chef is a configuration management tool true or false
Each tool has its own domain-specific language (DSL). With both these tools, Docker, Packer and Vagrant support agentless provisioning and client-server Both are highly scalable and have high interoperability. Chef calls this desired state configurations you write recipes. | Jenkins For Continuous Integration | Edureka, Install Jenkins In 5 Simple Steps | Jenkins Installation | Edureka, Jenkins Tutorial | Continuous Integration Using Jenkins | Edureka. For instance, one of the main goals of using Chef or Puppet for configuration management is that you can define as code what should be the desired state of a group of servers. DevOps in various domains – How DevOps solves the problem? DevOps Roles: Which Of Them Is Your Dream? Operations team didn’t have access to the cloud or development environments.

- True A build that fails at _____ stage is not deployable.

I will talk about workstation in my next blog. Figure 1- Chef configuration from Saurabh is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka.... Saurabh is a technology enthusiast working as a Research Analyst at Edureka. Even though both tools work in different ways internally, the result is the same. Puppet is used by Red Hat, Siemens, Salesforce, Sony, and Google. Ltd. All rights Reserved. For Puppet, they have Puppet Enterprise that includes the following capabilities: They also have Puppet Remediate, which is a tool for vulnerability management of your servers. Since both look at the same fundamental objective of configuration management, there are certain attributes that are found to be existing in both. A master node is where all server configurations get stored. Chef uses a pure-Ruby, domain-specific language (DSL) for writing system configurations. Both help development and operations teams manage applications and infrastructure. Development, Operations, Security and Finance all were benefited from this. Which of those features will help your organization to reduce silos and waste? Then, for each server that you want to manage, there’s an agent installed that’s pulling the configuration in periods automatically. You can do this task manually, but what happens if you have to finish this task overnight because tomorrow might be a Big Billion Day sale in the company or some Mega Sale etc. Your IP: Today we pit two popular tools for configuration management against one another; Chef vs Puppet.These types of tools help engineers to maintain a consistent configuration in all servers. These nodes are dynamically configured so basically they are pulling configurations from the centralized server. Puppet is used by thousands of companies worldwide by companies like Google, Red Hat, Siemens, Stanford, Harvard Law School and many more. How to use Git Log to format the commit history? Docker Architecture: Why is it important? Redoing an implementation because the requirements have changed since the last implementation.

Before we investigate both individually and further compare them, let us have a glimpse at the foundation of both – configuration management. On a basic level, configuration management offers an abstraction layer between the infrastructure’s basic formation and its chosen state by emphasizing on important objectives rather than the monotonous responsibilities needed to attain them.


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