colt root rifle reproduction

Action needs adjustment. document.getElementById('acopaquediv').style.display='none'; document.getElementById('newacctpl').style.display='none'; S/N #1 showing Italian proofs. 20” Barrel in .44-40 caliber. Beautifully made and in the issue display case.

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"; Som. Loading a single chamber at a time also reduced the weapon to a single shot weapon, and effectively defeated the entire purpose of having a repeating rifle.[9]. With a price point around $300 and a lot of standard features for that amount of green, the new Taurus G3C gives the buyer a lot of bang for the buck. Colt Root Rifle; Peabody Rifle and Carbine; Smith Carbine; Henry Rifle. METAL PARTS ALL HAVE GONE GRAY,&nb, "Colt 1839/1848 “Albert Foster” Paterson carbine. Colt Root Third Model .28 Caliber Revolver with Fluted Cylinder. I personally bought this gun from his great-great grandson along with the entire collection that was offered for sale. Colt 2nd Model Root Percussion Revolver. wood, checkered forend, 90% blue, crescent buttplate, rare Lyman tang sight, original open, Serial #2873, .22 Short or Long, 24" barrel with a dark, pitted bore. Manufactured in 1896. Dixie Arms imported an Italian-made live firing model with a six-shot .44-caliber cylinder for a few years but these are now rare and fetch about $1200. function displaynewaccount(){ A very nice little rifle and this is a good example. Colt Root Sixth Model .31 Caliber Percussion Revolver. This artificially low value applied to the guns meant that they were invariably pressed into hard service and, as such, few survive today in working or unaltered condition. This gun is flat new condition! var regex=/[^@]+@[^@]+\. Colt Small Frame Lightning Rifle 1888 Mfg. Gun functions perfectly and appears to still be in its original finish. Colt Root Third Model .28 Caliber Revolver with Fluted Cylinder. After seeing the price and reading the reviews on both the rifle and the replica Root I think I will pass. All markings are excellent sharp and crisp. (AC82), "Deluxe Colt Lightning Medium Frame Slide Action .38-40 (AC75), HIGH CONDITION COLT SMALL FRAME LIGHTNING, VERY FINE 1ST MODEL 1855 COLT PERCUSSION REVOLVING RIFLE, HISTORIC 44 CALIBER COLT BABY LIGHTNING SRC WITH IMPERIAL GERMAN MARKINGS, Exceptionally Rare Colt Model 1855 Revolving Rifle with London Address, #4919 Colt 1885 RBFMCB 38WCF, 19XXX range (1887), very good bore.

Tastleful aftermarket ivory grips. postdata="email=" + encodeURIComponent(document.getElementById('liemail').value) + "&pw=" + encodeURIComponent(document.getElementById('lipass').value) + (document.getElementById('licook').checked? This L, 26 inch round barrel with original sights and a dirty bore that may clean up. Hablamos Español. Smith and Wesson New Model 3. Some very fine pin prick pitting on the receiver, This one is marked S.F.P.

Smith and Wesson Revolver Parts, 1st & 2nd Model American, Schofield and Old, Old Russian . Gun has approximately 95% blue.

Why can't Uberti produce something other than their standard 1860,1851, and Remington copies?

After a series of sales to both the military and the discerning public, Colt began to explore the option of a rapid-fire rifle. ! Nickel finish. Similar design as the Root revolver. liajaxobj.send(null); The Colt New Model Revolving rifles were early repeating rifles produced by the Colt's Manufacturing Company from 1855 until 1864. The trigger guard, recoil shield and upper tang have excellent blue. Bore is worn but action works perfectly. The gun remains in good original, Colt Express Lightning Pump Action Rifle, 38-56, 28" oct. bbl. The U.S. government had purchased 765 Colt revolving carbines and rifles prior to the Civil War. Historical Society. lastloginattempt=new Date().getTime();

However, if the carbine can be tied to the Pony Express, or to an individual soldier, officer, or unit during the Civil War, then this price can escalate dramatically. 6” Blued model with case and accessories. & magazine tube, 30% blue on a, VERY FINE CIVIL WAR COLT U.S. MODEL 1861 SPECIAL RIFLE MUSKET DATED 1864. Tel. if(!regex.test(testitem.value)){ This is one of only twenty manufactured         ( 30,0000 were made for the Russian Contract, Colt Lightning 44-40 San Francisco Police Rifle 98%, COLT LIGHTNING SLIDE ACTION RIFLE IN CALIBER 44, "Excellent Colt Burgess Saddle Ring Carbine. The design was essentially similar to revolver type pistols, with a rotating cylinder that held five or six rounds in a variety of calibers from .36 to .64 inches. A combination of Colt revolving pistols and revolving rifles were used on the Pony Express by the eight men who guarded the dangerous run between Independence, Missouri, and Santa Fe. } alert("Please enter at least 6 characters in the field \"Password\". [11] After the war began, the Union purchased many more rifles and carbines. liajaxobj.onreadystatechange=naajaxcallback; This is a used Colt Dragoon 1st Gen in .44 caliber. Marlin Lever Actions. }else{

This rifle in .22 caliber for .22 short and .22 ...Click for more info TH, Colt Dragoon 1st Gen. .44 cal Black Powder Beautiful Case Colored!! alert("Please enter a valid email address.

Case is excellent as are the accessories. Unidentified Union soldier with Colt revolving rifle, Model 1855. "Replica Colt Paterson Revolver.

[7], Based on the Sidehammer design, Colt produced the Sidehammer Model 1855 rifles and carbines for military and sporting use, as well as a revolving shotgun. function checkloginaccount(){ Action works perfectly. 74-11 Myrtle AveGlendale, NY '&licook=ON':'');

liajaxobj.onreadystatechange=laajaxcallback; When this happened with the Colt Revolving Rifle, a spray of metal would be sent forward into the left arm and hand of the user. Colt Revolving Rifle and Root Revolver. This Colt rifle was manufactured in 1888 and has a checkered forend, octagonal barrel and a tang mounted peep sight. "Civil War Firearms: Their Historical Background and Tactical Use" By Joseph G. Bilby, "American Rifle: A Biography" By Alexander Rose, Colt Model 1855 Sidehammer Pocket Revolver, Army of the Cumberland and George Thomas Source –, Firearms in American History, Vol. Colt 1st Model Root .28 Caliber Revolver. Fax., ...we don't currently have that one in stock, Please add your email and we'll notify you when it's back. var regex=/[^@]+@[^@]+\. Medium Frame. The revolver has approximately 90% original blue. document.getElementById('fclitspan').innerHTML="now"; Cased set with accessories. We have no fears for the safety of the mail." var className=document.getElementById('liaccterrordiv').className; The design was essentially similar to revolver type pistols, with a rotating cylinder that held five or six rounds in a variety of calibers from .40 to .64 inches.

Colt Root Third Model .28 Caliber Revolver with Fluted Cylinder (C15773) $5,500.00.

Cased Colt model #2 Root revolver., Monday thru Saturday: 9am - 8pm They were used to a limited extent on the Pony Express, and made a brief appearance in the American Civil War.


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