cat by the tail figure of speech
(a)  not have a cat in hell’s chance = very little or no chance (b) cat’s chance, 13. Just this afternoon a friend send me this picture to figure out the figures of speech.. NOTE: PERSONIFICATION:

40. [said of a young woman who attracts men to satisfy her sexual pleasures] ], 38. to let the cat out of the bag  =  to tell a secret by accident or without giving much thought to it, 39. to rain cats and dogs  =  to rain heavily, 40. 3.A hard nut to crack

Examples: ], 16. catcall  =  a loud noise, usually whistles and/or shouts, by the disappointed audience or spectators at a performance or show, to express their disapproval or anger, 17. cat-hearted  =  very cowardly (= not having mental or physical strength to face problems), 18. cat-witted [said of someone silly, and having high opinion of one’s own abilities], 19. cat-eyed  =  (of someone) able to see in the dark, 20.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! It mainly forms the basis of several jokes, is used as a way of insults, or could simply be used to dramatize a situation, where in reality, the situation may not be that bad.

METAPHOR: A Metaphor is an implied Simile. 27. as nimble as a blind cat in barn (‘nimble’ = quick and light in movement; agile; active) = [said of a clumsy person — not at all active and not doing things in the right way]

(h)  grin like a cat (‘grin’ = smile hugely) I like the list offered by Mabelfrancis. 2. a fat cat  =  a person who is privileged (= given special treatment) or well looked after ( Log Out /  (a)  bell the cat (b)  Who will bell the cat? 34.Cat got your tongue? She may just want a rest or be a bit chilly, but a wrapped tail could also signal anxiety. • Milton! 27.End of one’s tether This Figure-of-Speech is also widely used by us in our writings. ( Log Out /  (d)  as fierce as a cat if your opponent is strong, you have to use a stronger member from your side to face him or tackle him, or if the problem is difficult you have use means that are more effective to deal with it], 51. curiosity killed the cat [said of somebody who shows too much curiosity (the urge to know about things, usually others’ personal matters) not to be so curious because there could be some danger in interfering or knowing about things that do not concern him/her], 52. Watch, too, when your cat moves – a tail tucked between her hind legs indicates she feels threatened and may lash out. 3. hell-cat  =  a mean, unmanageable person; a noisy quarrelsome woman 1282939) and Allianz Insurance plc (Registered in England No. (b)  to be the cat’s whiskers/pyjamas  =  to be the best idea, person, thing, etc. It’s a starter home that will require some fixing up before they will be able to move in, but once we can get that done it will be a darling place for them to call home for their growing family.


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