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I was like “why the fuck is there 400 cats in this school and all y’all got the same shoes and jacket on?” To this day, I don’t really fuck with a lot of the shit everyone tries to do.

What do you think of the state of R&B right now?I think it’s perfect. Write during Fashion Week. Working with Sonder and even before Sonder – when I only worked with Paperboyfabe, Pablo Dylan and Loshendrix – I shifted my focus on my pen. As far as features, you have also worked with A$AP Ferg on “Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies,” and then you were featured on the late Juice WRLD’s album with the “Demonz” interlude.Rest in peace to that man. I didn’t go to events, meet people, hit DJs, listen to go-go, or any of that. I don’t care if I have four, five, six, seven tracks that don’t have drums on it. Read our conversation with Brent below and scroll through the gallery for shoot outtakes. Not to mention, this ongoing SNL skit we got going on in Washington, and a mass shooting three times a month? Brent Faiyaz "Bluffin": You're really bluffin' or just don't care? Be like everyone else. He didn’t go through nobody — he was just like, “Yo, I am trying to get you on a record.” I sent him some ideas back and forth. Keep it exclusive. A prime example of this combination at work is Brent’s fan-favorite hook on the Grammy-nominated single “Crew.”.

'To be completely honest, I'm an R&B singer because I’m black and I sing. But then they will try to compare us to each other. But wherever you go save a place for me We named the band after it because of our inability to come up with anything else, but it worked. I know with a label I’m going to have to do a whole bunch of shit I don’t want to do. I apply this less to my everyday life these days and more to my career and music. is really when I get shit done. He’s got the word “sonder” tattooed over his right eyebrow — a reference to the group he fronts with frequent producers Dpat and Atu — and he takes his sunglasses off to meet my gaze. Listen, sonder could’ve been any word. This world is insane. Hahaha, nah, it’s way too late for all that. Love's a crazy thing, can't believe we're here again

Salaam was like, “Yo, Ferg got this record from, like, 2014, and he was trying to get you on it.” It had another hook on it. Sonder is “the realization that every individual passerby has a life just as vivid and complex as your own.” After I got this tattoo, my life pretty much fell into place. I took pride in that because I wasn’t doing music yet. I don’t care about missing notes or having the most complex production. Talk some gangsta shit on there. That shit goofy.

Brent is caught between whether this girl is playing games just to get his attention or if she actually doesn’t care for him like he thinks she does. Get DJ recommendations for harmonic mixing. You’re going to be making stuff that’s naturally good to you, but you’re [also] going to try to make stuff that people are going to receive well.

Niggas throwing salt in the game. It’s in everything I do. People in Maryland typically don’t make the 30-minute drive outside of their particular region.

We speak to artists Virgil Abloh, Arthur Kar, Richard Stark of Chrome Hearts and many more. My family, my friends, my mother and my father. He wasn’t really rocking with them shits, so we was going back and forth for a minute, trying to see what we were going to do. The following tracks will sound good when mixed with Brent Faiyaz - First World Problemz / Nobody Carez, because they have similar tempos, adjacent Camelot values, and complementary styles. I’m all about how shit feels and the message it promotes. Me and the homies were heavy into streetwear and being first on shit. I’m not out here trying to be a pretty boy. I have never been in a label situation, so I wouldn’t even know how to compare it — it’s just all I know, for real. Though he was hesitant about the move at first, he soon realized time away from friends sparked his work ethic. ‘Beware Of The Book Of Eli’ set to arrive any moment now.

Your new singles “Fuck the World” and “Rehab” have gotten a great response from fans. Sonder, “the realization that every individual passerby has a life just as vivid and complex as your own,” serves as the engine not just charging Brent’s approach to his craft, but also life. Lovers or friends, that all depends on you, shorty Gon' do, you play it so cool Send us a tip using our anonymous form. I’m going to talk some real-life shit, but I am going to sing it, and you can fuck with it or not. Then with Juice WRLD, it was mad organic. To make the most appealing shit that you can for someone’s ear. I’m not famous, or a celebrity, or an artist inciting a call to arms or anything like that. With the Ferg record, he hit me and said he wanted to get me on a song. That’s what this is about. Steve Lacy, feat. HYPEBEAST® is a registered trademark of Hypebeast Hong Kong Ltd. Gain access to exclusive interviews with industry creatives, think pieces, trend forecasts, guides and more. Then when I linked with people who make beats full time, I was like, “Bet, now I can focus on writing and singing.”. “To be completely honest, I’m an R&B singer because I’m black and I sing.”.

