blue heeler puppy biting

Submitted On June 06, 2010.

I've been doing some research about how to stop this and I've seen the most common way is to simply ignore this behavior and use your correction word (his is just "no" and his reward word is just "good boy" but idk if I should use something else) and I was gonna try and teach him the "leave it" command but I had a few questions.

I can't change his DNA.

© 2020 EzineArticlesAll Rights Reserved Worldwide, Five Health Problems Dogs Faces Due To Fleas, Weimaraners: High Energy Dogs for Families With Teenagers, Silver Labrador Retriever: Making Old New Again, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers: Once an Endangered Breed - Now Top 10 Best Family Dogs of 2020, Why Golden Retrievers Are Great Family Dogs, How to Stop Your Blue Heeler Puppy From Biting,,­to-­Stop-­Your-­Blue-­Heeler-­Puppy-­From-­Biting&id=4429443. He won’t realize that he was biting unacceptably hard. I would either turn your back and give him no attention or teach him 'no'.

MY BLUE HEELER is a mix of border collie and blue heeler. Blue Heelers come from a long line of Australian Cattle Dogs. When they are young, most puppies learn not to bite when they are playing with their kin.

By teaching them these things your dog will soon develop the discipline to obey your other commands.

That’s why it’s under the chin.

She was a full grown dog clamping her mouth on our feet and gnawing on our wrists anytime she wanted something. They just watched their owner and waited for a command. That said, I think it's great you're doing your research so you can nip it in the bud (haha).

A well-exercised Australian Cattle Dog will be less likely to develop destructive or aggressive-seeming behaviors. If these highly intelligent dogs do not have things to do to exhaust their energy, they will create things to do. So obviously he was doing something right. My first blue heeler (4 years old now) didn’t stop biting until she was at least 1-2 years old. & Please call us at 1-866-893-0306 to speak with a customer care representative. Team PetCareRx.

Nipping may not seem like a harmful thing especially among puppies. Along with this, be sure to properly socialize your dog too. If Australian Cattle Dogs are exposed to people at a very early age, especially by the time they are weaned, they can learn that strangers are acceptable. But whatever the case, it is always better to try and eliminate this habit as early as possible.

Use treats to reinforce positive, non-aggressive behaviors. You’ll have to remove it from the situation if it gets over stimulated. You’re rewarding him for letting go, and his reward is he gets to continue to play. The "Leave it" command can be put to good use if your dog shows aggression toward another person or animal, as you teach the dog literally to leave the person or object on command.

Thank you for the video!! I’d say just make sure you get plenty of chew toys. Personally, my blue heeler is the love of my life and he has been biting since day 1. American Kennel Club: AKC Meet the Breeds: Australian Cattle Dog, Australian Cattle Dog Rescue: ACDs as Pets, United Kennel Club: Australian Cattle Dog, Continental Kennel Club: Australian Cattle Dog, "Australian Cattle Dogs"; Richard G. Beauchamp, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Aggression in Dogs, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Socializing Your Puppy, How To Train Your Dog To "Load" Into Your Car. Australian Cattle Dogs are highly intelligent, and can learn obedience commands quickly. Visit to learn about puppy care and puppy training. My heeler started biting around two months and stopped completely around five.

Once your Blue Heeler puppy does something to your liking, reward it with a small dog treat or with some play time. Anyways, they say normally puppies will teach each other not to nip.

Rough play such as fake growling, fake screaming for help and physical roughhousing teach dogs that rough play is acceptable -- but your Blue Heeler's rough play is much rougher than most people enjoy. Although they are more commonly known today as humble pet companions, there will still be times that their natural instincts may get the best of them. But I will happily hear more advice, bc he still nips at my 7 year old shepherd mutt. It’s written by monks who raise German Shepherds. My heeler nipped my little cousin while he was running a long time ago. I suggest telling him no very sternly or if you kennel train then to tell them no then put them on a timeout in the kennel for at least 5-10 minutes.

|   It didn’t break the skin, but it left a gnarly bruise on his leg, and my cousin was absolutely furious with me. We have had two blue heelers and had to break the nipping habit with both dogs. This community is geared towards modern, force-free methods and recommendations. Reward and praise desirable behaviors, ignoring unwanted behaviors such as growling or attempts to nip you. He had several blue and red heelers that all worked his ranch and they were so well trained it was amazing. Owners of Australian Cattle Dogs must be dedicated to seeing that their dogs have sufficient ways to expend their considerable energy throughout their lives. My blue heeler knows the phrase "no biting" well and will also stop, but that doesn't stop the irritated bites he gives me.


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