classics 3mt3 review

- his genuine enthusiasm for medical terminology is just delightful.

Keep up with the Moodle and ace the midterms and you'll be on your way to a great mark. In terms of the course, you do have to put the work in but it's all worth it as he tells you exactly what will be expected on tests and assignments! His jokes are funny and when you go to his office he really gives you good feedback and tries to help you out. He is so enthusiastic about the material too that it's a bit comical. If you miss a lecture its not the end of the world so long as you do the reading, but he is hilarious, so you wont to miss them.

It was my first classics course since first year, so I was a bit worried. great and funny prof, makes material super understandable IF you go to class. 2MT3 was not easy, but Dr. Russell made it so enjoyable!

laurenpailley. i would only buy the workbook (use quizlet too). Lowkey also rly helps for future hth sci type courses (ie anatomy), this was a class i took as an elective, and i loved it! Stephen Russell is a great prof and Im glad I took this course too, Lectures are pretty boring, but if u do go Russell is actually really funny.

As a commerce student, I was quite scared about the course and didn't know what to expect since I have ZERO background in anatomy. Contact Annie for help in MATH 1A03, CHEM 1A03, CHEM 1AA3, CLASSICS 2MT3, CLASSICS 3MT3, BIOCHEM 2EE3 at $8.75 per 15 min! If I could tag Lots of reading 2 more times on this site I would. laurenpailley. Thanks Dr. Russell! But he made Ancient World in Film so fun with his own translations and sense of humour. Winter 2019.

Contrary to belief, his courses aren't bird courses; you must put in the effort--but, you'll love him for it tho.

You've reached the end of your free preview. FREE study guides and infographics! Do well on test 1 and get that 12 baby! 7 pages. I highly recommend taking both Classics 2MT3 and 3MT3. laurenpailley.

very entertaining! best prof to date! As a Commerce student i had to work too hard just to keep up. This prof is hands down one of the best profs that makes a 3 hour lecture feel less tiring. Classics 3MT3 Important Notes. But for 3MT3, I actually learned the latin since and the new terms were pretty helpful. ... Review 2MT3 Latin: nominative s (this is a bit tricky) 3. He always finds a way to make content enjoyable and makes lectures very fun. (79 Documents), CLASSICS 2E03 - Greek Myths Russell's translations mucho enjoyable & not dry. None Pages: 7 year: 17/18.

I would take it again in a heartbeat. prof is amazing and helpful, and you will do better if you attend. I just looooveee his courses! laurenpailley. CLASSICS 103 CHAPTER 1 1. x-ize: to (do the action of) x to make (something) x 2. x-al: pertaining to x Latin: M -alis, F -alis, N -ale 3. x-ic: pertaining to x Latin: M -icus, F -ica, N -icum 4. x-ous: pertaining to x Latin: M -osus, F -osa, N -osum 5. x-ary: pertaining to x Latin: M -aris, F -aris, N … literally my favourite prof ever.


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