Do you agree?Hell, yeah. Brent Faiyaz – Bluffin Lyrics. Like, I don’t worry about the drum-kit on this record or the synth on that record. “Fuck the world” from an enjoyment perspective. [Verse 1] When I first started singing, it was like, “You have to sing like this, you have to make music like that, you have to be lovey-dovey.” That was the only way I knew how to sing. I take pride in that and the fact I’m good in any hood based off a lot of things that aren’t music-related. She said "I don't really care where you been People might hear you sing about some shit that is not romantic at all, but they will automatically romanticize ’cause you are singing.

If you made music, you had to keep that shit low-key and push it somewhere else. I'ma be alright 'cause I'm made for you That immediately took creativity from me, because when you’re a singer, people automatically want to pigeonhole you to this 1991 aesthetic of what the fuck R&B is supposed to be. You do that a lot, where you play with your vocals. ", Seiko Introduces "The Black Series" to the Prospex Sea Collection, Bono Emphasizes the Importance of Using Rock & Roll as an Outlet for Rage, BEAMS LIGHTS & Alpha Industries Release Limited Edition MA-1 Bombers, Watch Brockhampton Bring Out Jaden Smith During Los Angeles Show. Soft spoken and relatively reserved, Brent has successfully garnered a cult following by way of narrative-driven music projects that feature ambitious, era-spanning production, courtesy of his partners Dpat and Atu, coupled with his distinct voice – a soothing mix of tempered fervor and underlying vulnerability. The singer also remarks on why hip-hop is flourishing. Shit is messed up out here. I didn’t spend much time outside of Howard County when I was young. My goal is to promote originality, so I’m not going force my personal ideologies or philosophies onto someone else for the sake of promoting my album. This song represents the pride that most relationships suffer from. The close relationship that exists between production and Brent’s vocal cunningness can be likened to oil and water: his sound, delivery and cadence simply glides over the track’s engineered base.

She said "I don't give a damn how ya been This past October, Brent released his debut album Sonder Son under his label imprint Lost Kids, followed by a tour announcement that will take his unfolding story across the nation and overseas. His years of drawing inspiration from rappers like Curren$y and Lil Wayne, mixed with the likes of Curtis Mayfield and Gil Scott-Heron, come through on songs like “Clouded,” where Faiyaz delivers bars for almost two minutes straight without a hook. And I can't be alone" Is for you to tell me that it's mine What’s the story that you wanted to tell with this EP?“Fuck the world,” like, fuck all the negativity.

I only care to know what you're goin' through It was shortly after then that he moved to L.A. to pursue music full time. I like to use that expletive because it means both things. What inspired you to take that route?We were just listening to a lot of older shit, like Gil Scott-Heron, Curtis Mayfield, and shit. And baby did I forget to mention

Written By Brent Faiyaz.

Brent Faiyaz has emerged as one of the premier rising acts within the rejuvenated R&B scene, and has no plans of slowing down. I wake up, do a session, stay for a couple hours, get some food, go out to the club, wake up in the morning, and cancel the session. That’s what Howard County is. Maryland sticks to their own and keep it moving.

I just gotta finish that shit, ’cause I just start ideas and then not finish them.

I'ma stick around 'cause it's just us two DMV fashion would irritate me because it was too uniform.

“Rehab” has a similar feel to some of your earlier songs, like “DSN” and “Allure” — stripped-down ballads where you sing without too many drums. I didn’t get into this shit to work a job. All Rights Reserved. That you got all my attention, baby Is for you to know you look divine Bluffin - Brent Faiyaz Lyrics, Letra: You're really bluffin' or just don't care? I’m out here getting money, fucking women, all that rock-star shit. What did you work on with No I.D.

ideas that I am sitting on that I still have to finish up. I really didn’t give a fuck at all. I’m a person just like anyone else that has a job to do and I want to inspire people to chase whatever it is they’re after. But on tracks like “Rehab,” it’s just bare vocals with no effects or Auto-Tune on your voice.I look at the track like it’s a canvas.


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