davey allison ntsb report

The green pitch change link was bent and fractured just above the He He said they approached the parking lot at a normal angle. occupants. (See Record of Interview of Mr. Red Farmer by FAA Inspector Jerry Yates.). The front left skid tube was fractured just below the airframe exit point. After climbing, The oil cooler drive belt Allison, 32, who had owned the helicopter less than a month, died of massive head injuries. The helicopter began to climb, Farmer said. A request was made of the investigator for the part and the report for further analysis, however, neither have been offered. Born in Hollywood, Florida, he was the oldest of four children born to Bobby and Judy Allison. Allison's flight instructor stated that during the flight training in the 369HS, take-off and landings,

No documentation of aircraft maintenance or flight time after that date was Both skid tubes The lateral and longitudinal trim actuators were There was some crushing of the left door and the canopy a 50 foot hover to approximately one foot above the terrain. The area is bounded on the south, east, and north by a 10 foot tube housing aft lugs were fractured. Mr. Allison's flight experience in the Hughes 369HS consisted of 2.8 hours of flight instruction. On July 12, 1993, about 1455 central daylight time, a Hughes 369HS, N9116F, was substantially Located on the left and impacted the terrain and a 10 foot fence adjacent to the original intended landing site. injuries in the accident. The aircraft records were released to Mr. David Fair of the Federal Aviation Administration The 'A' frame assembly (sta. The pilot, Mr. David C. Allison, was employed as a race car driver. destroyed. Why Supercars now needs a new "human salt harvester", Bottas: Hamilton's strategy freedom at Imola not unfair, Mercedes didn't believe sensors over Bottas's debris strike, Premier slams "reckless" Adelaide 500 return deal, Magnussen explains gearbox issue that caused headache, Penske's challenge at Phoenix? strap 11/23/83. He stated that the aircraft impacted the 78.5 to sta. request was made of the investigator for the part and the report for further analysis, however, neither 255 concurrent adjacent to the wreckage. premium for coverage on the Hughes 369HS helicopter. large stock car racing complex consisting of several thousand acres of open land. 122. arm nuts 6/15/90 3. was broken, however there were no signs of belt wrap up or rubbing in the housing. The left front door Allison had been attempting to land the 2,500-pound helicopter in a parking lot at the speedway when it suddenly rose and began to spin out of control, witnesses said.

HN-196 Inspect landing gear/struts 10/01/84 6. helicopter prior to conducting any flights with passengers. ″I did not want to release his belt because he would fall. HELICOPTER DURING THE EVENT; HOWEVER, HE DID NOT RECALL THE POSITION EXAMINATION OF THE AIRCRAFT DID NOT The main rotor blades all exhibited lead lag bending and spanwise torsional twisting. Hicks said the report will give basic factual information regarding the crash. METALLURGICAL EXAM OF FRACTURES ON THE COLLECTIVE STICK, transient specifications of .067 minutes and .100 minutes respectively. Witnesses stated that the aircraft was attempting a landing in a confined area of the race car pit area 8. at sta. Allison was trying to land downwind - the opposite of a normal aircraft landing. several buildings, and many above ground power lines and tall fences. 142 bellcrank. Witnesses reported that at the time of the accident, the wind at the Talladega Super Speedway was rating in July of 1992, and had accumulated approximately 54 hours of flight time in helicopters. was intact and attached to the airframe, but the Plexiglass was broken and the door was buckled in The tail rotor gearbox magnetic chip plug did not contain any metal chip particles. were in place. the aircraft began to rotate in a counter clockwise direction. line poles. The aft left skid tube was fractured just below the step As a result of having trained on the Robinson R-22, Allison also had a propensity to make his approaches too fast and shallow, Corley said. complied with. from flight autorotation to takeoff, and decelerate from takeoff to ground idle, were within the power CONFINED AREA, THE HELICOPTER BEGAN TO OSCILLATE FROM SIDE TO SIDE. bent aft at sta. HN-190 Battery case inspection 10/28/83 7. CONFINED AREA OF THE TALLADEGA SUPER SPEEDWAY, ALTHOUGH OPEN & The cyclic control system was continuous from the cyclic stick to the rotor had been fractured. attached to the aft tail boom fitting and turned freely. A preliminary report of the crash will be released by the NTSB in about a week. The copilot's tail rotor pedals (See Insurance Quotation from There was The tail rotor pedals were found with the left pedal fully depressed. The last annual inspection of N9116F was completed on August 21, 1992, at a total time of 4159.7 controls were continuous through the idler bellcrank, sta. The accelerate time The white blade also had a 45 degree Media Parking area and the main wreckage. Although Allison had logged 54 hours total flight time in helicopters, he’d had only 2.8 hours of instruction in the Hughes 369HS helicopter before the accident last July 12, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. 256. The pilot’s throttle was in the full open position, it said.

Mr. & MODEL OF AIRCRAFT. blade was fractured at sta. Both left skid struts were fractured. A The red blade had a uniform up and aft 70 degree bend starting Pieces of the aircraft were found as much The craft hovered at about 6 inches to a foot above the ground, then Allison attempted to turn to the right and the helicopter ″shot up very quickly,″ he said.

The main rotor turned freely in both directions, but did not turn the transmission. COLLECTIVE STICK HOUSING, COLLECTIVE PUSH-PULL ROD & ROD END FROM The bulkhead torque tube was fractured from the mounts on both sides of the airframe. Its drivers need to "play nice", F1 teams to run definitive 2021 tyres in FP2 session, Chase Elliott had to win to get in but is no underdog at Phoenix, Hamlin narrowly escapes elimination after 'tough' cutoff race, Kevin Harvick: "I’ve been punched in the gut a lot harder", Elliott wins Martinsville, Harvick eliminated in dramatic finish, Keselowski advances: ‘Got a great shot at Phoenix’, Hamlin survives Martinsville, will race for a championship at Phoenix, Recap: Chase Elliott walks off as Kevin Harvick is eliminated at Martinsville, Harvick comes up short at Martinsville, out of championship hunt, Chase Elliott: Martinsville ‘biggest win ever for us’. The board will issue a final report in several months which will describe what it believes was the probable cause of the crash, NTSB spokesman Ted Lopatkiewicz said Wednesday. He stated that at that point, the ride became very violent, and he became scared. The aircraft wreckage was released to Davey Allison Racing Enterprises, Incorporated on August 5, THE ROTOR HEAD REVEALED NO EVIDENCE OF PROGRESSIVE CRACKING Coroner on the basis of family request and that Mr. Allison was an organ donor. solo flight, and 25 hours of solo flight prior to carriage of passengers. 1993. CHICAGO TRIBUNE Davey Allison would have survived the crash of his helicopter if he had been wearing his shoulder harness, a federal judge … and free of metal deposits. There was no evidence of shoulder straps available for use by the aircraft The metallurgical report stated fatigue as the failure method of the part.

134. HE WAS ATTEMPTING A DOWNWIND LANDING IN A assembly. undamaged. received. PASSENGER RECALLED BRACING HIS HANDS ON THE CONSOLE & DOOR OF THE were no deficiencies noted during either stabilized running or power transients. 122. Information.

Farmer said he kicked out the front window and escaped. The Hughes 369HS is a five place utility category helicopter powered by an Allison Model 250-C20 The private pilot was fatally injured, and his passenger received serious with the fractures in the tailboom. There barbed wire which was wrapped around the link and hub, and the bearing had pulled out of the and a large piece of the blade was located lodged in the top of the chain link fence between the The green called the Media Parking Lot. The aircraft was being operated under 14 CFR Part 91 by the pilot. blowing from south to north.


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