cva accura v2 loads
I have the winchester 209 primers, but after doing some research I see that some say to shoot a fiochhi … Hunting Northern California’s Wilderness Areas, PacWest Outdoors: Prep School For Predator Hunters, Video Product Review: Sitka Mountain Vest. Do they make different ones? Great load! I use the blackhorn 209 powder and the 250 grain hornady sst. The Bergara barrels are manufactured in Spain where some of the best custom gun manufactures have resided for hundreds of years. … This is especially true if you have the ability to put a high powered scope on the gun. I'm going to shoot blackhorn 209 powder. Ed Shilen is a pretty common name to many bench rest and long range shooters and has made a life out of bench shooting and making barrels. JavaScript is disabled.

Loads for CVA Accura Mountain Rifle Discussion in 'Muzzleloaders' started by muddhunter, Sep 14, 2017. Thread starter #1. Sep 19, 2015 #1. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

YOU WILL BE OVER CHARGING A PRODUCTION MUZZLELOADER. We require that all new users contribute at least 10 posts before gaining the ability to start new threads. If you are in a state like Colorado or Nevada that won’t allow a scoped gun, it is now time to dial in your factory sights. Now i shot the 250. with 90 grains measured blackhorn 209 and hornady xtp bullets with green sabot. I have the same rifle, I shoot sub 1-inch groups at 100 yds. This can be done with the ramrod that is included with the gun, but isn’t as easy on the hands and why I recommend the special tool. westernsix Member. I may try 100 and 105 gr on my next trip to the range. I have high hopes from what I've seen. Been using winchester myself, works fine in mine with the blackhorn breech plug. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I have taken 3 deer at 200 yards the most one ran was mayde 10 yards. These are two different forms of black powder acceptable for your gun. This is just an all around great rifle and it is top quality. The new Quick Release Breech Plug or QRBP is the big hype with this new gun, and it works just as advertised. Knowing how to use it is the other half. I can get sub one inch groups at 100 yards with this bullet and 110 grains of Blackhorn 209 black powder. In 2004 I started Sportsman's News out of my love and passion for the outdoors as well as the desire to share our passion with others.

I have a wolf i use to shoot the power belts. With 3 pellets and the 250 grain SSTs it actually was only .5" high at 50 with a 100 yard zero instead of 2" high like most charts said. At initial setup with your gun, I recommend that you mount a high powered rifle scope onto your gun of at least 9 power whether you will be hunting with a scope or not. The sling that comes with it is called the “Claw” and is now mounted on every one of my rifles. However, many states won’t allow for you to hunt with a scope, but this will allow you to work up the best load for your gun and take a good portion of the human element out of the process. Thread starter spydermon; Start date Sep 19, 2015; Sep 19, 2015. This thing simple won’t fall off of your shoulder. CVA has taken what was already an extremely accurate and well valued gun and made it better. I shoot 250 grain Powerbelt Aerolite bullets. You will be shooting a lot while you work up your load and you want it to be an enjoyable experience. Twenty years ago, I was interested in learning about hunting with a muzzleloader and I had a tough time finding anyone doing this type of hunting and even more trouble finding someone to share their knowledge with me.


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