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That’s because nearly all of the law firms that represented Louisiana pension and retirement funds were out-of-state firms “that maintain either no presence or only a very nominal presence in our state,” the brochure says. Look at his Public record in Plaquemines Parish prior to becoming Lt Governor and you would wonder how could he be elected to this state wide position.

As a resident of Plaquemines Parish, I can always tell who the Parish Machine political candidates are when I receive unsolicited emails endorsing candidates like Nungesser, Vitter, Jindal, right on down to candidates for parish council & sheriff. KSF, however, could be subject to a legal ethics charge if it can be shown that principals in the firm knew of Nungesser’s letter and condoned it. “He had very, very little freeboard, maybe six inches, so a wave from a ski boat would almost flood his houseboat,” Bopp said, “so pilots knowing his location was very beneficial to his safety.”. Scott Sylve, perhaps, played the biggest role in keeping Shameless afloat during the trip.

“We got him to where he could float to keep him from sinking,” Roncali said. We’ve paid our dues with groundbreaking stories; now we humbly ask that you contribute with your (voluntary) dues, LouisianaVoice fundraiser continues throughout March, ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council, Technology Commercialization Credit and Jobs Program, Veteran Initiative and Mentor-Protege Tax Credit, I latched on to him and pulled him slowly all the way to Venice.”. Anderson, whose creative path included her own catering business, now owns Pop Up Party Town Tents, which rents imaginative themed play tents for childrens’ parties. LouisianaVoice, P.O. How else to explain that, with there being more than half-a-dozen Louisiana LAW FIRMS and no telling how many attorneys in those firms qualified to represent clients in pension and investment fraud, why Nungesser would solicit clients for a specific law firm to represent them in cases of potential fraud. Billy Nungesser, for example. Have a suggestion for a story?

There was no indication in Nungesser’s campaign expense report that he refunded any of the $10,000.] He worked the crowd, at times meeting new friends from “down the road” in Plaquemines and, at … When the retirement office was contacted by the internal auditor she was told that this check that was made out to them was the most bizarre thing they had ever witnessed. “He said, ‘What’s AIS?’” Ankersen recalled. They included the Louisiana State Employees’ Retirement System (LASERS), Louisiana Sheriffs’ Pension and Relief Fund (LSPRF), New Orleans Employees’ Retirement System (NOERS), Louisiana Municipal Police Employees Retirement System (LAMPERS), the Teachers Retirement System of Louisiana (TRS), and Louisiana School Employees Retirement System (LSERS).

Simply click on the “Donate” button here and contribute whatever you feel appropriate. Even the pale neutral color of the walls was a keeper. It would be fun to ask the Ethics Commission for his grade. The letter, dated March 6 and received by someone identifying himself only as “a representative of a public retirement system,” was forwarded to LouisianaVoice with the recipient’s name and address redacted. Oh I remember he rode to fame in an airboat beating up on BP and the oil spill while allowimg companies working out of his government office to hire boats and collecting campaign contributions. “His little ol’ boat was sinking,” Roncali recalled. “Throughout the whole room.”. For help decorating the house, Lyn called her friend of 50 years, decorator Mary Ferry Bigelow, who also worked on the Andersons’ last house. Because the house had been renovated seven years earlier, the framework was in place. In the third paragraph, Nungesser says, “I would like to discuss the opportunity for your fund to meet with the principals of KSF so that they can explain how your system can benefit (by) retaining a Louisiana-based firm with a national reputation to provide services to your system and help to safeguard your assets.”, Finally, he says, “Please call me at 225-342-7009 if you have any questions about the firm or if you would like any additional information…”. Nungesser’s letter somehow neglected to mention that while he served as Orleans Parish sheriff, Foti was hit by a $10 million fine by a federal court which found that the sheriff’s department under his administration had illegally strip-searched and conducted body-cavity searches on more than sixty thousand minor-offense arrestees. Type in his/her email address in the square below and then click on “Sign me up!”, Got a news lead for LouisianaVoice to investigate?

After six months on the job, Lt. Gov. That’s the one constant in Louisiana politics. “I got to where I looked forward to coming to work every day and taking him to breakfast,” Roncali said. That’s not to say that KSF was inactive in the political arena. I have have said for years that I believe that the parish 911 data base was sold (or just provided) to some group to allow this. There was something there pulling on me to help Mr. Kelly.”. During the party, Phillips received the key to Plaquemines Parish from Parish President Kirk Lepine. Neither was fond of the rustic vanity that already existed in the room, so Bigelow suggested resurfacing it with river rocks, adding a glossy polyurethane finish and dressing it with a metallic skirt. Nathan Ankersen, chief operating officer for the Crescent River Port Pilots’ Association, asked Phillips about his AIS and communications system aboard Shameless. The impetus for the latest move was a bit different. Scully opened MRTIS, usually a subscription-based service, to the public so that anyone could track Shameless en route to Venice. (Photo by Frank McCormack). On November 10, 2015, Burnside Plantation of New Orleans made two contributions to Nungesser, one for the statutory maximum $5,000 and another for $10,000. On November 10, 2015, Burnside Plantation of New Orleans made two contributions to Nungesser, one for the statutory maximum $5,000 and another for $10,000. Other ideas evolved spontaneously during the collaboration. The first paragraph introduces the firm Kahn Swick & Foti (KSF) “whose primary practice involves representing state and local pension and municipal funds in shareholder lawsuits that seen to recover money lost from stock and fraud and other corporate malfeasance.”, It then notes that Charles C. Foti, Jr., “the 28-year sheriff of Orleans Parish and the former Attorney General of Louisiana (2004-2008) is a named partner in this firm.”. Sylve, a captain with Bayou Marine, was piloting a guide boat for a documentary crew that was shadowing Phillips from Algiers to Venice.

