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As they discuss where to put the mansion, Keyleth and Vex feel the vibration of the sphere under the ground, meaning that the collapsed tunnel is being cleared. The closed captions featured on this episode have been curated by our CR editors.

Keyleth points out that time is not always linear when returning from the Feywild. Trinket appears in the material world next to Keyleth. She moves into the rocky chamber and waits for the oil to wear off. Quietly as possible, they hide, making sure to stay close enough to Scanlan to keep their protection from Vecna. You really are awesome. She also sees an armored figure, more skeletons, and a ten foot tall creature. Sally Errico: Liam: Since Dunamancy is a Homebrew out of the insanity that is Mercer's brain, how thrilling is it to see a couple of the spells now and the possibilities to come? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. SPOILERS for Critical Role Episode 112 (obviously). Grog asks what the sword wants in return, and it says it only wishes to cut Vecna’s throat.

Scanlan tries to convince Vex to turn Trinket into a wyvern, but both Trinket and Vex disagree. Keyleth tries to glide down, but is unable to find it. The cultists leave, but the skeletons and rock behemoth stay behind, still guarding the archway. Pike: “Don’t you do anything else! Vex moves through space using the ethereal plane. Current events are kinda weird. She also brings Trinket out of her necklace. Scanlan walks back through the archway. Delilah: “Glad you could make it. Having now seen the sword, Vex casts locate object. Vox Machina traveled through the titan’s body, hoping to reach their destination of Thar Amphala. Artagan is satisified with the outcome. Ahhh! But, just as they begin to doubt Vax’s return, their half elf friend turns the corner. Percy tries to think if he read about Artagan, but he cannot recall anything. Grog sits down and begins to attune to the Sword of Kas. Previous Chalk another one up to his list of best characters, This players have gone full circle from angering grass to seducing grass to asking for consent from grass , When did they start pre recording shows I was watching it live when she said that and was like what? He immediately begins to panic because all of the creatures are suddenly in front of them.

Delilah attempts to counterspell Keyleth’s planeshift, but she is unsuccessful. Two other armored figures stand watch outside of a chamber.

Wait. Love-That-Dog: Liam - We've seen Caleb's changes to Maximillian's Earthen Grasp and Cat's Ire/Bigby's Hand.

Each week, the cast of Critical Role curates art from you — our incredibly creative community — and we hand-select a group of pieces for our weekly fan art gallery right here on However, Grog quickly realizes that the sword must spill blood. In the right archway, she sees humanoid figures hunched over.

The sound of styrofoam gives me goosebumps. "Intervention" (2x63) The sword drinks in the blood, and Grog regains control of himself. Sword of Kas: “I get the sense that this isn’t the first time.”.

When they all get into the tunnel, they cave-in the extrance to the tunnel. what did Marisha mean by It's like food on New Zealand? Marisha and Ashley are really committing to roleplaying the disaster lesbians and I am *here for it*. Vex whispers to the others that they should take the opportunity to run through the tunnel and collapse it behind them rather than collapsing all three tunnels. HENRY CRABGRASS IS THE BEST THING TO COME OUT OF 2020. Does Nott feel the same way? He has a BA in Multimedia Technology. Fan Art of the Week: Lauren Rowlands aka @Larn_draws' art of [.

Any moments I missed? They decide to create a wall of stone over the entrance of the tunnel behind them instead. They tell him what they have been up to since their last visit. Previously on Critical Role Vox Machina traveled through the titan’s body, hoping to reach their destination of Thar Amphala. Special Guest(s) He pleads with it to leave as well. Artgan grabs Vax’s throat and begins to squeeze. Noticing this by Grog’s responses, Vax keeps an eye on the situation. ♪, 51:22 Fjord summons Molly and Taliesin immediately slips back into character. Pumat single-handedly takes on a whole army for them and *this *is the thanks he gets?? She hosts the Project Derailed podcast Big Streaming Pile and plays the githyanki pirate Rav’nys on Tales of the Voidfarer.

He admits that he has once before and that he was later blocked by the shifting laylines. Percy, Vex, and Vax take the opportunity caused by the distraction to kill the creatures in front of one of the side tunnels. Yasha: "Nonono-no No-nonono...".

They reassess the situation. 1:36:17 ♫ Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match. After a few minutes, Vax’s vision goes black, and he dies. Scanlan explains that Odell needs help, and that the conflict he just fled from changed his voice and features. Pike watches this worried. Suddenly, there is a whining sound and vacuum. VOD Her vision goes gray, and everything begins to fade. "Talks Machina #112: 'Intervention'" (TMx112) is the one hundred and twelfth episode of Talks Machina.Liam O'Brien and Sam Riegel discuss "Intervention" (2x63) with host Brian Wayne Foster. Vex hands Scanlan one of the cultist robes. The figure pauses. Henry – HimselfMark Hulmes – Himself Scanlan walks to the middle archway, bringing the orb with him. She senses that it is lateral and down from them, but she doesn’t know the distance.

Previous I love Marisha is always the trail blazer for pc relationships and then the cast always ripping on her for it, it's hilarious. Winged gloomstalkers patrol the sky above.

