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Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions. So to me it is simply a trip in the jungle, along the sea coast. And in most cases the protesters such as they are, have never seen a day of combat, but there is not lack of wisdom with them. [14] The depot was operated by the 504th Army Depot. The United States command reported five other shelling at tacks across South Vietnam against American units and in stallations, the highest number in several weeks. I'm now VSPA Life Member #105. We had a sapper attack on 8/25/71. The Russian Battleship Fleet anchored there in 1905 enroute to the battle of Tsushima, fought on 27 May 1905. It was one of three aerial ports where United States military personnel entered or departed South Vietnam for their 12-month tour of duty. Dennis Siluk Dr.h.c. But it could be reconstructed to be a resort. That was my first usage of the white gold, heroin. goes another one!". Vietnamese officials have considered turning the base into a civilian facility, similar to what the Philippines government did with the U.S.Subic Naval Base. I was there from April 1970 to April 1971.

In a war zone, --a combat zone that is, or for that matter, in a support unit that is in a war zone, there are very few flags flopping out in the wind, or for that matter, finding soldiers standing erect with dressed greens, gloriously waiting for combat around the bend [like in the movies], sorry, just squads of the military marching, trampling through the rain and mud, dodging bullets, rockets. looking the bay area. His spine was bent over backwards, like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. In addition the naval contingent at the Joint Service Ammunition Depot issued ammunition to the coastal surveillance, river patrol and mobile riverine forces as well as to the Seventh Fleet's gunfire support destroyers and landing ships. As the sun was disappearing that day, we had made it back to our hutches in time for dinner. All wanting to arouse our emotions to go see their movies, and side with them on a protest march, but when you protest against them, they get emotional unstable, they don't like it [like President George W. Bush, said, "'s a two way street..."]. There were many bombs in each revetment. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Some people feel this way is not the right way to respond, but it's the only I know, and a non-violent way I knew, and it's a good old American style way of protesting, I know. and small pellet shells scattered all over the area. But it was over [the relationship in Augsburg], and I was glad, I didn't want to end up doing like the other guys, ---that is, you hurry up and wait for the mail bag to arrive hoping you get a letter or two, day after day you give power and control of your life to that person to decide what and when to write you, --this all plugs up your mind. Nights seemed star-less, no birds singing at all, matter of fact, there were no birds. It was so good I told myself, this was not going to happen again. In a move that security commentators say is aimed at countering China's build-up of naval power in the South China Sea, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung announced on October 31, 2010 that the bay would reopen to foreign navies after a three-year project to upgrade the port's facilities. [20][21] Vietnam has hired Russian consultants to direct the construction of new ship-repair facilities, which are scheduled to be available to foreign warships. Cam Ranh Bay AB Munitions area exploded and burned for 2 days! my area, one of the Tango posts spotted a flash from the mountains over There were more lizards than dogs, some as long as six feet. Munitions area exploded and burned for 2 days! In any case, this time he had a hard time looking up at me, he was so bent over from spine problems, and talking was too painful I could tell, and the next day he was gone.

Cam Ranh Bay Vietnam - First Duty Station [1971]. I had a chance to spend some time with my family and friends while on leave, and I spent as much time as possible with…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. I was with the 483rd SPS from 3/71 to 3/72 at Cam Ranh.

Only those who required advanced treatment not available in Vietnam got sent out of country. Stand Off Rockets and Sapper There was no report of ground attack and no immedi ate explanation for the large number of homes reported de stroyed, but one possibility was that a fire caused by the two rockets spread rapidly. One Platinum Author [5], In 1963, Admiral Harry D. Felt, the U.S. All rights reserved. In war it is best you leave the love letters behind.

Naval Task Force 38 destroyed most Japanese facilities in an action called Operation Gratitude,[4] after which the bay was abandoned. In Minnesota we actually had extreme hot summers so again maybe my complaining is unfounded, and extreme cold winters.

Something told me it was going to be an all night and possible all day tomorrow thing, that is, processing me into the country along with the over 200-soldiers with me [and it was]. © 2004 In me know how much, other than the photo you need. And San Francisco was also quite a learning experience, which was where I was living for a year prior to going into the Army, and being sent to Augsburg. Ranh Bay Vietcong gunners fired two rockets into a hamlet on the edge of Danang today, burning down 100 thatched huts, kill ing five civilians and wounding six others, the Saigon command reported.

Videos of Cam Rahn's development can be found at: For the United States Air Force use of Cam Ranh Bay, see. They were nothing like what one would view as an Intensive Care ward in a regular hospital. What a way to go, no combat, just bad company. We had white rice with eggs, hamburger and green peppers all mixed and fried together, it was great. Cam Ranh Bay became the center of coastal air patrol operations with the establishment in April 1967 of the U.S. August 25, 1971, 0226 Therefore, it has been an important centre of marine traffic covering the economic zone of south Khanh Hoa and neighbouring provinces for a long time. of the few things left standing in the devastation. The ones with wives, or lovers back home, were lovesick half time, truly lost in the heat and rains of Vietnam; again I say this because it was cause for alarm at times. Another guy to my far south [about 100-feet] found a pop machine and purchased two cold Coke's, drank them down faster than you can count to ten, and must have shocked his system because of the extreme heat, and dropped over as if he was dead, --but he simply just passed out from the change of body temperature.

