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Maintaining and cleaning the equipment During pre-production, the 1st AC will go to rental houses to test gear and make sure everything is ready on schedule. They will then work with these departments to choose cameras, lenses, filters, shot composition, light design and setup, and any necessary gear. They would go into a dark room to open light-tight canisters of film stock to load into the magazine. We also need someone who can act as an assistant to the director around the shoot. Without a camera, there is no movie. Loading and unloading of film stock from and to the magazines Interfacing with continuity in order to note which takes to print Designed for Premiere Pro and FCPX. A degree in Film Studies or Photography can be useful. The film’s director will tell the DP how they want a shot to look. They also load film stock into camera magazines if there is no film loader on set. This includes lab instructions, lens type, focal length, T Stop, stock details and more. Interested in more Filmmaking 101 posts like these? They must operate the clapperboard and assist the camera operator in positioning and moving cameras. Student Music Talk Show - We Need a Production Set Designer. They must be able to keep focus by paying attention to the distance between a subject and the camera. The Steadicam operator wears the system on their body, which allows them to balance the camera while in motion. The first assistant camera is in charge of the camera department. They would then give the magazine to the 2nd AC, who would put it on the camera. The Clapper Loader works closely with focus puller, changing lenses and filters, helping to reconfigure shots and occasionally assisting with difficult shots. If shooting on film stock, the list will also contain the contents of each exposed reel. Concentration, timekeeping and physical fitness are important too. Looking for a career with no limits?

The specific responsibilities and division of labor within the department will almost always vary depending on the circumstances of the shoot.[1]. Image: Director of Photography Roger Deakins on set of Skyfall, via In-depth knowledge and understanding of all the roles in the camera department, especially focus puller.

You could spend ten years in each grade or more or less. They need to break down the script for its technical requirements. They are in charge of the maintenance and care of all cameras. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Sophie’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Other Duties On top of all of that, it is expected that a decent assistant will be able to anticipate a good part of those demands before they become demands. Keeping records of time, per Diems, and expenses for the entire camera crew Find out more about how to use the Clapper Board in this video: How To Become a Clapper Loader Clapper Loaders are responsible for loading raw film stock into camera magazines, operating the clapperboard and the upkeep and maintenance of all records/paperwork within the Camera Department. Further, they are also assisted from time-to-time by the Third Assistant Cameraperson, who will aid the changing of batteries and boards when the Clapper Loader is performing other tasks. The position is not very common on set, as 2nd ACs typically manage memory cards and give them directly to the DIT. They must mark and record actors’ positions during rehearsals.

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The film loader puts the footage back into the light-tight canister and labels it for transport to the development lab. To know how to clean and maintain various forms of cameras and equipment.

The shoots are for around 5-6 scenes which will be shot over 4-5 separate days in May/June starting on 6th May. The main purpose is to tell the post-production team when the camera has started (and stopped) recording. There are 120 members with the job title Loader on Media Match So is common sense and honesty. Great communication skills and attention to detail in reporting, especially in the movement of actors during rehearsal for marking. The loader is responsible for the actual medium that the camera shoots on, whether film stock or digital cards. They are on set to learn by assisting every position listed above.

They receive the camera’s memory cards and immediately dump and backup footage. The specific responsibilities and division of labor within the department will almost always vary depending on the circumstances of the shoot.


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