Transcript Oh we should campaign to get an NPC in for you! He's a clockmaker somewhere. Does she feel uneasy about the trip or believe in Shakäste enough to make it safely? They discuss Sylas’s return and their new frustration. 4:08:26 I guess we know what Sam would play next campaign if Liam didn't choose his class/race for him. I have binged 11 episodes in the last month. Podcast Vex casts pass without a trace on everyone. But only catching back on Campaign 1 made me realize how great these are, thank you!

Wait. They give Vex the other gatestone. Vex, wanting to give Keyleth a sign, brings Trinket out of her necklace. Vex puts Trinket back in the necklace and tries to disguise everyone to aid in hiding.

3:52:50 Oh. Talks Machina, Episode 112(#C2E63a) As much as I love Beau, she really is such an asshole kid lol (this is in no way bashing Marisha or even hating on Beau. I wonder if Travis and Laura's baby will also become a nerdy ass voice actor one day? Vax whispers to the others to stay behind in the tunnel. She is the current editor-in-chief for Project Derailed.

Hey person!

Remember to tune into Critical Role Thursdays at 7pm Pacific on Geek and Sundry’s Twitch Channel. Vax’s body turns to ash.

I'm laughing bc yasha charisma 7 which is higher than my Barbarian intelligence which is 6 but less than half my charisma 15 at lvl 1, 3:26:00 this is how my cthulu short fictions begin. He notices that the figure is wearing armor similar to the figures at the ziggurat in Marquet.

Vax clicks his boots of haste and runs away to hide. Feel free to post them here. So amazing. He notes the differences in their clothing. 4:15:00 No. Keyleth pulls Vax aside. well some months ago this thing called covid-19, just a flu virus nothing to worry about, caused Los angels (the city they are from) to lessen the amount of people in one area to avoid spread of the virus, so for safety reasons the company that is CR have had to build a new set to stay within the guide lines of their local laws, and whomever else works there while they are recording and take two weeks to isolate away from work to stay safe, so for the last two or so months they've been pre-recording episodes for safety reasons, nothing ''hollywood'' about it. The twins and Keyleth run through the city to get closer to the sword’s location. Dani Carr’s in-depth recap of Critical Role Episode 112 “The Chase Begins” Critical Recap; Critical Role; 26. 3:53:47 taliesin using binoculars to look at the map has me dead lol, Was the "Holy Mackerel" comment a fish pun on "porpoise"? Is no one gonna mention the changed intro! Scanlan casts the spell to create the mansion, making sure to hide the shimmery door.

Check it out now at: This episode is also sponsored by ThinkFun and their spooky new game - Escape the Room: The Cursed Dollhouse. They ask him how much time will have passed when they teleport back. Go check out the full episode at! They are surrounded by animated skeletons. Does she have a better understanding of what Caleb went thru beneath the well as a result of this battle? They cautiously exit the tunnel. Sam’s flask says “Sam’a Jam’a CoMe On AnD SaM AnD WeLcOmE tO THE SAM” which is a Space Jam reference, and also horrendous. It could be a kind of bird. I had to watch that I lntro over and over just to catch it all!!! Subtle Talisein moment when he rolled/turned his eyes white to spook the crewmate in good fun. The fact that it made me want to vent about my reaction to that shows how well she's playing her character. I swear these episodes of Critical role just continue to get better and better...I keep thinking it not possible, but they do XD I was in tears laughing this episode. You don't get a discount for returning cups, you're supposed to return them and the fee is there to make you do it :D. Accidentally crunching Pumat was so stressful to watch I was begging to my screen for the Nein to stop. How do you choose which spells to modify and how to modify them to be cat themed? And were they what you/Caleb were hoping for? ), "I mean, you sit on a horse? Scanlan and Grog gather Vax’s things.


Keyleth casts scry on the death knight, hoping he is near Delilah. Artagan is annoyed by this and the lack of a good time, but the others promise that his favor would not go unrewarded. Vox Machina finds themselves in the Feywild.

He whispers to the others through the earring. Best of luck. "Talks Machina #111: 'Domestic Respite'" (TMx111) It's subtle but definitely there! They tell him to pretend there is a disturbance that requires everyone to abandon their post while the party hides nearby. My heart... Now worry about water pressure it's fine. And don’t forget to check out Talks Machina every Tuesday at 7pm Pacific on Alpha or on Geek and Sundry’s Twitch Channel.

They begin to worry about Vax’s return. Climbing back into the tunnel, they discuss finding the sword of Kas. One of the hooded figures takes the orb. They run up the tunnel, but the titan takes another step, speeding up the collapse. "Talks Machina #112: 'Intervention'" (TMx112) is the one hundred and twelfth episode of Talks Machina. Through the earrings, Vax explains to Keyleth that Vex is in the ethereal plane and to stay underground. She comes across piles of bones. Vex explains that they need him to manipulate the time passage between planes. when you meet the vegetarian "that knows" XD, I love that Travis and Sam went from their characters being BFFs in Campaign 1 to teasing Frenemies in Campaign 2, MM as crab grass is the best thing ive ever heard, I WAS LITERALLY SAYING THEY PROBABLY COULD USE A NEW INTRO AND THEN THEY HIT ME WITH THE UPDATED PEOPLE JAV;IUFZHNGIUVFX; THATS FUCKING NUTS BRO Edit: THEY FUCKING MOVED MOLLY- HIS COAT FALLS OFF ITS RAINING HOLY SHIT, Henry is getting dangerously close to kiri in cuteness.


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