create amiibo without nfc tag
The tags featured above are tough plastic that can be written on with a sharpie to label which amiibo is backed up on it. Go ahead and click “Manage Banks”.

Click the “Scan Tag” button and hold your amiibo against the back of the phone. This is because the Windows/Mac software is very cruddy like I mentioned earlier.

I recommend setting it to exactly the amount you have because each time you press the button on the chip it will cycle to the next amiibo. I’ve been told it’s possible, but I found nothing on it. A single N2 Elite chip can hold up to *200* amiibos. Okay, so you got your stickers and phone with NFC writing, now what? While we cannot share them here, just google them and you will be ready to go in a couple of minutes! All it takes is some homebrew software that allows users to write the specific amiibo data to an NFC tag, which can be bought for cheap. Do not attempt to unlock them. The easiest and cheapest solution is to buy NTAG215 tags from Amazon and back them up using a NFC capable Android phone. Backing up your amiibo figures is easy if you have the right equipment. Can you share your source files so we can make our own? and they get me all the tickets/character costumes I want! Given that these can be a pretty large investment it is best to protect yourself. I’ve got the NTAG215 chips and the writer, but I can’t figure out how to write the amiibo data to the chip! I am looking for a third option, i.e. That means if you are for example leveling up Wolf Link you are able to save your progress to this chip. You will need to get the Amiibo encryption keys. You might need to install a file explore for your Android device if you can't do that already on your phone, but it should be in the downloads folder if you downloaded it on your phone. If you need more slots, use the “Set Bankcount” option as you have up to 200 slots available. Do not attempt to write to them. Don't check Reddit too often or I would have replied more quickly. If you have any issues, just let us know in the comments below! This tags may come in the form of stickers, cards, … you name it! They fit nicely in her carrying bag and allow her to leave her amiibo figures safely at home. Use the Dumpinfo sketch which comes with the NFC shield library in order to get the NFC tag … When you open the TagMo app for the first time you will see the following alert: While it may look scary, you will need to allow access to storage in order for the app to be able to save your backups in the device.

You should now see your amiibo saved in that slot. Guess it isn't immediately obvious, but I replied to JDN07 with a link to the PDF I made with the cards, as well as what size and type of paper I printed it on at OfficeMax. Just check before you buy. The chip is so popular now that it has become very difficult to find. You can also buy blank ntag215 stickers from me on my website if you live in the USA. Prerequisites: in order to complete the process you will need an Android device with NFC, your Amiibo, and NTAG215 cards/stickers/…. This can be extended later and can go up to 200 amiibos. This step can vary slightly by phone, so if you are having trouble finding this setting then google how to enable packages from unknown sources on your Android model. Is that even possible? It may sound complicated, but bear with me and you will see the process step by step! It will look like this: Step 7: The N2 chip has now been read. The best software I have found for writing amiibo backups to NTAG215 chips is called TagMo. Your email address will not be published. TagMo is an Android app that will allow you to copy all your Amiibo and pack them in a more portable format!

The most robust solution is to buy a special chip called a N2 elite or sometimes called “Amiiqo”.


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