best mag pouches for plate carrier
While those engaged in my industry would normally not need to carry more than one weapon, it has to be assumed that during some situations, two weapons have to be carried. This allows the user to not only take out ammunition quickly in emergency situations, but also to put back spent mags without taking the eye off the gun sights. A plate carrier functions by slowing down a round and pushing it to mushroom out and this prevents the round from piercing the vest. A simple medical pouch that can hold first aid kits, tourniquets and so on is a vital necessity. The unit comes with a cross back design that provides much needed comfort through adequate padding on the top of the straps.

Thankfully, the unit has lived up to the reputation of the average Modern Warrior combat-ready plate carrier amiably and even after three years, I still use the same unit. Of course, nothing is an unmixed blessing and so while discussing the positives, I shall also have to highlight the negatives.,,, Such padding is available for both shoulders, which allows this product to be truly ambidextrous since users firing the gun from either hand can count on the padding to provide them with adequate amounts of support. "It was a poor decision to participate in society today." Further, the pouches are easy to open courtesy of the kangaroo-style opening flaps. Suck it blankskins, your pink flesh is an invite to hot burning metal rape - RustedAce. Any use of this content without express written consent is prohibited. Gcode softshell scorpions.

everyone will say Esstac, but I've had condor (yes fuck china) pouches on mine for years and they haven't failed yet. This Molle Fighting Load Carrie unit proved to be a best plate carrier candidate for me because many of my friends assured me that the unit could be fully customized. Not only did it provide me with sufficient flexibility, but had enough ammunition pouches and though I didn’t really need it, a D-ring as well. The current day situation of the world we live in demands officers wear the right vest to shield them from potentially fatal gunshots. Further, pockets and side-sections make use of high-quality mesh that is capable of drying quickly after becoming wet. A second problem that may arise involves the positioning of pockets. The pouches are tall enough that they provide enough retention for running/crawling/just about anything besides hanging upside down, Stand your ground. Few of the best plate carrier candidates in the market today come with an attached belt, and this Ultimate Arms unit is one such rarity. I use G-Code Scorpion softshells. That said, I realize that not everyone would admire every feature of the product, and hence I have provided a balanced study of the pros and cons below. Hope you find the Best Plate Carriers after reading our awesome long article. Esstac kywis on one, Spiritus micro on the other. This makes the unit difficult to use for those requiring communication equipment, etc. Dump pouches are by definition miscellaneous pouches in which users only insert items and not remove them in the field of battle. Padding is necessary for users who have to handle heavy weapons. While this would not be an issue for those with heights of less than 6’4”, tall folks might want to consider whether they would be comfortable with the unit a staying too high on their bodies. That said, not every aspect of the unit is equally likeable, and I’ve studied both positives and negatives in a detailed review below –. However, I realize that not everyone looking at a plate carrier is in my industry, and I have therefore analysed a few possible shortcomings of the product as well. With this being the reality, a buyer cannot toy with a plate carrier choice or get too complacent about the matter as you must get the BEST and only the best for the field. Plate carriers are usually built to complement soft armor with a few that can be detached.

or simply kept empty so that spare ammunition and other material can be inserted into them without taking one’s focus away from the target. Having an open top design similar to that of the ammunition pouches, this pouch provides unhindered access to communication devices that may be necessary for both the user and his combat team. These and the perfect size of the pouches allow the ammunition to sit snugly in the pouches, thus reducing the chance of a mag falling out when a flap opens by mistake. These can be used to carry useful supplies like maps, etc. If they have a kangaroo pouch like the Mayflower apc, you might go with the insert. I carried this conviction with me when I obtained an honourable discharge from the army and took up employment as a private security contractor. This Rothco product ensures this by providing a simple zipper closure that can be operated without much difficulty by any right-handed person. I shall include their concerns along with my own appreciative discussion of the features while studying the product in detail below –. One of the major issues that can crop up involves the zipper. For me, that’s a medium. Two years down the line, I continue to perform my roles with ease since the product has not only continued to provide me with the features it initially had, but has proved highly durable as well. Your email address will not be published. However, there are a few points of concern that have popped up from time to time as well. One of the points that I found to be somewhat disconcerting was the absence of a reliable height adjustment mechanism. What are type and brand are you running? As I mentioned in the introduction, my friends have complained that the unit lacks some specific pockets (or provision for attaching them) that may be required for special tasks. While it is not expected of a combatant that he will remove his vest while fighting, the manufacturer nevertheless allows this plate carrier to be removed easily using the swivel button push-release buckles that have been provided at the front and back of the unit. The Level III, which shields against rifle rounds. He called to return it and they told him to keep it.

Thankfully, the mesh used in this product is capable of avoiding such tears and thus manages to provide excellent support to the other parts of the unit as well as comfort to the user. Your email address will not be published. Further, with some dexterity, one type of ammo can be used with another type of pocket, thus improving the applicability of the pockets beyond the ammunition class for which they are meant. Having the best plate carriers, whether you are a freelancing security professional or a weapons enthusiast, a plate carrier is one of the most essential pieces of equipment that you will have to carry into the battlefield. After some amount of searching I decided to try out the popular brand Modern Warrior. However, being small and light also brings its disadvantages.

This allows the user to modify the unit according to his/her specific needs, and thus widens the utility of this plate carrier.

When buying a body armor i.e. While the absence of specialised pockets and D-rings make this best plate carrier competitor a weak choice for those engaged in extremely close range or specialized combat, it is true that the unit’s adaptability via the provision for attachment of different types of pockets and pouches is something that most combat trainees, combatants and military exercise enthusiasts would love. This makes it imperative that one gets the best plate carriers before heading into active duty. is about standard for all chest rigs, and you won’t have a problem of it being too heavy when you fill up the included pouches (unless you load it up with too many additional MOLLE pouches). This base, in turn, is made of only the pockets and the necessary nylon lining needed to keep them in place. I have the S&S Precision kydex kangaroo pouch insert, I’m a fan. MOLLE M4/M16 Magazine Shingle Holds AR-15 30 Round Magazine Nylon on sale for $6.79 in Coyote and ODG. After spending some amount of time in futile research, I decided to go in for a product used by one of my friends in the military. That said, it is still possible to use a set of universal criteria to provide the prospective buyer with a list of best products available in the market. An adjustable mag retention system makes this one of the best magazine holsters around. I really like that I can put .308 mags in them in case I decide to run my LMT/MWS. Ensuring that the product is light, comfortable and water-repellent at the same time, this best plate carrier contender comes with a polyester construction. NRA Life member, Ohio member, Ohio CCW licensee, Infidel ???? One of our guys at work had an ESSTAC belt and some mag pouches disappear in transit during shipping.

Though I used the product for military exercises, the presence of a drag handle meant that it could always be used for actual combat situations where a wounded soldier can be dragged to safety by a compatriot courtesy of the easily accessible drag handle. I’ve got HSGI tacos that I tried but they don’t hold very tight to the carrier.


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