clowesia orchids for sale
After the bulbs mature, moisture can be reduced or stopped completely.

Two to four leaves grow from the base of each pseudobulb.

Pseudobulbs are somewhat fusiform to conical in shape with thin veined leaves during the growth season. "Can someone give me the name of this orchid? Click on image to enlarge. ", "ANTS: Nesting Between Osmunda and Bark Slab Requires Control Safe for Visiting Hummingbirds", © International Orchid Foundation, LLC.

The leaves are deciduous, and are shed at the start of each new growth.The flowers of these orchids have a strong scent of cinnamon.Anguloa clowesii grows in the mountains with very moist conditions at the roots.    The flowers emerge at the base of the newest growths in late winter to early summer.Anguloa virginalis is a Anguloa endemic to Colombia.

Like Catasetum and Cycnoches, the worst enemy of Clowesia are spider mites that come with hot, dry conditions with poor air circulation while the plants are in growth. At that time C. H. Dodson published his revision in which he removed from Catasetum, eight species that bore bisexual or perfect flowers. The long, lanceolate and plicate leaves of a full-grown Anguloa can be more than 1 m long.


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