buckshot pattern at 50 yards
My friend dport wrote me and said, “I believe that the new “Reduced recoil” loads will pattern smaller than what you shot. There are makers I trust and they have earned military contracts and enjoyed brisk police sales.

All he got was a copy of the newspaper article from when it happened. We were running out of butcher paper and decided to test the smallest patterning load first, the Hornady 00 Buckshot. Buckshot, heavy shot, is used for hunting deer and for personal defense. I’m not gonna make a recommendation all I’m going to say is train with your home defense weapon and use the load that best suits your skills and needs. A couple of those bystanders were killed by that single pellet. Buckshot is necessary for any animal over 50 pounds and for personal defense. Don’t be tempted to buy the big 3 inch shells with more shot. It seems that in the oldest question of weight vs. number, 00 buckshot has been the drawn line in the sand. placement in this area will normally cause heavy bleeding (vital organs, heart

The remainder of this article will describe the basics of pattern testing and it must be accurately delivered just as though you were using a handgun. #191 - Is the Glock 19 the Best Concealed Carry Piece? single shot reveals a vertically oriented pattern and 2 missing pellets. © 2020 Active Response Training - Made with ♥ TheBlackBellCoPrivacy Policy. Yeah. It's really no more difficult than that (and that isn't really difficult....it Killed a lot of deer with that combo. #196 - Can You Improve the Ammo for the Mosin 91/30? At 15 feet, a tightly shooting buck shot pattern will be somewhere between one and two inches across.

But what if circumstances dictated that you had to take that shot anyway? Why not open the pattern size up a little bit to increase the odds of getting a hit? Wait, “will” or “can”? The recoil is drastically different. As always, you have to aim a shotgun at close range.

There really isn’t any argument to the contrary that makes it up the rungs of the logic ladder. With the tighter patterning loads, the range is extended to 35-40 yards before pellets start missing the target. It shot into a 17 inch pattern, but it also had 15 pellets. We used two different loads: Federal FliteControl #1 and Federal FliteControl #00 8-pellet. That was bad advice. Pattern testing your shotgun is very important. He did forget to mention though. This is very typical of the Estate 00 hole and to remove the holes from the other two rounds to make it easier to buck shot. That was dad’s youth shotgun. I’ll have to find out if my shotgun will accept a choke to tighten up the pattern as none of us can afford new guns. They buy a couple of boxes, shoot a round or two to see how bad

The Mission of Cheaper Than Dirt! a few of the pellets into a non-vital area (an arm vs. the chest) while the The load may have tighter cohesion at closer range and the load spreads as range increases, resulting in an ever-increasing pattern. CHRIS: Yeah, they’re around 1100 feet per second. I’ve long been a proponent of very tightly patterning buckshot loads for police shotguns. Recoil was brutal! The shotgun has a greater measure of finality against felons and dangerous animals at close range and is a formidable and versatile firearm. A basic understanding of buckshot can help you hunt better. The second thing that you will see with 12 gauge 9-pellet 00 buck loads, as ranges increase the chances for a “flyer” increase. The reduced loads did indeed shoot a smaller group at close range. If you were centering a human torso on the group, only about 3 pellets would even hit the torso. On a recent post about sight off-set, we discussed using 00 Buckshot at close range. So who Time limit exceeded. Week-In-Review News Roundup: October 25-31, 2020, #00 buckshot throws eight or nine balls. Not good....there is no }, The brand used for this shot was Estate, 2 3/4" 00 buckshot, 9 pellets @ 1325 I’m sure most of you will say know what’s beyond your target but keep it in mind that deadly force encounters are extremely stressful and because of that stress you most likely won’t be using your best judgment. 1150 fps buckshot is reduced recoil, full power 00 buckshot loads of 2 3/4 12 gauge are actually around 1350, interestingly enough, his under powered tests actually reinforces the effectiveness of the cartridge. But what if circumstances dictated that you had to take that shot anyway? }. Other one is a single shot. If a shotgun is all I have, I will use that. So, we didn’t actually test that one at 100, but we had plenty of the #00, so it took us, what, 11 or 12 shells to get 3 pellets in the gelatin at that distance? JOHN: Well, we were talking about it and what we wanted to know was, “how far out can we take buckshot and still have it pass the FBI heavy clothing terminal ballistics standard?” So, that’s what we did. setTimeout( zone of my Benelli SuperNova. Thanks to Tom Givens for setting me down a better path and to Bryan McKean for taking the photos of my test. If the offender is very large or heavily clothed—and this isn’t predictable—#00 offers the best margin of success. JOHN: So for me, I guess the big takeaway was that inside of 25, the shotgun is devastating. The Benelli is effective to 100 yards with the Hornady American Gunner slug—but that is another story.

would no longer be in the thoracic cavity portion of the target. We’re doing something a little different today. . I shot the tightly patterning Hornady TAP Semi-auto 8-pellet 00 buck load on one side of the target. results are not obtained, repeat the process using another brand of buckshot. Beyond about 30 to 50 yards, the spread from most shotguns becomes too unpredictable to reliably guarantee that any of the pellets will hit the intended target. #1 buckshot is likely the optimal load for self-defense with a shotgun. By Phil Bourjaily. There are also requirements to the size of the shot – you can’t put 00 buck into a 20 gauge, for example, because it doesn’t fit snugly in the shell. We want you, our readers, to be able to make informed decisions. In my Remington 870 with cylinder bore, the Critical Defense patterns a tight two inches at seven yards, increasing to six inches at 15 yards.


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