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Wu asking Milo if he'd like to join him in running a "peace conference fundraiser" so that he can get some free plane tickets and a free lunch. "[45] Wu started a legal defense fund for women targeted by Gamergate. He is an American law professor and author who served as the William L. Prosser Distinguished Professor at UC Hastings.He previously served as Chancellor & Dean, receiving unanimous and early renewal for a second term.Wu was also the first Asian American to serve in that position. She was right to do so, because Wu was not so smart and when he came on the show he got destroyed. I work in the tech industry and my husband works in biotech.

For the rest of the day, these are the only other life forms associated with the campaign, outside of Brianna and Frank, that I will hear from. He tried to run damage control by saying he meant they could drop rocks into Earth's "giant planetary gravity well" and began doubling down as more and more Twitter users began pointing and laughing at him.

Robot, the television series about a rogue hacker. Brianna Wu

[24] Wu plans to move to the 8th District in order to challenge the incumbent Lynch.

It wasn’t sent in any sort of tracking format to figure out who I am. He rushed over to and created this masterpiece: But Brianna forgot that fighting fire with fire won't work when he's covered in gasoline and attacking fire-retardant material.

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The FBI identified four men who sent threats and obtained confessions from two of them, one of whom stated that they had sent the threat as a "joke" but "understood that it was a federal crime to send a threatening communication to anyone and will never do it again". Wu reminds us a bit of Irma Prunesquallor from the Gormenghast books. [22] Wu stated, in a radio interview, that Lynch did not sufficiently represent the Democrats, citing his positions on reproductive health care and LGBT rights. I’m really in support of what you’re doing.” She asks them how they’re holding up. O'Brien is a gentleman who fights for truth, justice and the American Way, but for him, it is too late. Long story short, no fucks were given, and not a single punch was pulled.

[36], In April 2020, due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on her campaign, she suspended her congressional bid.

“If I’m elected, reach out to me,” Wu says. She’s a car lover.

Wu says she’s melting.

Frank won in the fanfiction category of the Hugo Awards, which might as well be winning an award for being a loser. A child answers and says their parents aren’t home. But Wu didn't learn the lesson that he can only handle interviews with people that were already paid off by his mommy and daddy and went on the David Pakman show. Plus she stood up to Gamergate, which makes her a badass.

In 2010, Wu was excited by the launch of mobile Unreal for iOS, and decided to launch a company to make games with the technology. In 2010, she co-founded the company Giant Spacekat with Amanda Stenquist Warner.

Online estimates of Brianna Wu’s net worth vary. The article details how Wu was made a mod of a tranny forum and ended up being banned for being too much of a tard even for them. Whatever strategic and tactical changes does end up making, Brianna Wu is not ready to throw in the towel yet on politics, no matter how much part of her would like to.

+ We're aiming for a defense on section 230 with the current lawsuit But there will be time for that later. He invites us in for the AC.

Now the Facebook page is at 874 likes, more than a year later. On April 12, 2017, Brianna Wu posted a tweet on Twitter to show his followers his very own campaign logo to force it with the other campaign logos. Brianna Wu’s “Husband” Makes An Ad. If you take a closer look, you can see that Brianna learned to draw from Chris Hart. He’s also a pharmaceutical patent agent, moonlights as a science fiction fan artist, and helps with the campaign’s YouTube ads. She challenged Rep. Stephen F. Lynch of the 8th District,[10][21] in an announcement she made on Twitter. ",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia extended-confirmed-protected pages, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2016, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Commentary on issues related to women in gaming, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 00:23. He posted somewhere that she was the abusive one, called her a psychopath and promised to harass her if she tries to get back to writing by calling the police on her if she dares to even so much as attend a convention. His office issued this statement: Naturally Wu retracted his attempt to "shame" O'Brien by claiming he accidentally contacted the city attorney's office instead of the prosecutor. . It's the fatness! She says she also plans to do more delegating, rather than managing everything from data analytics to public relations herself. In case you missed it, far-left anti-#GamerGate “activist” Brianna Wu (birth name: John Walker Flynt) is running for a U.S. congressional seat in Massachusetts. In his infinite wisdom, Flynt decided that the best course of action to deal with the professional shitposters of 8chan and end GamerGate was to create a shitty meme about them, kinda like fighting fire with fire. After pretending to take a bunch of fake threats seriously he booked an interview on MSNBC.

