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Is the Debtor delinquent with any court ordered payments to attorneys or other professionals? For most retirees, the refund is issued automatically by the Health Benefits Program. You must be receiving a City pension check and be enrolled as the contract holder for City health benefits in order to receive reimbursement for Part B premiums. If your information has changed, the easiest way to update it is by visiting the Help & Support tab of Online Banking Deposit agicement - When you opened your account, you received a deposit agreement and fee schedule and agreed that your account would be govemed by the terms of these documents, as we may amend them from time to time. FINANCE CHARGES: Although the Bank uses the Daily Balance method to calculate the finance charge on your Moneyline/Overdraft Protection account the term "ODP" or "OD" refers to Overdraft Protection), the Bank discloses the Average Dally Balance on the periodic atatement as an easler method for you to calculate the finance charge.

Please include: . IRMAA 2019 Differential payments are scheduled to be issued by the end of November 2020. Table 4-3 RPG Program related KM Options. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. If the answer to any of the questions is "Yes", provide a detailed explanation of each item. ASSETS BOOK VALUE AT END OF CURRENT REPORTING MONTH BOOK VALUE ON PETITION DATE OR SCHEDULED AMOUNT SCHEDULE A REAL PROPERTY Primary Residence 18000000 Other Property (attach schedule) (TOTAL REAL PROPERTY ASSETS 18000000 1530.95 300000 SCHEDULE B PERSONAL PROPERTY Cash on Hand Bank Accounts Security Deposits Household Goods & Furnishings Books, Pictures. If you paid more than the standard monthly reimbursement rate for Medicare Part B, as an Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA), you may be eligible for additional reimbursement. If you fail to notify us in writing of suspected problems or an unauthorized transaction within the time period specified in the deposit agreement (which periods are no more than 60 days after we make the statement available to you and in some cases are 30 days or less), we are not liable to you and you agree to not make a claim against us, for the problems or unauthorized transactions. © 2016 - 2020 Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. All Rights Reserved. To receive the differential reimbursement, please complete the Medicare Part B Differential Request form (below). Go paperless-stop storing or shredding old statements Enjoy the convenience online access offers Enroll today by logging in to Online Banking at Then click on Profiles & Settings (in the lipper right, next to Sign Out). 12 Is the Debtor delinquent in paying any U.S. In your letter, give us the following Information • Your name and account number. Financial Conduct Authority Reg Nr: 794952. Enter the password to open this PDF file: 18-22539-rdd Doc 48 Filed 06/10/19 Entered 06/10/19 12:02:49 Main Document Pg 1 of 24 UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT Southern DISTRICT OF NEW YORK In re Stewart W Dauman Debtor Case No. Any unauthorized entry or use of Con Edison's My Account system is prohibited. … 18-22539(RDD) Reporting Period: 4-01-2019 to 4-30-2019 Debtor DISBURSEMENT JOURNAL CASH DISBURSEMENTS Payee Purpose Date Le Amount - Total Cash Disbursements BANK ACCOUNT DISBURSEMENTS Date Payee Purpose 4/1/2019 THE HORSE AND HOUND INNFood 4/1/2019 BEDFORD DINER 03/27 PURO Food 4/1/2019 MTA*MNR ETIX TICKET 03/28/Travel 4/1/2019 THORNWOOD CITG 03/30 PU Gas 4/1/20191 THORNWOOD CITG 03/30 PU Food 4/1/2019 7BARCLAYS CTRB10707412 Food 4/1/2019 NYCTAXI6A69 03/31 PURCHA Travel 4/1/2019 7-ELEVEN 04/01 PURCHASE I Food 4/1/2019 Bank Of America Banking Fees 4/3/2019 AT&T*BILL PAYMENT 04/02 P Telephone 4/3/2019 LAZ PARKING 090527 04/02 P Parking 4/3/2019 FRANKIE'S DOGS ON THE G Food 4/3/2019 THORNWOOD CITG 04/03 PU Gas 4/4/2019 BEDFORD DINER 04/01 PURO Food 4/4/2019/MTA MNR ETIX TICKET 04/02/Travel 4/4/2019|7-ELEVEN 04/04 PURCHASE Food 4/5/2019 1PARK 83 04/03 PURCHASE N Parking 4/5/2019 LAZ PARKING 090527 04/04 P Parking 4/5/2019 TENGDA ASIAN BISTRO 04/04Food 4/8/2019 TRADER JOES 543 NE Food 4/8/2019 MODERNE BARN ARI Food 4/8/2019 MTA MNR ETIX TICKET 04/04 Travel 4/8/2019 SUPERIOR FUEL OIL INC 04/Utilities 4/8/2019 SPEEDWAY 07658 04/06 PUR Gas 4/8/201917-ELEVEN 04/07 PURCHASE Food 4/8/2019 V.R.G.


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