blue gold: world water wars documentary transcript

it's another one when there are, what, 25 million, they've taken the rest of the water underneath the city. The rain still comes and runs away as instant surface runoff. And, uh, there was allegedly some, I think uh, politicians taking bribes for that to happen and then there was a gentleman, he had spoken up against it, and his mother was also featured in the film, uh…. And so they have a profit motive. And it goes directly against our right to free speech if you think about it. The politics of water supply is worsening the situation, and if the present trends continue, water is going to become an extremely scarce commodity.

So it’s getting very evident. And just, you know, displace a lot of people. “Thank you very much, its a great honor to be on this stage with you. Sean Daily: Yeah.

Sam Bozzo: Vandana Shiva. Sam Bozzo: Yeah. So you mentioned the hard soil run off so as the desertification occurs the soil gets harder, that causes more run off to the rivers. Uh, and in all these cases they never went through with the slap suit. And uh, Dr. Kraftcheck again, he did a….he did a sample….he started studying since world war two and when we really started paving everything after world war two and things got more and more industrial. Let’s go buy all their water. The throat so swollen that breathing becomes difficult. Sean Daily: Right.

Um, where we have allowed lobbying to happen before, we won’t allow it here when it comes down to it. Start studying "Blue gold: water wars". Because whatever one's environmental, political, or religious opinions, Not Synced.

Me too. Sam, we were talking before the break about the film. Water is the source of all life. First of all I want to congratulate you on the success of the film. We'll deploy that gate and then they'll all pretty much go back into Mexico. The film, narrated by Malcolm McDowell, takes a hard look at the coming, and for some, present, water crisis facing our planet.

3 0 obj Sean Daily: Yeah, it’s a slap for people who are not familiar….it’s actually an acronym….I never knew this, it’s a strategic lawsuit against public participation. Water management has always been of key importance to humans. The water smells like nothing you could ever imagine, as much as 25,000 liters per second flow. APES- “Blue Gold: Water Wars”- Video Guided Viewing Name: Brandon Tran 1. Started pumping. Most of us …

It’s crazy. Sean Daily: Right. They were paying half their salary for water. And started putting snipers in the crowd and shooting people. One quick editorial note before we get started. That of course uses all of their fresh water for these crops. And I can see in the future, uh, I mean, uh, removal of dams being a major part of the solution, as we go solar more. And keep the ground water, you know, in its place.

Um. x��[[s۸~�L�^:#ub� �l3��Nvg�I�3M��>P�됪e�w��sp! The abuse of water and the taking of access of water. Sam Bozzo: Yeah. Sam Bozzo: Because yeah it is very important to understand that this isn’t just in the third world. I found a funder, and I bought all the equipment on credit cards, all the plane tickets on credit cards, and then the night before the shooting started my funder backed out completely. So some people say we can never run out because it is always the same. The fabled Atlantis in the middle east had a real city attached to it. Sam Bozzo: Yeah. And, I think, what is somewhat surreal about it to me is how little of it is known to the general populace. And it comes about because the executive producer of this film, Mark Achbar, he made one of my favorite documentaries The Corporation. That’s the good news. It soaks into the ground and then the grass and trees grow. It was the night before shooting that it was all off.

Sean Daily: Well that concludes part one of my two part interview with American director and independent filmmaker Sam Bozzo of Blue Gold: World Water Wars. Absolutely. We are going to have climate change. And what rivers do is they carry nutrients down stream. its a film about saving ourselves. They started by terracing the land into little water catchments which allowed rain water to be caught, seep into the ground. Ironically, implemented to counter a diminishing water supply. Deforestation is a major contributor to soil erosion. And we have fifty thousand dams worldwide. If you need evidence, there is plenty of it in a new documentary highlighting the science, politics, and future of water on planet Earth entitled "Blue Gold: World Water Wars. Um, but with water, what they found, what they didn’t realize, is people just won’t stand for it. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> So Sam, first of all, welcome to the program. And that’s why uh, you know, they bribe the third world countries directly, but yeah there’s lobbies….we call our bribery lobbying. We’ll handle gas happening….uh, the price is being raised and everything because honestly when we run out of oil we’ll finally go to solar.

Agriculture uses chemicals to increase farming productivity. Most of us take it for granted. And um, especially since if the problems…if one of the problems getting fresh water to the ocean and won’t dams be a help by stopping it even, you know. A perfect example is where Mexico city is now. But as it turned out, the first publisher who I contacted, had uh, lost the book somehow and sold it to somebody and in that process they didn’t have the film rights so the author still had the film rights.

That’s why you have a big pollution problem. climate change dried up most of the Mayans' local water supply. You know, as opposed to specific, so I am really happy to have that PBS branding there, uh, to help with that. Mexico is having to go further and further and further away from its local water sources. Extreme weather, a world of hurricanes and violent storms over the ocean while the interior land receives less and less rain, or violent harsh storms that simply erode the land more. There's active Polio, Tuberculosis, Hepatitis. Um, the water that’s used goes down the drain and most of the time goes to the ocean. 1 0 obj And they kicked out the company. So let’s talk about the specifics of the film if we could. The way forward. You know, but I thought I’d contact them.

Uh, that were not able to sell their goods at fair value prices. Sam Bozzo: I got very lucky.

And eventually, that, that, if there is too much weight will just collapse. But, they ran….you know they went immediately to Michigan, learned from their mistakes there…. Or there are many other kinds of ways to get electricity from flowing water without blocking it. Which I did not no about.

Uh, I know that it is starting to win awards and it’s made its rounds around the world with the premiers and so forth. For whatever reason between 800 and 1000 AD. Who’s that? With Jim Olson, Tony Clarke, Maude Barlow, Octavio Rosas Lando. Sean Daily: Like in Bolivia where they take to the streets and…. these chemicals pollute the ground water. Life in the cities became less civilized, as the main focus of Mayan life became providing food and water. And um, then you know, they buy the entire system. Sam Bozzo: Yeah. And so, they are being forced to use water to grow roses, I used as an example, to, to go to Europe. He’s the director of Blue Gold: World Water Wars. Uh, they won the case, they said you are going to stop pumping now. And other companies as well. Sam Bozzo: Yeah. Yeah.


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