FAQs about your hog share. On each page you'll find the complete contact information for each breeder including; website links, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. Berkshire Feeder Pigs. We settled on Berkshires for a host of reasons.

Having trouble deciding?

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- Veronica, Don't wait to sign up!

Here is a helpful article about pork cuts, including what part of the pig they come from, and how to cook them! Jonas Schwartz of Pleasant Valley Swine's hogs: Are kept on organic pasture and in an uncaged barn. The kind of human intelligence infrastructure built around the Berk breed contrasted significantly with what we found in the trendy world of the "true" heritage breeds -- which was mostly unsupported enthusiasm around assumed production advantages of swine "selected" for meat quality and productivity in outdoor growing conditions. 5 Berkshire pig growers for sale. This page was created using the Small Farm Central web development service. Contact if you are interested in a half hog share! After several years of production from our original sows and boar from Ed, we purchased another boar from him sired by a Conover bred boar, AJC1 Lion Cub 11-1 and out of the same Brummer sow line that had worked best from us in our initial foundation lines. Berkshire pigs - $1 (Hardy) (19) Purebred Berkshire hogs for sale that were just farrowed. The lack of genetic problems and expression of in-breeding depression even under the intense line-breeding we've put this line through affirms the genetic value that this line offers to serious Berk breeders interested not just in generating very good growth, reproduction, and meat quality traits in their pigs; but doing so with prepotent individuals intensively selected through multiple generations of increasing genetic homogeneity for those desirable traits. The ham and bacon can be uncured upon request. While the same buzz words were repeated with remarkable consistency across all the breeds we considered, few of the breeders  had been breeding hogs for more than a decade. *   Also check out what other Penn's Corner customers have to say about their experience ordering a hog: "We just finished our last one and these Hilltop Farm hogs are the best pork we have had!"

. We look forward to hearing from you! Delivery to them is included in the price. KDKA did a news feature on these Hilltop Farm hogs and Penn's Corner!

In the 1800's, Japanese diplomats were gifted with Berkshire pigs, and "Kurobuta" (translated "Black Pig") is still the premium pork of Japan! There is a high demand overseas for this breed of pig, especially in Japan where it is marketed as Black Pork and sold at a premium price. Because we are a small operation, we generally only feed out those pigs for which we have buyers in advance, so contact us to reserve your pork. Contact Us. Order half of a Berkshire hog through Penn's Corner!

While the profit margin of our pig enterprise will continue to be driven in coming years largely from producing and marking high quality pork from a low-input, pasture based production system directly to discerning consumers; we are increasingly confident that the genetics in our herd represent a good investment for other breeders interested in carefully developed Berk bloodlines designed to contribute to the genetic value of their breeding programs as well.

He is a sound, docile, extremely virile young boar that should produce a lot of high quality meat and exceptional sows too. If you are paying by check you can mail it to Penn's Corner Farm Alliance at 150 54th Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Sign up now to take advantage of this off. We kept several daughters out of the cross of this boar on our best two foundation sows to continue to fix the consistency and quality of our foundation sow lines. PIGS FOR SALE. They have been  recognized for exceptional meat quality since the days of Oliver Cromwell, and have backed up that reputation over the past century here and in the UK, as well as in Japan, with its relentless focus on measuring meat quality attributes within the registered population. Although this means different things to different people, and can be a misleading marketing ploy, here's what it means to us: Our pigs live in the pasture 100% of the time. You can expect to receive about 75% of the hanging weight. Treated humanely by all who handle them, and bred onsite for genetic traits that amplify the quality of the pork and the welfare of the animal, one ham (about 15-20 lbs but can be cut in half or quartered upon request, cured and smoked) *can be uncured upon request, 8-10 lbs of bacon (cured and smoked in 1 lb packages) *can be uncured upon request, two loin roasts (about 3-4 lbs each) and chops, 1 shoulder (split into two roasts and steaks), 5-10 lbs of sausage or ground pork (in 1 lb packages), Sausage is available in bulk 1# packages, or customers can request cased rope sausage or breakfast sausage in a variety of seasonings. Kept on organic pasture and in an uncaged barn. Although not "hyped" as a heritage breed, Berkshires are one of the oldest recorded pig breeds. The other advantage to Berks is that they are supported both by a mature and efficient breed association, as well as a robust population of inter-generational family owned breeding programs at both the state and national levels. The total cost can vary depending on the type of cuts you request. You've found the “Pennsylvania Berkshire Pig Breeders” page here at Hobby Farm Wisdom!

This allows us to cover our entire sow herd with one boar over the winter to produce highly productive feeder pigs in late winter/early spring to either sell as project pigs or finish on pasture for our customers.

Now through October 21st when you enter the code SWEETTREAT on the checkout page you will receive 5% off your CSA! $100 . A $200 deposit will be required upon placing your order, and the rest can be paid in full upon pickup.

The hams were truly the tastiest EVER!"

I even rendered the lard and used it for cooking. Since Ed has consistently also selected for calm, productive momma pigs in a combination of pasture and low-cost old style barn farrowing pens, we also felt that his sows were likely to help us ease into the learning curve we'd face in raising our own pigs "from scratch.". Today, Berkshire pigs are smaller than their ancestors and are solid black with prick ears, white socks and white tip to tail. We are now into our third generation of very tightly line bred individuals with the Parlett boar or his sons on the sire line, and retained two intact boars from this "Triple Gusto" mating to use as future sires for our spring farrowing. While we didn't retain a lot of daughters from any of the sows from these blood lines, we did retain one daughter out of the boar crossed on our favorite original Gusto daughter (Gracie 5-1) largely because she was probably one of the typiest Berk sows I've ever seen. So in the end, while  we acknowledge there are very likely useful hog genetics that would work well on our farm in any breed -- heritage or conventional -- the Berks just felt like the best fit all around; both because we really liked the pigs.


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