[6]:238 In January 1966, the OICC RVN tasked RMK-BRJ with construction of the Army Ammunition and Logistic Support Facility, consisting of thirty 40-foot (12 m) by 220-foot (67 m) concrete slabs for warehouses and six 140-foot (43 m) by 220-foot (67 m) slabs, 122 ammunition hardstands, and 10 miles (16 km) of roads. At the first flash of lightning, me, © 2003 A safety measure for all the little and big creatures that wanted to visit us, like snakes, lizards and scorpions, and who knows what else. This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. Science & Technology. I didn't want dark foot steps to awaken me in my sleep, while in Vietnam, so with one eye open I slept all the time while in Vietnam, and if a shadow crossed my path, he would die, or wish he had.

#105. [10] The 124th Transportation Command ran the port and truck transportation units. August 25, 1971 [2], The United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta visited Cam Ranh Bay in June 2012, the first visit by an American official of cabinet rank to Vietnam since the Vietnam War. Vietnam War Handbook. In 1966, four DeLong piers were added to the port. This instituted an "incoming" warning This preparatory work proved fortuitous when a North Vietnamese trawler was discovered landing munitions and supplies at nearby Vũng Rô Bay in February 1965; the incident led the United States to develop Cam Ranh as a major base. We'd talk at night, and he told me point blank, "Chick, I sleep with sometimes three times a day.". The United States Air Force operated a large cargo/airlift facility called Cam Ranh Air Base, which was also used as a tactical fighter base. Here in Vietnam, it was hot, hot, muggy and hotter, and at times the humidity was like taking a shower in your hot sweat. I was there from April 1970 to April 1971. [I gave him a nod to assure him I was in dismay, or not sure of anything myself] I didn't know him. The Sierra, Whiskey, Kilo and Tango units Country wide coordination also was enhanced with establishment of the Naval Communications Station. War does not always allow you to see two pictures at once, the present and the potential. The notes came from my friends Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. [6]:140–2, Also in mid-1965, the American construction consortium RMK-BRJ and engineers of the Navy Officer in Charge of Construction RVN returned to construct a new airfield starting with a temporary 10,000-foot (3,000 m) runway with 2.2 million square feet (200,000 square meters) of AM-2 aluminum matting to accommodate jet fighter-bombers. It would worry some of my friends, that being, afraid I'd shoot them by accident. by Daniel E Williams However, between January and April 1972 the Naval Air Facility, and the Naval Communications Station turned over their installations to the Republic of Vietnam Navy and were duly disestablished.

On May 2, 2002, the Russian flag was lowered for the last time. "Is this it," commented the soldier next to me [while I was waiting with the other 200-soldiers who had first arrived with me in Vietnam]. I was not in the Navy. They were the normal barracks type "wards," but the patients were more closely monitored. I like web site. We were not hurt, just a little shaken.

My response was always. went on Immediate Alert. By September, they had employed 1,800 Vietnamese workers for the work, over half of whom were women. The content on this site is protected by all applicable copyright laws.

As one of

A command spokesman, Capt. and mushroom cloud resembled a nuclear blast. The Army is good for that. Hanoi. Cam Ranh Bay (Vietnamese: Vịnh Cam Ranh) is a deep-water bay in Vietnam in Khánh Hòa Province. I was Life in general in Vietnam [in a support group environment as I was in] had its regular duties as back home, or in Germany, you were cleaning rifles, washing socks, grabbing the warm rain and using it for a shower. [6]:143–6[7] A 1.3 million square feet (120,000 square meters) cargo apron using pierced steel planking, airport facilities and utilities, mess halls, and 25,000 square feet (2,300 square meters) of living quarters were also prepared for use by the U.S. Air Force.[6]:148.

I still kept my M16 locked and loaded though; --but god forbid should the enemy come; I'd had left it down on the ground by some other garments I put. John Buck ( Mike 4 ), Frank Yarbourgh I was with the 483rd SPS from 3/71 to 3/72 at Cam Ranh. ], It seemed to me I'd make it through Vietnam alive, I guess I never thought I wouldn't as long as I was breathing and not bleeding. Don O'Fee's related story. It was the winter of I971 I lived in a hutch at an Army Base in Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam, looking up and across the dry white sand, and hard-dirt that compressed against the hills surrounding our camp, there was a radar station, right above us. ... First Duty Station [1971]." CAM RANH BAY “Welcome to Vietnam” Now, with eight months in the Army and following a 30-day leave to home, it was time to go. The satchel charges [1] The continental shelf of Southeast Asia is relatively narrow at Cam Ranh Bay, bringing deep water close to land.


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