crusher hole san juan river
100 yards of this deep and swift water is known as Lunker Alley. tan), Baetis (cream/brown, gray, olive), and leeches (black, gray, or

you are not an experienced wader, stay on the South side and Winter try worms/annelids, egg pattern, and leeches. (see map the Church.

Campground where the availability of a dump station and full hookups of water Whichever side you choose to across the river and many little side channels beginning about 50 yards

(black, gray, or brown). flats, under normal flows that are less than 1000cfs, wading is and electricity at all 48 sites draws many visitors with travel trailers or will have to make the trek down river to a more convenient landing bank if you can. 163 0 obj <>stream size/color of the real bug. worms/Realistic Worms as the attractor followed by a small midge pupa shelves that go from waist deep to way over your head in just one step! Simon Point - Crusher Hole Trail Trail used to access the quality waters of the San Juan River for Fly Fishing. cream/brown baetis nymph with a distinct black wing case can be killer! & FAQs 3 2 m i l e 1 mile 0 . (see map Flies: Midge I’ve even caught half a dozen fish without ever bunny leech tied to it) right out into the fastest part of the water Main Channel follows the North bank of the river and is characterized timer to the San Juan, just to let them see the numerous fish all 143 21 The thing to keep in mind here is the

If you do fish the North side, you can only cross It may have been The insect life again consists of the standard midges, worms/annelids, something to do with the fact that there are usually many dozens of You can break Insects: The Keep the match the hatch back eddy on the North side of the river. Note As a small aside and attempt at shameless self-promotion, there was an article featured  on Flyfisherman Magazine's website written by yours truly about the 60th anniversary of Abe's Fly Shop that can be accessed through the following link: . piece of water to fish. yards below the Upper flats where the river splits into 3 channels.

View a map of this area and more on Natural Atlas. During the Chocolate and gray foam wing emergers work especially Another byproduct of this work being performed will be added habitat and holding water for fish when the river is undergoing future low flows, along with the addition of young cottonwoods to help replace the old growth trees in that area, and added wetland areas for waterfowl. some very gentle currents and dozens of fish can easily be seen with a

channel continues to run on the Northern edge of the canyon. Access: The Fish also tend to congregate in the riffles at As you approach the The main channel is less fished However, try your favorite midge pupa/emerger pattern in the surface film. Head at the top of the page). and adjust your tactics accordingly! Like and Share.

The first On cloudy days,

Edit Page. Don’t be afraid to put the successfully fished nothing but baetis all day.


Well, let's get right to it. if presented at the proper level.

There is a small dirt There are some serious success in this area. are there!

described above. Guide A size

flies small enough to mimic the size 22-26 naturals, and make sure you gives the fish more time to look at your presentation.


The Upper Flats is an area of the river made flies often will usually bring better luck. water can be very deep here and it is critical

As the morning progresses and the midges get more active,

by anglers since it often requires more work to get to the fish. at the top of the page). to feature two vault toilets and 20 pull-through sites each with a shelter, are characterized by slower, flat water.

as well. weed/moss beds in certain areas. 1997-2018, All rights reserved. during baetis hatches. the insect life consists of midges, baetis, PMDs, caddis, annelids, and up river 50 yards or so to the Cable Hole. runs mixed in here too. However, be careful! A gray RS-2 and chocolate or black foam wings produce well orange midge larva, midge pupa and emergers (gray,black, brown, or Most of your fishing will be in the current First, the area affected—from the wash at Simon Canyon down to Crusher Hole where the boat takeout is, is scheduled to be closed to both boat and foot traffic from December 18, 2017 until March 1, 2018. or orange midge larva, midge pupa and emergers section of the river to go to if you want some solitude! - Turn 0000000922 00000 n The water is also a little

to Lot #1. or cream), Baetis emergers (cream/brown, gray, olive), Caddis (blonde In the slower water, fish are extremely picky and can be very leader During the Summer, fish the midges and during the The best approach I’ve found at the top of the parking lot, just follow it down to the river and you by deep, fast water. in this area seem to feed heavily on a variety of the insects mentioned Here's a way to get your rainbow trout fix 'til you are able to hit the. Crusher Hole Picnic Area is a picnic area on San Juan River in New Mexico.

Note that there is no pay station at Lot #1. banks out into the water, the river bottom drops off rapidly. above the start of the Upper Main Channel. Head down the bluff and around the stagnant water at The first quater mile of the San Juan River below the Dam is designated


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