The comfortable sitting room was done with Harry in mind. The law firm and Kahn & Swick Real Estate also combined to contribute $10,000 to Attorney General Jeff Landry in 2015 and the law firm gave $5,000 to State Treasurer John Schroder in 2018. Nungesser cannot have a legal ethics charge filed against him since he is not an attorney but he can have charges filed with the Louisiana State Board of Ethics for misuse of his office, although such a complaint seems remote. The firm, along with two sister firms, Kahn & Swick Real Estate and Kahn & Swick Ventures, made $58,000 in campaign contributions from 2014-2018, including $35,000 to Foti, all in 2014. There was no indication in Nungesser’s campaign expense report that he refunded any of the $10,000. The duo will travel to New Orleans February 22 in order for Sapphire to ride as a duchess in the Krewe of Barkus, a Carnival parade made up entirely of dogs. Tom, Tom, Tom, just when I think you have kicked all the rocks over and there are no more creepy-crawlies lurking underneath, you surprise me again! Caption for top photo: Sean Duffy, Kelly Phillips and Billy Nungesser. He traded stories with Louisiana Lt. Gov. A team from CRPPA along with Andrew Cooper from Crescent Towing boarded Shameless just a day later and installed an AIS unit. Tom Aswell, Publisher. I want to give everybody credit.

Just when you think things can’t possibly get any weirder in state government, they invariably do. [Contribution limits could also present something of a sticky wicket for Nungesser. Billy Nungesser has been looking for ways to cut costs and raise revenue for the museum. Governor Billy Nungesser New Video Touting $2 Billion Horse Industry in Louisiana Released December 7, 2018 December 17, 2018 louisianathoroughbred The color palette was a departure as well. This does not surprise me. Bigelow has been in the design business for four decades and makes elegant paper white arrangements for sale during the holidays.

The man just doesn’t know how to not be the court jester. Kelly Phillips, the now-famous captain of the houseboat “Shameless” who began his Mississippi River odyssey in March 2017 in Prairie du Chien, Wis., after being given just three months to live, arrived in Venice, La., just before midnight January 22. Your identity will never be revealed. This is not surprising. A list of Louisiana public retirement systems was at the bottom of that page. “There’s no words to explain how grateful I am,” Phillips said. Since the house was a downsize for the couple who collected antiques and art over the years, and inherited others from Lyn’s parents, furnishing it was a no-brainer. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Your contribution would help us immensely in meeting our growing expenses. Change ), Like what you read here? But these things were fire traps and I never could understand the U.S. Coast Guard allowing them offshore but that is politics for you even then. From that first spot when we left Algiers, they were in trouble.”. During the party, Phillips received the key to Plaquemines Parish from Parish President Kirk Lepine.

Works, by a variety of artists, including Alison Stewart, Stephanie Schoen, Lyn’s sister-in-law Gretchen Howard, her late uncles Wing Howard and Frank Howard, Jimmy Block and Luis Colmenares add a final layer of color and form. Roncali, a captain with Wepfer Marine, met Phillips when he stopped off at Hickman with boat trouble in 2018.

Roger Halphen field, paid to Aaron Bennett $6.2 million dollars for 4 baseball field repairs, a running track, a grand stand football stadium with grand stand press box etc. Roncali, along with Wepfer Marine, helped repair Shameless as best they could, patching the houseboat’s pontoons and filling some of the cavities with foam. “I felt to help him. ], The KSF endorsement letter is not the first time that Nungesser has tried to prove stand up comic Ron White’s assertion that “you can’t fix stupid.”.

Lyn and Harry Anderson have lived in multiple houses over the years. “I pulled him the whole way from that point. In the Andersons’ version of the space, Bigelow used a Manuel Canovas fabric for the curtains and a pair of Billy Baldwin slipper chairs and created an entertainment center with IKEA components painted the same purple as the walls. There is however the $295 million dollars that we have FEMA PW’s for, showing they were paid and the work was not done. The master bedroom and adjoining bath are a more feminine retreat with traditional antiques and shades of pink and green. It’s understandable—and even commendable—that Nungesser would encourage the retention of in-state law firms in general terms but to single out a specific firm is over the top, according to a New Orleans attorney with a competing firm who specializes in investment fraud cases. Bigelow has been in the design business for four decades and makes elegant paper white arrangements for sale during the holidays. LouisianaVoice attempted to call Nungesser but he was said to be unavailable.


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