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Sera then goes to retrieve her father's revolver, which she had concealed well enough that the police missed it during their search that same day. Morgan made a promise to keep Ellie safe and I think he finally fulfilled that promise by telling Ellie how he lost his father, Morgan told Ellie that his mom still means the world to him and he was able to tell Ellie to give her mom a chance, Ellie was in tears upon looking at her mom's journal and that her mom did care about her. Sera seems to have been based on at least two unsubs from the show's past. Gender Som… Sera holds JJ at gunpoint from a vantage point on the stairs and admits that she hated Judy and Katie, explaining her view of how Katie had stolen her mother's love from the moment she was born. The BAU later mentions that Nancy survived her stab wound and that they plan on keeping Jeremy's case-file on hand in case he is eligible for parole. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. The children are strangled, the mothers killed by blunt force trauma and the fathers stabbed multiple times. "You think I'm a bad kid." The father in the second set of murders was also eviscerated crudely postmortem, meaning that it was done not as torture but rather out of curiosity.

Meanwhile, JJ, thinking she is in the shower, returns to the basement, having remembered something odd about the storage boxes, full of quilts and mementos Judy had collected through the years. She also cut off Bruce's medications, allowing his sadistic alternate personality called "Johnny" to slip through, along with his drunken rages; the latter helped her convince Katie to call an abuse hotline several times.

"Safe Haven".

Status Portrayed By That same night, he killed the entire family and began his spree of familicides as he fled back to his home at Newton, intending to seek revenge on Kendra and Carrie.

Sera Morrison is a psychopathic teenage killer who appears in the Season Eight episode in "All That Remains". Male She appeared to be a normal girl, but in reality was a psychopath who was viciously jealous of her younger sister Katie and also hated her mother Judy, as she believed she loved Katie more than her; starting from when Katie was born in 1999. Investigating, the BAU finally come across her, disheveled and apparently in shock, and take her to the hospital, still thinking she is a victim. Her hatred of him stemmed from her initial pregnancy with twins, with the other child later being consumed by Jeremy while they were still in the fetal stage.

Title: Meanwhile, Morgan is concerned when Ellie runs away from her foster family and pays him a visit. After the outburst, JJ takes Sera home. Throughout the attacks, Jeremy had a noticeable habit of trying to invoke a reaction (seemingly a violent one) from the mothers by stating unsettling facts, such as raping her children. Unnamed fatherKendra Sayer (mother)Carrie Sayer (sister)Unnamed maternal grandmother When Kendra confronts him, he forces her to admit what happened to his unborn twin. Her hatred of him stemmed from her initial pregnancy with twins, with the other child later being consumed by Jeremy while they were still in the fetal stage. After what happened in Los Angeles, Morgan wanted to do everything he can to help Ellie after her father and aunt were killed by Billy Flynn. Evidence at one of the earlier crime scenes leads the BAU to come to understand where the... Jeremy is holding his sister at knifepoint.

Ellie thanked Morgan for everything.

November, pre-2010, Newton, Iowa: Attempted to kill his entire family by poisoning them with rat poison pellets, including: October 19, Omaha, Nebraska: The Archer family, October 20, Council Bluffs, Iowa: The Bennett family, October 21, Route 6, Iowa: Reverend Louis Hannum, October 22, Des Moines, Iowa: The Riverton family, Jeremy seems to have been at least partially inspired by. Sera Morrison The unsub is an adolescent white male aged between 13 to 17, who is diagnosed as a "budding psychopath" as he is too young to be classified as antisocial. Confronted with this new threat, Sera pretends to be panicked and tries to win them over to her cause. Though it is unknown how Judy died, it can be assumed that Sera applied blunt-force trauma to her as well. While on the road, Jeremy, most likely acting out on his psychopathic tendencies, murders Hannum, causing his car to crash into a ditch, then dissects Hannum's arms. of Victims Bruce Morrison (father)Judy Morrison (mother; deceased)Katie Morrison (sister; deceased)Unnamed paternal grandmother (deceased)Unnamed paternal grandfather (status unknown) No. Born in 1995, Sera was a high-school senior with a 4.0 GPA; she had even accepted an early admission to Stanford. High school student Season Fourteen; Season Thirteen; Season Twelve; Season Eleven; Season Ten; Season Nine; ... Underaged Killers.

When she does so, Reid, who had been keeping his gun trained over Sera's head the whole time, arrests her despite her protests. When doctors discerned her father and brother were the ones responsible, they convinced Am… Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Because of this, he was forced to leave Afghanistan early, causing him to resent both Owen and Hope. Elements of Sera's case are similar to the disappearance of Susan Powell.

Meanwhile, Rossi and Reid go to the Archer home, having realized that the unsub is a teenager and that Monica Archer willingly took him home because she trusted him. Soon after, JJ and Reid discover the necklace and earrings taken from Judy after her murder in the planner; February 4th, which was the day Judy went missing. All of these would point to Bruce being the killer, at the same time that would give her several strong alibis. When Hope died, Owen was left to be raised by his father, Lou Savage, who was a U.S. Marine serving in Afghanistan at the time.

Sera was noted to be meticulous; orchestrating a very detailed plan on pinning the deaths of her mother and sister on her father.

"All That Remains". The children are strangled, the mothers killed by blunt force trauma and the fathers stabbed multiple times. Owen had learning difficulties and frequently suffered mental abu…

There, they find a message sent by Nancy about Jeremy being at her house; since neither Monica's sons were named Jeremy, they realize that Jeremy had already attacked another family. In reviewing the crime scenes, the BAU come to the realization that the unsub was known to the victims and that he is a minor.

Born on February 6, 1997, in Newton, Iowa, Jeremy was despised by his religious mother Kendra from the day he was born. He liked tying the Riverton children up with belts and socks and terrorizing them, and he knew what he was doing, which means he has done it before. Modus Operandi He has traveled over forty miles because of his victims, not suspecting an average teenager of being dangerous, gave him rides and places to stay. Two families consisting of a mother, father and two children are murdered in two consecutive days in the Iowa/Nebraska border area. She especially excelled in writing, most likely taking after her father, Bruce. When Jeremy claims that they can't shoot a kid, Morgan promises to kill Jeremy if he even considers harming his sister, causing Jeremy to tearfully surrender. Since he was only 13, they felt comfortable enough to let him stay in with them. I'll see her in five years anyway.".

The BAU travel to Montana to investigate a mass murder shooting at a gas station. JJ becomes increasingly suspicious of Sera's unusually calm behavior as the conversation shifted to the cold temperature of the house.

The autopsies show that the mothers suffered the most pain in their deaths, making the BAU believe that the mothers are the key to the unsub's rage. Looking for some great streaming picks? Two distinct signatures:Forcing mothers to watch their families being killedPost-mortem dissection (later)

CRIMINAL On October 10, 2010, he twisted the arm of his sister, Carrie, so far that it broke and she had to be taken to the ER. Sera murders Katie there, beating her over the head and threw her body into the river. Name The father in the second set of murders was also eviscerated crudely postmortem, meaning that it was done not as torture but rather out of curiosity. She then takes a shotgun that was at the building and vanishes into the surrounding forest.


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