Despite Wu's claim to be an accomplished game developer and a champion for women in the game industry, Emma states that Wu did almost no work during their working relationship and the lied about having fired her after she quit.. He plays Final Fantasy XIV (Gilgamesh server) to avoid reality from God-Emperor Trump and the GamerGate boogeyman. No sensible person would ever leave a sick little pup outside, in the bleak snowy Boston winter. Brianna is a Cancer. Frank tries several times to mention how Trump’s tax policies are lining companies’ pockets, but the locked-out workers are focused on National Grid’s actions. [23] Wu feels that Massachusetts proportionally contributes more to the Federal government than it receives in return and wants to use it as leverage in negotiations. Far from assuming she has a chance in hell of winning, Wu routinely appears surprised but emboldened by the fact that people want to support her candidacy.

She also wrote, "No Skin Thick Enough," for Polygon, a piece about the daily harassment of women in the game development industry. Ok so he's pretty much irrelevant now.

Like any other indie game it was funded by the same retards on Kickstarter that helped Wu cut off his cock, with a development cycle and lack of effort of which would make Phil Fish and the guys behind Duke Nukem envious.

Meanwhile, David S. Bernstein, a long-time political reporter for Boston Magazine, did not think Wu has a chance of unseating Lynch. Kill it like it's 9/11! Brianna Wu is a Cancer and was born in The Year of the Monkey. Oh boy... this is going to be a shitty game. Working in the game industry, Wu found herself frequently frustrated by what she described as the "boys club" mentality in games, which was much worse than any of the other industries she'd worked in. I ride shotgun with Brianna in her Porsche Boxster while Frank carries the campaign swag in the Dodge, the two cars eventually parking on either side, flanking the workers. Instead he chose to capitalize on the dog's death for pity instead of tending to it like someone who actually cares. By pure happenstance, during an "ITT: We talk about crazy people we used to know" thread, someone started talking about a lunatic he once met while working at a school paper. Brianna Wu is running for Congress in Massachusetts, but most are used to hearing her name in a very different context. However, realizing that Milo isn't being paid off by his parents and is going to ask him actual questions, Wu went radio silent and pretended not to be able to get online (while obviously still being online on Twitter) and then canceled when it was already too late. [9] In 2018, she unsuccessfully ran for Congress in Massachusetts's 8th congressional district.

Which is ironic because so is Wu.

With the help of his millionaire parents' money and media connections, wife-beater husband and thousands of dollars scammed on Patreon, he's been spending his time creating a game that look like something Richard Garriott might have made 20 years ago on a budget of $20 and promoting it by making death threats against himself, getting caught, and trying to steal the spotlight from Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, literally claiming to be the most important person to GamerGate supporters who he literally believes are planning to assassinate him. The Daily Dot submitted a article about his logo being roasted that isn't from the group of misogynistic gamers and 4chan denizens that is GamerGate after the logo edits are becoming more newsworthy. [42], Along with Anita Sarkeesian and Zoë Quinn, Wu was one of the targets of Gamergate harassment. Game of the Year!"

Basically it shows him and Frank using his campaign as a slush fund to scam people's money and spend it all on potbelly sandwiches and shitty toys anyway.

But we know from his shit game nothing could be further from the truth. And we thought Nosferatu is the scary one. Subsequently, Wu began receiving multiple, specific rape and death threats including her address, causing Wu to flee her home. This entry was posted on Saturday, October 7th, 2017 at 10:02 AM and is filed under Democrats, Social Justice Warriors, video. [30], Wu lost to Lynch in the Democratic primary held on September 4, 2018, having received approximately 23% of the vote to Lynch's 71%.

But this only ended in a massive backfire when a number of stations invited people from the GG side to speak for themselves. So no he Googled for an image, put it in Photoshop, converted it to black&white, posterized it to two colors and finally remapped the highs to white and the lows to black so she could it put it into Illustrator.

She reiterates that she thinks the Hillary Clinton/Nancy Pelosi playbook is obsolete.

Seeing the way the Republican party operated was in stark contrast to the ideals of the Republican party she saw stated on Fox News.


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