bosch vs miele oven
In addition, the steam oven loses interior space to the water container on the right. So I'm but I know it's the luck of the draw.Bosch T/D was ok, but the handle sheared off the, belt snapped )got replaced) and eventually it seized .Hotpoint TD needs repaired as it doesn't bloody heat (less than a year old)Bosch DW lasted 4.6 years , 3 repars in that time then unrepairable ( John Lewis extended warrantee meant we got a replacement ) so we've just got a Neff ( fingers crossed)Bosch kettle - ok, kettles don't last long here (hard water so have to filter )I think it is a case of luck really . Mine isn't plumbed. In my view this contravenes the spirit of the law but my view doesn't matter! We are planning double full size wall ovens so we dont need it as a backup oven...just a smaller oven that heats more quickly (due to the smaller space) for when you're just warming up a piece of chicken or keeping eggplant warm while you fry the next batch... Have all the options for ovens, with or without cooktops and drawers, left you steamed? Some other accessories are off too, if I am not mistaken. Went with the Wolf combi steam oven and the Wolf convection oven. The days of European dominance may be numbered! i managed to get 40% off my washing machine! there is this place called Rawsons Electrical and they have a twice a year sale on Meile appliances. Then it started giving the "touch surface is dirty" alarm. The amount of stainless on the unit is astounding, and it flows and bends perfectly with no seams or imperfections.

There are several reliable brands on the market, like Gaggenau, Bosch, Café Appliances, and JennAir. Are there any other major differences?

Personally I feel since the CSO isn't the 'main' oven in almost all kitchen postings regarding CSO ovens the broiler option would be rather moot. The cutlery drawer sold the Miele to my husband though. Yes, but the key is to see which particular machine is recommended in WHICH. Never had Bosch, but would give them a try over the double priced Miele if I could. Miele CSO owners - does the built in broiler have a big impact on roasting meat & veg? We just removed a Miele hob from 1983. If this is going to be the only oven, and budget is of concern, perhaps Bosch is a better choice. It now works. We have a Miele dishwasher (with the cutlery drawer rather than a basket) and it is fantastic. They also offer the Convection Humid mode creating a vacuum-like seal in the oven while maintaining the natural moisture cooking off from the food. We ended up looking at the St George as its internals are massive. We had a Bosch (pretty good) & now have a Mile. (Ratings / Reviews / Prices), Wolf M Series Professional Convection Steam Oven, Short on time? I would lean towards Bosch or Miele to be safe.

The Miele Oven comes with (3) wire racks, a roasting pan, and temperature probe. It costs too much labor, money and time. ! From what I've seen it's miele for women which gives them bragging rights. I suspect plumbers are very used to running piping from the inside to the outside – e.g.

Thanks dbabrams. Just wondering if paying almost double is justified from peoples experience? I think also one brand in small kitchen looks better than many.Thanks. These units also come in a “Designer” series as well, with more modern ascetics and clean lines. I used to sell whitegoods and kitchen appliances and products they said were "reliable" would be coming back frequently on warranty or DOA returns.

A grease filter is also provided to protect the convection fan from splatter. It has a hydraulic door dampening system which allows you to swing the door open and let it go; the heavy door glides smoothly to open. We've decided on the Bosch oven and gas cooktop, miele dishwasher and highland rangehood. Judging by the rate at which Korean cars are improving in quality, LG may also be improving the quality and longevity of their dishwashers. I'm sick of having to put my hands right over the shelves in order to grip flat items. Not sure why everyone is so hyped up about ZOMG IVE GOTTA HAVE EURO ITALIAN APPLIANCES to fit some silly brand snobbery clique. We tested the Wolf SO during a demo and aside from mopping up a small puddle of water once it cooled, cleanup was a breeze.

I've seen the Bosch steam oven, and it is smaller cavity. Ditto the tumble drier.

Using her culinary expertise, Saba teaches Yale's sales team and clients how to use the latest appliances from steam ovens to induction cooktops. should be – they're fine italian electrical appliances ;-). Your choice comes down to what you enjoy doing in the kitchen and what features matter to you as the home cook.

Once women get involved logic goes out the window ;).

