danale camera not connecting
Obviously i tryed from 4g+ fast and many wifi lan different (external) from those to which the cameras are connected. Hello Angie, would you like to please specify the camera model that you are using and the issues that you have encountered so that so can help out? I've tried to reset it by pressing the reset button, 5 seconds, 15 seconds and even 60 seconds. Hello Dana, would you like to please specify the camera that you are using? Please ensure that all of your wires are properly plugged in and your camera is power on. If you need any more technical assistance, please contact the support team here https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us for troubleshooting tips. Some time later it lost the connection and no longer shows up in the client list on my router. Some dual-band routers may shunt devices from 2.4 GHz band onto 5 GHz band automatically.

WAIT! Anything I should be looking for ? I have 2 smoke detector cameras and they both have the same problems. I love the camera just with the app if I do not touch the app for a couple minutes the app will close the live feed anyone know a reason why or try and help how to stop it.

Hello, there, you may check if you have enabled the non-hotspot mode in the settings. We’re sorry to see you go, but we’re happy to help! My LG phone will not scroll down to where it says connect on the password screen of the ismartview app. Since I switch internet carrier from Cox to Att fiber...the WiFi cannot connect to internet.

they worked and now they do not. When setting up in geeni it get halfway through and gives message.

wont let me connect to the wifi either help. I would leave it on battery but if there's much activity the battery only lasts 3 days. Either scan the QR code or enter the username of the person you would like to share the video with. Hope this helps. My camera is wired to the main electricity supply, but keeps going offline, I turn power off and on, then it works. If this fixes it, you can safely assume it was the previous network that was the problem.

Please how can I resolve this? Navigate to the “notifications” section. Can you give me any other things that I can try??

The SSID and the password is the same im using on my PC, and there i have a connection. Hi, Cathy, please ensure your security camera is powered on and the network signal is stable. What can I do to get it to record? Check out these Special Deals before you leave: Right now, you can get EXCLUSIVE & BIG discounts on a wide range of Reolink security cameras & systems, wire-free & plugged-in, indoors & outdoors. Click the settings button in the upper right hand corner. If not, you may not access this camera via a web browser. Hope this helps. Hello Kathy, you may reset the camera and reconfigure the WiFi settings. Did you ever figure out the issue because I'm having the same problem. To do this…. I have a sricam I been using it perfectly .. but after 8 months it just stop .. Same problem connected to Wifi and working over wifi. Please try again later. it's supposed to be hidden and it can run on battery or be plugged in but whenever it's plugged in it emits a green flashing light. I also recently change internet provider. 1). !!!!! We have a post covering all the things you need to know about the security camera linked to a phone, including how to make it work, features to consider, specialists’ recommendations, and hot Q&As. You will get the detailed-how in the fifth solution of the Security Camera Not Working post. Physically resetting your device will depend on the product you are using. Go to your live video screen, tap the screen to make some settings pop up, if they aren't already. #6. If it isn't or if it doesn't have one, you may take a secondary power supply/cable and attach it to your security camera to see if it works. If yes, disable the settings so you will be able to watch live view on your phone via cellular data. Hi, Tony, please follow this complete guide https://support.reolink.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007948173-Initial-Setup-for-Battery-powered-Cameras-via-Reolink-App to set up the camera. Hello Amir, you may download the firmware for your camera from the official website of your security camera brand. While on the main screen, click on the three bars at the top left of the screen. I have looked for help number something and nothing.... please help. #11. If so, you may refer to this post to set it up: /how-to-set-up-ip-camera-remote-viewing/.


I have the same issue at home. That's when I bought the second camera only to find it has the same issues.

It gets complicated. .

Enter account email address or phone number, A page requesting that you to enter a reset code will appear, and.

Please set it the same as the SSID of your router. I have installed the app, connected it to the router and typed the ip on http, however it still does not find it nor connect it, please help, the led from the ethernet is flashing and is color green. They used to work fine. To reset the password of a camera, see: /faq/reset-modify-the-password-of-reolink-camera/ and to reset an NVR, refer to:/faq/reset-password-of-your-nvr/. Hope that the issues can be solved soon!

like the thing is dead. So, we can better locate the issue and help solve the problem. You MUST provide payment information for cloud service within the App, we DO NOT obtain payment information by any other means. Playing back at location is a nightmare bc the Monitor is in the front of the store as a theft deterrent. Dropping that after 5mins. The camera working good picture, I can move up down side to side, the night vision working. Hi, Keith, plz make sure the SIM card you bought is NOT a contract SIM card. Husband tried with his phone and same thing. The other one i can't even see it's wifi signal. Plz let me know if you have any more questions. Hope this would help. 1). Check the several reasons why your security cameras working over network (IP cameras) are not working on WiFi. . Hello Pedro, you may try to reset the camera and reinstall the app to see if it works again. Please refer to the link below in order to properly view your footage. Normally, you need to set the SSID when the first time you set up your newly bought wireless IP camera. i set up 2 wifi rlc-410W cameras as directed, and all work on wifi...even remote from afar they work great, then 64gb card is full, i direct to format, and poof...all gone "offline"....two cameras, different cards all gone, i have to start all over again to set up the cameras...what gives, ...connected to ethernet ports of wifi router...tried static and dhcp... Hello, Russell, please make sure that those two WiFi security cameras are working with sufficient power supply and stable network connection. Hope this helps. I have the v380 camera need to know how to connect to network at work that has free WiFi so no password. If you find that the 2.4 GHz band is on a heavy burden, simply switch the frequency band to 5 GHz (5.8 GHz) for higher data transmission rate and thus, reducing the chances of signal loss and interference.


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