bmw f800gs reliability
How do you feel about traveling the world? The frame is granite grey and the swingarm is a colour BMW calls Nurburg Silver. Even though BMW's new F850GS will be available soon, this post is being written with hopes of helping Riders considering the many new and used F800GS's that will be available for years to come.

As was recently noted in my Honda Africa Twin review, comparing this bike to the F800GS comes naturally, as they share a very similar size, stature, weight, capability, fuel capacity, etc.

*Maybe only available in Europe. --- Noting that the quality and reliability has improved dramatically since the early 2009/10 days, I'll report that the F800GS has been a reliable motorcycle for our touring operations since then. Wring its neck and duck yours behind the reasonable screen and you’ll see 125mph, which is more than ample, thankyou. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing,

Fairly safe to assume it comes in black. With compression, preload and rebound adjustment options built in both front and rear, you can tune this bike to your liking and really make an off-road warrior out of it. The thing is... some people do not buy bikes for their reliability. The 798cc water-cooled parallel-twin motor was updated with a new exhaust which also get a new design of stainless steel silencer. Mostly used for 30 minute daily commute, with weekend rideouts, and one weekend trip of 2500km in 3 days. The versatility of the F 800 means you can tackle all sorts of terrain. (Which is okay, but some riders want more challenging terrain!). Thanks again, after looking through the Parallel Universe section I am even more fearful than I was. Actually coming up a little short of the F800GS at 210mm of travel front & rear, an almost identical amount of ground clearance makes rocks and obstacles a pleasure to glide over. You’re not confused either right? I truly wanted to love the 800GS, but it definitely wasn't for me. So, all in all. I'll put a taller screen on and get a gel pack put inside the seat, which was the low one and even at 5'10" I needed the low one really. 845898), Single shock, preload and rebound damping adjust, Will tackle off-road or crossing continents.

Great looking (confirmed by child and father at crossing), fun torquey performance (unless you want warp speed), seemed good economy maybe 40-50mpg from what I could tell. Sorry America. Scheda tecnica Bmw F 800 GS (2016 - 18): scopri su prezzo e dettagli, foto e video, pareri degli utenti, moto Bmw nuove e usate. However, it is a great bike all round. An HP sports exhaust made by Akrapovic was also redesigned and was available as an accessory. They sell you the myth of cutting edge technology but negate to tell you they have 'stone age' reliability. -That the Honda comes with 2 gearbox options, however, and that both appear to be completely reliable and easy to use, sets this bike aside a bit. As an afterthought i should mention the fuel consumption,which after several hours of errr spirited (sorry OFFICER,LOL)riding had dropped to the appalling figure of 57 MPG!!! I'm currently a Fazer 600 owner, its an 08 plate, and although i had a test ride its completely different in real life to what i was ALLOWED on the test ride. f800 problems/ reliability. Saying it's "smooth" however, I actually mean that the engine is too smooth for my liking, in that I've just never been inspired by the pulsations, vibrations, or sounds that come from the F800GS.

This was disappointing because on A-roads at similar speeds the bike was entirely composed and the buffet much reduced.

ADV Sponsors. After much debate and discussion, we’ve arrived at the conclusion that BMW is thoroughly trying to confuse the world with the various versions of the BMW F 800. The aftermarket bits and pieces are slowly trickling through and adorning my bike as and when cash dictates. 80 mph felt ok but alot of buffeting. The engine has loads of character, far more than the Tiger 800XC and it isn't as rattlely as the R1200GS. To start of with I felt quite precarious sitting right up there and the brakes felt like they have too much grab for the forks (this is commuting through heavy traffic, say 15-20 mph). Easy to live with, peppy enough for most of what I want to do, excellent fuel economy, 10,000km servicing, nothing gone wrong. The engine is designed to fit naturally between riders’ legs, and the rider triangle ensures maximum comfort whether you’re seated or standing. Buying experience: I paid £8000 in October 2014, was 6 months and 800 miles old from a BMW dealer, with 18 months warranty remaining. The BMW – Overall feeling and ease of use here is similar to the KTM’s fantastic six-speed transmission, and maybe the only glitch you’ll find is trouble downshifting while at speed. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No.

I wanted to start a thread on common issues or problems with the F800GS bikes. And if they can afford the fun factor, good for them.

Okay, here’s what we think we know.. in order of starting price: *As far as we can tell, the Blackline and Trophy are exclusive to Europe. Neither bike will be the best for all scenarios, but the charm of these big adventure bikes is that they're very good for many situations.

Around town, its a joy, very nippy and easy to handle. As for riding, this bike has got me riding at night and in the wet and loving every minute of it.

If i can get rid of my Fazer then my name is going on a new F 800 GS. BROWSE INVENTORY, Model Overview: 2016 BMW F800GS Adventure Reviews and Specs. BMW F800GS – Bikes this tall with such suspension travel (9 inches/230mm front & 8.5 inches, 215mm rear) are generally not expected to dazzle us in the turns. I've not taken it over 80 mph and seems fine at that. Wondering where that random dirt road goes to on the way home from work each day? Its sheer grin factor everytime I go out to do this. Then I start playing with the roads doing everything I don't on my GSX, aim for the bumps, aim for the man-holes and go straight over the speed bumps (no need to slow down). Probably. see our post about “Horsepower Gains on the KTM 990.

Aftermarket components and appropriate springs do help plenty. Hello, I have not seen much here on the F800s. Riders who want an almost perfect blend of power and performance, but can’t decide between an offroad or a street bike.

The stainless steel exhaust costs £375 and comes with all the necessary link pipes and fittings. At first glance, it appears that there’s only two versions – the base model, and the Adventure model.

Our inventory is full of reliable rides that can take you the distance. GET MY CASH OFFER, Have your eye on a different type of ride? It was replaced in 2018 by the BMW … My bike's going in at the weekend to get the paint sorted out. I am aware of how the internet forums make things appear worse than they are but what I am reading is excessive even for the internet. Soaking up the ripples of the poor road surface and whipping along country lanes. Member.

If you find it comfy, I reckon you'll love it. Aachen-based AC Schnitzer is probably more famous for its BMW car tuning side, but its bike division thanks is catching up thanks to a vast range of aftermarket wheels, exhausts, styling kits and small but helpful additions like mirror extension blocks. Can't fault it, good spec on mine and no problems with any of it so far bar the 12v socket playing up. Adds heated grips, an on-board computer, hand guards, a racing red frame (if that’s your thing), engine protection bars, and a main center stand. x 57.1 in. Exactly how this feels is difficult to put into text, but for the sake of simplicity:  Let’s just say it might feel a bit awkward at first. Perhaps it was over reading but guesstimated on tank at start and refill to tank level at the end of the ride I dont think its that far out.

Okay, glad that’s sorted out. Home » Motorcycles » The BMW F 800 GS – Still the King. Fully fueled with sidecases and luggage strapped on though, this bike can definitely feel strangely balanced. BMW F800GS – At the time of this posting, there are still some unanswered questions about why F800GS engines are quitting while riders are riding.


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