casual friday email to employees
Tattoos. It’s for everyone’s safety. Trust me on this one. Emphasize that the jeans worn should still be workplace appropriate and professional. public when we are representing the University. Crocs are made for sous chefs and soccer moms. 2. Greet the employees in the introduction of the jeans day memo and relay the purpose of the letter; the introduction of jeans day. The way we present ourselves can say a lot about our pride in ourselves and in our work. Current policy prohibits: Casual shoes such as hiking boots, sandals, mules If the aim is to create a more open and relaxed atmosphere, explain this too. You will be happy that you took the time and made the effort to communicate effectively with your employees. It establishes a standard that the average employee is comfortable with and can, with a few changes, understand and implement. Casual Friday does not mean pajama day.

That is why we are asking you to communicate this policy to each person on your staff.

Casual means less formal and more comfortable. Photo Courtesy: Who hasn’t slipped out of a pair of soft comfy slippers walking up carpeted stairs? See through shirts. I know some offices have rules about keeping tattoos covered-up. Shorts (for men). Since then, she has worked as a reporter for the Wilbraham-Hampden Times, an editor for Month9Books and Evolved Publishing, editor and has spent the past seven years in marketing and graphic design. This can help prevent further issues and complications. Ladies, same principle applies. Explain in the memo that jeans that are ripped and torn, whether by wear and tear or by design, are prohibited. Because, no. 5. See? Save ripped jeans for Saturdays. NYSCPA: Benefit or Burden? Around this time every year, as we stand on the precipice of warm, summer days, human resource managers around the nation send their hard working employees an email with the obligatory reminders about proper summertime office attire. Outlining what jeans are permitted and what should be avoided will prevent any guesswork by employees and will make universally clear your attire expectations. Greeting and Explanation Greet the employees in the introduction of the jeans day memo and relay the purpose of the letter; the introduction of jeans day. I’m talking to you IT department. We are striving for a balance between our needs for professionalism and our desire to enable comfort and self-expression. Please do not wear yoga pants, or sweatpants to work.

That’s right, you heard me, I’m coming at you, Casual Friday. For this reason, what we wear to work, where we sit at work, our work equipment, and so forth, are very important to each of us. Notice that the headgear has not been disallowed. The feedback we have received has had an impact on every draft of this policy. Jupiterimages/ Images. Just because you put a corduroy blazer over your Super Mario Brothers t-shirt does not make it office appropriate. In my opinion, if someone wants to express themselves with brightly colored hair in shades of red, blue, or purple, and they wear it neat and tidy, how is that less appropriate than the brunette with neat and tidy brown colored hair? I am not championing that white collar offices around the country debar casual Friday attire.

If we cannot maintain an air of dignity we will be forced to rethink this new policy. Evaluating Business Attire During a Performance Evaluation, Flower Centerpieces for a Business Function. While business suits dominated the corporate setting in previous generations, today even jeans can be deemed office appropriate. By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. The office doesn’t have to always be a drab, dull environment.

4. It’s hard to argue that on an 88- degree day, when the office fees like a terrarium, that women are allowed to wear knee-length skirts, but men have to wear full length pants or jeans. I’d just like to suggest that employees leave their drawstring pants and fuzzy slippers at home Monday through Friday. You will experience less push back and more willing compliance. Gentleman, if I can see the color of your boxers through the holes in the legs of your jeans, it’s not office appropriate. Invest in a solid pair of sneakers and save the rubber sandal-shoes for your next day trip to Disney World. 7. I understand that hoodies can be a casual form of self-expression, but that’s what your cubicle is for. Explain in the memo that abuse of the jeans day policies can lead to the cancellation of the new rules. I don’t believe formal clothes have to be expensive, just that they should demonstrate an air of professionalism. Friday is truly my favorite day of the week, because with it comes the relaxed attitude of knowing that a week of boring meetings and Excel spreadsheets has wound down, and the optimism of knowing that two full days of personal leisure lay ahead. Or, if the souls of your $1.00 Old Navy flip flops are stained gray with dirt in the shape of your toes, that you treat yourself to a new pair of $1.00 Old Navy flip flops.

Make sure employees know that the jeans day is not a guarantee or a right and is subject to change as necessary. It is always difficult to institute policies that are new, especially those that will affect the eighteen inches of space that surround each of us at work.