As I said, this model is very basic: just knobs for the burners and oven/broiler. I guess Miele is a high selling point, if you intend to sell... Miele – 4,490 results, Bosch – 1,610 results There will be water involved if it's not done properly – usually they are flued through the roof, makes it a plumbers job. I wouldn't want the fans running while broiling (I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to disable them in broil mode). The E-series is more flush with the surrounding cabinetry, making it ideal for more modern design applications. No offense , both functional and efficient, but if German dishwashers are yesterday, then Swedish ones are sooooooooooo last century. She has been in the culinary industry for many years working in various aspects of the business. fRuItCaKe ! Haven't decided we want a 60cm (Siemens in that case, more for aesthetics) or 70cm (Gaggenau, although my wife hates the aesthetics of the new range). This Bosch 800 Series wall oven is a top seller thanks to its modern, clean front facade and its ability to handle a wide range of cooking tasks. Rounding out the third slot we have the Miele M-Touch 30″ Double Oven, another luxury choice that exemplifies all the comfortable touches of the modern era. So you've been happy with your Electrolux stuff? Luckily we have a warranty service that is paying for the repairs (over $600 per repair). Their Auto Bake mode is ideal for bread and other baked goods because it turns the steam on and off during the cooking process for ideal cooking results. It still has infrared broiling, self-cleaning, and CleanTouch Steel. Gaggenau is quite a bit more than that so Im not really considering them yet (although their 400 series SO seems pretty awesome). I couldn't see the value in the Miele oven, and as others have said, it's bloody small inside.

Don't know if the RACQ offer a similar service to the NRMA see here.., But they seem to be able to source good prices,, maybe you have a friend in one of these clubs ;), Jack B Nimble writes... maybe you have a friend in one of these clubs. Plus the cooking surface is so close together its hard to put two large pans side by side. The oven’s internal sensors calculate the amount, shape, and consistency of the food to adjust the temperature and humidity. Find the best companies in Appliances and Electronics category: Miele and Wolf Appliances, Miele vs Bosch Canada, Wolf Appliances vs Viking Range Are Miele kitchen appliances really similarly priced to Bosch? Proudly serving Greater Boston and Metrowest, MA Since 1923, Wolf Vs. Miele Steam Ovens: Which Is Better?

Miele is. The Bosch had a higher efficiency rating as well.

Yes but no. Sales are tough at the moment – get them to work for their money – you should be able to get a minimum 10% off without too much trouble. The gas cook top works really well. Thank you. [CDATA[ For the higher price, you gain a new(er) amber display, which shows more information, exterior controls that are retractable, and two oven lights instead of one. Now their back on their track. Seems a bit silly considering you have to use a trolley. So if that's the case then the OP should be able to get a much better deal than 5%. Some folks indicate that the non-plumbed versions release a lot steam/warm air into the kitchen whereas the plumbed ovens have drains that allow excess water to escape. I have tried cooking grains, veggies, meats, Sous Vide, custards, meats, brownies, yogurt, and bread in both steam ovens. How much do you care who wins the US election? Anyway, for the OP, as everyone advised, take a look at the internals of the Miele; it's small for the 60, and the larger ones are marginally bigger than the Bosch 60cm. In the way of toasters, Smeg dominates the game for the simple fact that it’s the only brand of the two that actually makes them.Smeg is renowned for its iconic range of 50s-style toasters which feature enamelled-coated stainless steel, a retro logo and chrome detailing.

This is not an easy answer because it depends on your cooking style. It is my second oven (my first oven is a gas oven in my 36" range). Technology is always improving. I guess the notable difference between the three, aside from capacity is that the Miele is plumbed and the other two are not -- unless Miele has released a new non-plumbed version. Would love to hear any input or info you find. I know a few people who have those two brands and to my knowledge, they put in a decent amount of grunt. Ask any half decent sales person, or repairman..cough cough. I'm now trying to decide between the 24" Smeg, Miele and Bertazzoni. Has anyone actually used both the Wolf and the Miele steam ovens that can comment? Is your rangehood a slide-out? fRuItCaKe ! Or makes it more saleable? Currently, we use a Microwave to heat a bowl of soup, or warm up coffee, or reheat leftovers. In other words, does the broiler play a role in the other functions, or is it more of an added feature for that acts similar to any other broiler in a regular oven?


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