controversial movies with child actors

| The movie was considered very polemic due to its amount of violence and using children in those scenes. Ryan O'Neal, He reluctantly agrees, and the two enter into a strange mentorship that's tinged by an uneasy chemistry between the duo. Leo Fitzpatrick was 15 years old when played Telly. Scorsese would say something like 'unzip his fly' and just start laughing and not know what to do so he would hand it over to Robert De Niro and then Robert would tell me what to do. Oscar-winner Natalie Portman made her Hollywood debut as a child actress at the age of 12, playing Mathilda in Leon: The Professional. Robert De Niro, This young actress started her career at the age of seven in the 2001 film "I Am Sam". Some roles are difficult even for adults to portray but these kids played them like age was not a matter to consider at all! It doesn’t take long until the girl starts to show a strange behavior, making her new mother ( played by Vera Farmiga) feel very insecure. He just said that I did things in a way that was totally different, pretty much every time. When Mose starts to neglect her in favor of an "exotic dancer" named Trixie (Madeline Kahn), a jealous Addie even devises her own con to get Trixie dumped. | Gross: Jeliza-Rose, a lonely girl who is raised by drug addicted parents. As seen in: Looper's "Movie Roles That Were Too Mature For Child Actors" Let's find out which former child stars can now look back at their experiences and say that they've learned from them, and which felt uncomfortable long after the credits have rolled. Keith Carradine, 10 best traits of people born in November! An English professor falls for a minor , and has to face the consequences of his actions.

This included The New Yorker, "with whom Nabokov had a first-reading agreement." Director: It really freaked me out. To make things even more awkward, it's the young actress' dad that had to supervise the scene — and he wasn't exactly totally innocent to what was happening on set, either. $232.91M. Sarah Henderson, Votes: Here are some of the most inappropriate and controversial child actors' roles! Yet, a year after playing the adorable Fern, the blue-eyed 12 year tackled her first controversial role as Lewellen in Hounddog. Director: Moretz later reported that her parents and the film's crew did their best to keep her from learning what the film was about, and she most definitely wasn't allowed to watch the movie when it premiered. After both dies, she sees herself alone, living in a house in the middle of nowhere, and her only companies are doll heads. Jacob Reynolds, Votes: A young boy stays with his aunt and uncle and befriends his cousin, a boy of the same age who shows increasing signs of violent and psychopathic behavior. At age 14, Shields portrayed a shipwrecked girl growing up on an island with only her cousin (Christopher Atkins) for company. Everything you need to know about SEPTEMBER born WOMEN! HIV, drugs, and rape are some of the most controversial - and remarkable - scenes in the movie. R Leonardo DiCaprio, Her character is an orphaned girl who befriends an assassin and learns the tricks of his trade while forming a "platonic" relationship with the man. John Malkovich, According to The Telegraph, Jeremy Irons, who played her seducer, Humbert Humbert, even vocalized how uncomfortable he was shooting sex scenes with a minor. Drama, Romance. 102 min Peter Bogdanovich

The role required a lot of maturity on Portman’s part; many scenes involved smoking (which Portman’s parents strictly forbade), and the more violent scenes were emotionally intense for the young thespian. Actress Sue Lyon was only 14 at the start of filming, which was controversial in itself during the early '60s. One key scene perceived as an example was in the dialogue of Caiaphas: "His blood [is] on us and on our children! | Stars: She commented on her role saying: "Adrian Lyne [the director] blamed my spontaneity. Léon: The Professional marks Natalie Portman’s film debut.

When a 12-year-old girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her. Eventually, Violet is plied into the prostitution trade as well, and her virginity is even auctioned off to the highest bidder. A car hits Haze, she dies and Humbert is finally free to live his “love” with Lolita. Check. 710,964 $22.24M. The actress played several other movies, but none of them came close to the success achieved by The Exorcist. Humbert becomes so obsessed with Lolita who marries her mother to become closer to her.

| Or the whole cast of the emblematic movie Kids? Drama. Throughout the film, she kills with bloody and reckless abandon, and her dialogue is peppered with plenty of profane one-liners. Natalie Portman made her big-screen debut in the 1993 thriller Léon: The Professional as 12-year-old Mathilda, whose situation goes from bad to worse when her abusive parents—and innocent little brother—are murdered by a corrupt DEA agent (Gary Oldman). Melanie Griffith, Danny Aiello, Votes: Harold Perrineau, Votes: Two years before she starred as the iconically ditzy Cher in Clueless, Alicia Silverstone made quiet ripples in the water with a little flick called The Crush.

Chloë Sevignye Rosario Dawson, who started their career with Kids.


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