canadian tire mastercard cash advance limit
But with the exceptional offer currently available on the American Express Cobalt Card, we highly recommend getting a Cobalt Card instead.

Manufactured spend is common with the travel hacking crowds. Only once you purchase more than $3000 would you get a 1.5% cash back rate.

Hi Rob, making a purchase that keeps your balance below your overall credit limit should be fine, though sometimes credit card providers do have additional security checks in place if you try to go significantly over your average balance in a single transaction. Travel hacking is viewed as a interesting topic in the U.S., really didn't mean to offend anyone.

There's nothing illegal about it. I applied for the Triangle Mastercard on April 13th and haven’t heard from them neither by email nor mail since.

Of course, the CTM you earned on that purchase will automatically be deducted when you return the item. So the 12-month payment plan will become available if you buy something for $100 and something else for $150 from the same merchant at the same time, but not if you buy them across two different receipts (eg. I don't see anything stopping you from making 500 dollar payments towards OSAP, transferring the money from chequing to the credit card, then repeating until the full balance is $0 (although this might take a while lol).

Hi Hannah – yes, you’ll be able to use the 12-month payment plan again on your next purchase above $200. This is one card that you do not want to transfer a balance and forget about it.

You will need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to withdraw cash. And shop at L’Équipeur stores, Mark’s Work Wearhouse and Canadian Tire stores. This includes millions of payment terminals all over the world as well as online stores. Hi Veronique, I suggest calling Canadian Tire Financial Services at 1-800-459-6415 to ask them about this – it’s not a question we’re able to answer. The customer service I received when I called in was less than satisfactory. I never heard of that before but OK, so I did. However, this card, the Triangle Mastercard, does not, and yes, the self-employed are also welcome to apply. Other readers have commented that their applications have been slow, too, which may be a consequence of COVID-19.

Two optional services to protect your credit, Need help or have additional questions? I strongly suggest calling the number on the back of your card, or 1-800-459-6415, as soon as possible so they can freeze or cancel your card and prevent any further damage. I already have the thing. I called in while the employee was waiting, and was treated like crap by the person I spoke to.

I was told a Mastercard account was approved back in March 2019, I was assigned a credit limit of $3K and I had a zero balance. Fight back! I noticed CTFS had been reporting the account to my credit file since it was first opened back in March 2019. There are many many ways to accomplish this in the U.S., it's hard for me to believe that "every" door has been closed for creative spending with points programs in Canada but, maybe. They charge an (APR) annual rate of interest of 19.99% on purchases. I wanted to add the supplementary card into my on-line account but it doesn’t let me do it.

They have no promotions for balance transfers while there are competitors with promotions ranging between 0% and 1.99%. Terms & Conditions: Once you receive your Triangle Mastercard, your card gets linked with your CTM ‘e-money’ account so that you can accumulate points in both places. If you’ve always got your Mastercard with you, you won’t need the points card, since all of the points will automatically be applied to your account on every Mastercard purchase. I’d wait until a few days after the holidays and if you don’t hear from them by then, give them a call or apply for the card again. Hi Kay, normally applicants hear from Canadian Tire within a couple of days, but since Canada Post is severely backed up right now due to the Christmas rush, your card may be delayed in getting to you. I initially had a credit limit of $20,000.

Canadian Tire Money is the rewards currency for Canadian Tire. (1) Terms and conditions apply. Suck it up and earn that 1.5% $500 at a time. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the PersonalFinanceCanada community, Continue browsing in r/PersonalFinanceCanada, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Received Canadian Tire Cash Advantage Mastercard to pay OSAP, low credit limit, unsure of how to proceed Discovered that the CT Options Mastercard and CT Cash Advantage Mastercard are the only cards in Canada that can be used to pay bills - OSAP included. You should pay back the ‘total’ amount ASAP. I was told I would have to return to a store and repeat the process.

I was told I should inform the store associate that my identification needed to be called in and documented. How Much Travel Insurance Do I Need For Canada? ®/TM MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks, and PayPass is a trademark, of MasterCard International Incorporated.

I worked a short stint in a bank and seen many limits over drawn a few hundred dollars, but never anything like the amount you are inquiring about, so although I highly doubt it would let you overdraw your card by that much, I don't have an exact answer for you. LOCKED! Yes, the 12-month and 24-month payment plans work at all of these stores: I applied online a week ago. To use the Equal Payment Plan in-store, simply ask the cashier for financing. Many credit card providers will offer a grace period of a couple of days the first time you miss your payment date, but if you do it consistently, they’ll start charging you.


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