Offering everyone the opportunity to dress in business casual during the entire week wear offers a great way for employees to be more comfortable and to save money. 3. A dress code gives us a standard for our professional appearance. Save them for date night and put on a pair of pants that your boss can’t see through. Dirty sneakers or flip flips. Jeans that are too low cut should also be avoided. Use this letter or a customized version that suits your organization to provide the introduction to a new dress code. Jeans with holes across the tops of your thighs and all the way down to your shins are just too revealing. We are always searching for new ways to make our firm a better place to work. This practice affects all employees, except those required to wear uniforms in the performance of their jobs. Sample Letter to Introduce a Dress Code (Text Version), A Sample Business Casual Dress Code to Enhance Workplace Success, Take a Look at Various Work Dress Codes and Business Attire Examples, Two Sample Letters to Make Your New Employee Feel Welcome, The Dos and Don'ts of Business Casual Wear, What Business Casual Dress for Work Looks Like on Employees, See a Smart-Casual Dress Code in Pictures, Your Dress Code Provides a Guide So Employees Know What Is Expected, Here's a Casual Dress Code Dos and Don'ts List for Manufacturing, Use These Sample HR Policies and Procedures for Employee Management, 6 Reasons to Send a New Employee Welcome Letter and a Sample Letter, Stuck At Work? If you want to share with your co-workers how much you love the Pittsburgh Steelers, or that trip you took to The Grand Canyon, or Victoria Secret’s PINK brand, then decorate your cubicle accordingly. The elimination of each of these had been requested by managers who do not believe we have been strict enough in this iteration of the policy. Essentially, either once a week or once a month, the office will do something exciting and fun on a Friday, to help get everyone excited for the weekend. Casual business wear encompasses many looks but it really means casual clothing that is appropriate for a professional office environment. We are delighted to make this revision, and as always, count on your …

2. Copyright © 2020 Jessica Marabella.

I don’t want you to leave thinking I’m a total Friday fun sponge, so I’m going to compromise and counter offer a short list of items that to me, are completely appropriate Monday through Friday, to try to win back some of your respect. She also has an extensive background in dance. Privacy Notice/Your California Privacy Rights. This will prevent abuse of the policy and will ensure employees remain looking professional even on more casual business days. casual clothes to be worn on Fridays during the non-busy seasons (casual Fridays). AOL: Has Casual Friday Become Too Casual?

Are Rude Emails at Work a Violation of Human Resource's Policy? Explain whether this is a one-day break from the typical office dress code or will be a recurring event, such as a casual Friday policy. All on board? Although you are allowing employees to wear jeans to be more casual and comfortable, you will still want them to appear professional. Safety first worker bees. All rights reserved. Note that I am not baring sneakers and flip flops entirely. Cartoon t-shirts. The University will observe Casual Dress Fridays. It does not mean extra-sexy. Now look, before you try to write me off as a stifling stuffed shirt, I enjoy Casual Friday just as much as anyone else. While I see the concern about an over exposure of bare female shoulders and knobby male knees under the harsh glow of fluorescent office lights, I’d like to take this opportunity to distribute my own set of suggestions, but not just for the months of May through September. No hoodies. And yes, faux-leather open-back mules that only have fur around the top edge are still slippers. I know this advice flies in the face of Abercrombie at Fitch’s strategy to sell pre-ripped jeans for $89.99, and I can acknowledge that jeans with rips across the thighs have a place in society. Use this letter or a customized version that suits your organization to provide the introduction to a new dress code. Susan Heathfield is an HR and management consultant with an MS degree. If you can buy your toddler the same shoe, it’s not office appropriate.

This policy has been published, at least annually, since then. How you communicate the policy is crucial in its acceptance by Company staff. They’re also not meant to encourage purchases of expensive clothing. The requirement for closed-toe and closed-heel shoes in the manufacturing areas was established by the Company Safety Committee. I don’t care what you top it off with. I know, I’m breaking hearts by putting hoodies into the “no” pile, but if you’d wear it to rake leaves or paint your deck, it’s not office attire, even on a Friday. This suggestion is mostly for ladies.

Then follow me into the conference room. My suggestions are meant as simple reminders that even on a Friday, an office is still a place of business, and we’re all still representing a professional service company.


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