borderlands 3 status effect vs elemental damage
This is the third pillar of the rock-paper-scissors game shared with incendiary and shock damage. An obsessive writer broadcasting to you live from the middle of nowhere. The Borderlands game franchise, including all DLC, sequels, pre-sequels, and re-pre-sequels.

Damage Over Time, not a stupid question because you’ve learned something. say, whats the meaning of a multiplicator switching places with the damage stat? That’s why we’ve gone ahead and put details on all the different kinds of elemental damage in Borderlands 3 together in one place. Firing enough cryo rounds into a bad guy will slow them and eventually cause them to freeze in place. An elemental weapon actually usually shoots normal bullets, that are exactly the same as that of a normal gun. And thats certainly true for the obvious representants of an enemy archtype. Now let’s take a moment to go over everything in our elemental damage guide to Borderlands 3.

Needless to say Amara is my favorite class in here but I started to take notice of weird things going on that make the simple concept confusing to me. Maliwan weapons have always had a higher percentage chance to apply status effects. Gun Damage is the initial hit from a weapon, disregarding Element vs. Target multiplier Elemental Damage is the multiplier (i.e. I understand some of the very small damage variation doesn’t make sense unless there are some rounding things going on and some bigger variations may be due to multiple status procs ticking together/independently. Corrosive Damage That’s actually your cue to hit them with a melee attack. Hitting them with a simple projectile can be cool but you can make things much easier if you add the effects of the elements to your damage. Gun Damage is the initial hit from a weapon, disregarding Element vs. Target multiplier Elemental Damage is the multiplier (i.e. Displayed gun stats are static.

This is fire damage, and very likely one of the most common damage types you’ll find in Borderlands 3 early on. Depending on the situation, switching guns between different boss health bars may be better.

Like shock damage, it has reduced potency against two health types: armor and shields. I found these out by testing with Target Practice in Marcus' shop in Sanctuary. While frozen, enemies take three times the normal damage from melee strikes.

Note that hitting enemies will not automatically apply the elemental effects. what effects do level variations have exactly. I feel like a crit makes a bigger dot. Enemies affected by radiation might spread it nearby to other foes. Your health and armor have their own set of strengths and weaknesses but so does your enemy’s. In TVHM where enemies have a lot more health I started to take notice and I m unable to come up with answers. How do I distinguish an ignite effect from my weapon from an ignite effect from Conflux?

Your not wrong full corrosive vs robots would be better then just using infusion, but the point of Infusion + Conflux is to let you do MORE with status effects such as slowing them down or radiation hurting enemies near the ones your targeting. …as to how their damage is calculated.

i have a x7 with my revolver. I usually apply a DoT effect then hide or run away to watch enemies die off powerless and unable to kill me. Basically I m wondering if my speccing into Conflux hinders my performance in case Conflux applies a weak effect overwriting my main DoT. Enemies receive burn damage for about 5 seconds and needless to say: this works wonders against foes with flesh. Erosion is the worst thing that can happen to armored foes so it’s particularly useful against them. what strength do the status effects from the skill CONFLUX have? Normal — a.k.a.

I love seeing the effluence of damage numbers, Looking at it on paper it didnt seem too good to me at first too but once I tired it I got hooked, when you get her ricochet skill up you just see all different kinds of damages in color popping up. It does reduced damage to both armor and flesh (red health bars). Borderlands 3.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Final Damage = (Base + Skills + Guardian Rank + Class Mod + Relic) * (Gun Base) * (Elemental multiplier). Borderlands 3 elemental damage Borderlands 3 weapons guide – overview. Borderlands 3 throws around a lot of numbers but most of them dont make any sense to me when I consider the weapons I m using. Havent researched and released “documents” for BL3 so far. You can tell when an enemy is frozen very easily: They will turn white and become covered in ice. The elemental bonus for damage occurs with every shoot regardless of status effects. News, Speculations, Memes, Artwork....... Physical/Kinetic Damage The good part of this skill is though is two things: What is the base time duration of a status effect? The place for everything Borderlands 3!

This Borderlands 3 Guide covers the six different types of damage you can do with your weapon. So when you click on it it might say 100% chance to proc at 0.4x damage and have (1) to the left of it, this means that if you were to have a 1x element rating on that sniper of yours it would make an explosion happen with every single bullet and do that amount of damage. Between Infusion and Conflux you can run an Irradiation weapon and pretty much always be dealing 2 elements and Conflux will stack on more if able. i took the 3x71 as i mainly need it for cases where i get confronted nearby by enemies. Do ignite effects from different players stack or is it only 1 ignite effect TOTAL per enemy? Hit em with as much status effects as you can, then run in with a shotgun and 1 shot/punch everything in your way. Unfortunately, the d-pad no longer makes that as easy as it was.


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