boykin spaniel society preferred breeders

Connect with us on the Catalpa Boykins Facebook page to meet our Fall 2020 puppies when they arrive! Located in middle Georgia, we are currently raising Boykins on family property shaded by Southern Catalpa trees. Are you looking to learn more about the Boykin spaniel? The typical heavyweight retriever was a drawback in a craft already loaded with men, guns, provisions and other gear. Compact yet bold and physical. Cavern Kennels is family owned and operated and is dedicated to producing the finest puppies bred for use in field work or as family pets. The Boykin Spaniel Society Code of Ethics requires testing for these common diseases. With selective breeding and a little luck, Boykin developed a small multipurpose retriever now known as the Boykin spaniel. Remember, we are THE SOURCE and FIRST CHOICE for learning about these Little Brown Gundogs, what to look for in them and what to expect to get as far as healthy, long-lived rambunctious and highly versatile retrievers and flushing dogs. As members of the Boykin Spaniel Society, we adhere to their Code of Ethics, and support the Preferred Breeder program by participating as Gold Level Preferred Breeders. Our dogs are proven in the field (we also participate in HRC hunt tests and AKC Spaniel tests) and bred with the emphasis on health and temperament. We have a great love for the Boykin Spaniel breed and are proud to be purposefully breeding for preservation and performance, not profit. Boykin Spaniel & Scottish Terrier Puppies in Crossville, Tennessee. South Carolinian Whit Boykin perfected a specialty breed of hunting dog: a joyful, devoted family dog with the exceptional zeal for work, an enthusiastic retriever and accomplished in the quest and flush of upland birds. Hunters on South Carolina's Wateree River needed a small rugged dog compactly built for boat travel and able to retrieve on land and water. A Society member who's 100% committed to a selective breeding requirement of "All animals selected for breeding shall be in good health". You will be redirected to PayPal's website once you click the Subscribe button. We believe in the importance of health screening for issues affecting our breed.

Happy, Healthy Bloodline. Next, they submit an application which is scrutinized by the Board of Directors. We have one to two litters a year whelped in home. In those days wagons, wooden boats and trains afforded hunters access to the game rich corridors along the river. His or her dog (dogs) will never be mated unless both dogs have been screened for inheritable disease transfer to … The Boykins who call Catalpa Boykins home are treated as family and as such, their wellbeing and safety are deeply guarded. Who could possibly be a better source than the family who developed this breed a hundred years ago? What is a Boykin Spaniel Society® Preferred Breeder? L. W. "Whit" Boykin (1861-1932), a planter, land appraiser and well-known sportsman of the Boykin community just outside Camden, South Carolina, along with his kinsmen the Canteys, experimented with many breeds to resolve the problems posed by their Wateree hunting trips.


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